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11 1Application Form106/14/2018View
22 2Fee Calculator Form106/14/2018View
33 3DC Surveyor's Plat106/14/2018View
44 4Statement of Existing and Intended Use106/14/2018View
55 5Zoning Self-Certification206/14/2018View
66A16A1Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 1)1406/14/2018View
76A26A2Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 2)806/14/2018View
86A36A3Architectural Plans and Elevations (Part 3)806/14/2018View
97 7List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet306/14/2018View
108 8Applicant's Preliminary Statement of Compliance w/Burden of Proof1106/14/2018View
119 9Letter of Authorization (Owner)106/14/2018View
1210 10Letter of Authorization (Sunrise)106/14/2018View
1311 11Cover Letter from Applicant206/14/2018View
1412 12Zoning Map106/14/2018View
1513 13Outline of WItness Testimony106/14/2018View
1614 14Resume of Connie Fan, ASLA, LEED, AP306/14/2018View
1715 15Resume of Robert Schiesel, P.E.206/14/2018View
1816 16Resume of Steve Ruiz, AIA106/14/2018View
1917 17Receipt106/15/2018View
2018 18Zoning Determination Letter (ZDL) re 3920 Alton Place NW208/01/2018View
2118A18AZDL - Zoning Map 12108/01/2018View
2218B18BZDL - Site Plan 4108/01/2018View
2318C118C1ZDL - Roof Plan108/01/2018View
2418C218C2ZDL - Roof Section108/01/2018View
2519 19Neighbors Petition in Opposition2108/07/2018View
2620 20BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 3E208/10/2018View
2721 21BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to ANCSMD 3E05208/10/2018View
2822 22BZA Referral to OANC108/10/2018View
2923 23BZA Referral to OP108/10/2018View
3024 24BZA Referral to DDOT108/10/2018View
3125 25BZA Referral & Notice of Public Hearing to Council of the District of Columbia, Ward 3208/10/2018View
3226 26BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Elissa Silverman) 108/10/2018View
3327 27BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (David Grosso)108/10/2018View
3428 28BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Anita Bonds)108/10/2018View
3529 29BZA Referral to Councilmember, At-Large - (Robert White, Jr.)108/10/2018View
3630 30BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)108/10/2018View
3731 31BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owners within 200 feet.308/10/2018View
3832 32BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - (Mary Carolyn Brown)208/10/2018View
3933 33Request for Party Status in Opposition - Tenleytown Neighbors Association708/24/2018View
4034 34BZA Memo Scheduling Advanced Consideration of Party Status Request for September 12, 2018108/28/2018View
4135 35Applicant's Transportation Study4108/30/2018View
4236 36Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Tenleytown Historic Homes609/03/2018View
4337 37Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Five Adjacent Properties609/03/2018View
4438 38Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Prior BZA Order for Property2609/04/2018View
4539 39Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: 2008 Survey of Lot109/04/2018View
4640 40Applicant's Request for Postponement 109/10/2018View
4741 41Applicant's Comprehensive Transportation Review4109/10/2018View
4842 42Witness Cards109/12/2018View
4943 43BZA Memo Granting Party Status and Postponing Hearing to October 17, 2018109/13/2018View
5044 44Applicant's Second Request for Postponement209/20/2018View
5145 45BZA Memo Granting Postponement to November 14, 2018109/28/2018View
5246 46Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation1009/29/2018View
5347 47Applicant's Sound Report809/29/2018View
5448 48Request for Party Status in Opposition from Hagey, Union, Evans, et. al1810/02/2018View
5549 49Petition in Opposition410/09/2018View
5650 50Letter in Opposition from Juliet Six210/10/2018View
5751 51Letter in Opposition from Nina Kraut210/10/2018View
5852 52Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Updated Comprehensive Transportation Review210/10/2018View
5952A52AUpdated Comprehensive Transportation Review4310/10/2018View
6053 53DDOT Report810/10/2018View
6154 54Letter in Opposition from Vita Hollander110/10/2018View
6255 55Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Truck and Bus Through Route and Restrictions110/13/2018View
6356 56Letter in Opposition from David Wickenden210/15/2018View
6457 57Letter in Opposition from Cindy Snyder210/15/2018View
6558 58Letter in Opposition from John Canon110/15/2018View
6659 59Letter in Opposition from Alice Clapman210/16/2018View
6760 60Letter in Opposition from Judy Chesser110/16/2018View
6861 61Letter in Opposition from Daniel Wilson110/16/2018View
6962 62Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission re: Delay of Hearing Date210/20/2018View
7063 63Letter in Opposition from Mary Alice Levine210/20/2018View
7164 64Letter in Opposition from Walter Schumann110/21/2018View
7265 65Comments from Francis O'Dunne110/19/2018View
7366 66Comments in Opposition from Paulette Brockmann110/19/2018View
7467 67Letter in Opposition from John and Karen Burgess210/22/2018View
7568 68Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Pre-Hearing Statement210/24/2018View
7669 69Applicant's Pre-Hearing Statement3310/24/2018View
7769A69APre-Hearing Statement: Tab A (Zoning Map)210/24/2018View
7869B69BPre-Hearing Statement: Tab B (Sunrise Activities)310/24/2018View
7969C69CPre-Hearing Statement: Tab C (Noise Study)910/24/2018View
8069D69DPre-Hearing Statement: Tab D (Resumes of Witnesses)810/24/2018View
8169E169E1Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab E (Arch Plans - Pt 1)1410/24/2018View
8269E269E2Pre-Hearing Statement: Tab E (Arch Plans - Pt 2)1210/24/2018View
8370 70Letter in Support from Amy Chiang110/25/2018View
8471 71Neighbors Petition - Additional Signers210/27/2018View
8572 72Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Senior Facilities Nearby2110/29/2018View
8673 73Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Sunrise WABC website as of Oct 29 20181410/29/2018View
8774 74Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Self-Created Hardship Doctrine2710/29/2018View
8875 75Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Letter from WMATA110/29/2018View
8976 76Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Sunrise Health Care Inspection510/29/2018View
9077 77Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: WABC CommuniKids 3920 Alton Facility Inspection Report 20181110/29/2018View
9178 78Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Sunrise Welltower Press Release of Apr 25 2018110/29/2018View
9279 79Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: WABC Comparable Real Estate Sales610/29/2018View
9380 80Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: WABC Alternative Matter-of-Right Option110/29/2018View
9481 81Letter in Opposition from David Crenshaw210/30/2018View
9582 82Comments from Sam and Elaine Langerman110/30/2018View
9683 83Cover Letter from Tenleytown Neighbors Association Enclosing Pre-Hearing Statement210/31/2018View
9783A83APre-Hearing Statement from Tenleytown Neighbors Association16310/31/2018View
9884 84Request from Andrea Ferster to Amend Party Status Request in Exhibit 48410/31/2018View
9985 85Party Status Request Statement from Patrick E. Duffy210/31/2018View
10086 86Party Status Request Statement from Henry Hoyle and Laura Shen310/31/2018View
10187 87Resume of Don Alexander Hawkins1210/31/2018View
10288 88Resume of Tom Moriarity310/31/2018View
10389 89Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Resume and Outline of Witness Testimony210/31/2018View
10489A89AResume of Alice Katz210/31/2018View
10589B89BOutline of Witness Testimony - Alice Katz110/31/2018View
10690 90OP Report1211/02/2018View
10791 91Tenleytown Neighbors Association Submission: Tenley-Armesleigh Park Homes411/03/2018View
10892 92Letter in Opposition from Barbara Gunning and Judith Rotman111/04/2018View
10993 93Letter in Opposition from Patrice and John Allen-Gifford211/05/2018View
11094 94Motion by Tenleytown Neighbors Association to Exclude Testimony of Alice Katz311/05/2018View
11195 95Letter in Opposition from Tom and Genet McDonald111/05/2018View
11296 96Letter in Support from Anne Jarman111/06/2018View
11397 97Letter in Support from Dorcas Adkins111/06/2018View
11498 98Letter in Support from Carolyn Long211/06/2018View
11599 99Letter in Support from Douglas Wonderlic311/07/2018View
116100 100Letter from Judy Chesser Re: Change in Dorcas Adkins Position from Opposition to Support111/08/2018View
117101 101Letter from Mary Cheh, Council of the District of Columbia211/08/2018View
118102 102Letter in Opposition from Michael Donovan and Gohar Sedighi111/08/2018View
119103 103Comments from Hugh Morris111/09/2018View
120104 104Testimony of Terry Lynch, The Downtown Cluster of Congregations211/09/2018View
121105 105Affidavit of Posting211/09/2018View
122106 106Letter in Opposition from Katrin and Robert Boorstin511/09/2018View
123107 107Letter in Opposition from Tania Lee111/10/2018View
124108 108Letter from Benli Li, WMATA311/11/2018View
125109 109Letter in Opposition from Anne Cauman211/12/2018View
126110 110Letter in Opposition from Martin White111/12/2018View
127111 111Letter in Opposition from Richard Levine211/12/2018View
128112 112Letter in Opposition from Virginia Singer111/12/2018View
129113 113Letter in Opposition from Marie Koczela211/13/2018View
130114 114Affidavit of Maintenance111/13/2018View
131115 115WABC Letter of Authorization (Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP)111/13/2018View
132116 116Sunrise Senior Living Letter of Authorization (Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP)111/13/2018View
133117 117Applicant's Opposition to Motion Exclude Testimony of Alice Katz 311/13/2018View
134118 118Applicant's Cover Letter re: Expert Testimony of Andrew Altman211/13/2018View
135118A118AOutline of Andrew Altman Witness Testimony111/13/2018View
136119 119ANC 3E Resolution311/13/2018View
137119A119AMemorandum of Understanding between Applicant and ANC 3E1011/13/2018View
138120 120Statement in Opposition from Tenleytown Neighbors Association1611/14/2018View
139121A1121A1Applicant's PPT Presentation (Part 1)6611/14/2018View
140121A2121A2Applicant's PPT Presentation (Part 2)1311/14/2018View
141122 122Statement of Cathy Wiss811/14/2018View
142123 123Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church Slides from Don Hawkins711/15/2018View
143124A1124A1PowerPoint Presentation from Tenleytown Neighbors Association (Part 1)2011/14/2018View
144124A2124A2PowerPoint Presentation from Tenleytown Neighbors Association (Part 2)3011/14/2018View
145124A3124A3PowerPoint Presentation from Tenleytown Neighbors Association (Part 3)2211/14/2018View
146124A4124A4PowerPoint Presentation from Tenleytown Neighbors Association(Part 4)1511/14/2018View
147125 125Testimony from Joe Mehra311/14/2018View
148126 126Testimony from ANC 3E211/14/2018View
149127 127Testimony from Coalition for Smarter Growth211/14/2018View
150128 128Testimony of Glenn Williamson211/14/2018View
151129 129Testimony of Cathy Wiss811/14/2018View
152130 130PowerPoint Presentation from Don Hawkins711/14/2018View
153131 131Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Corrected PowerPoint from Alice Katz211/16/2018View
154131A131AAlice Katz PowerPoint Presentation1711/16/2018View
155132 132Letter in Opposition from Jeffrey Koczela411/17/2018View
156133 133Neighbors Petition in Opposition211/17/2018View
157134 134Witness Cards711/14/2018View
158135 135Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Post-Hearing Submissions312/10/2018View
159135A135APost-Hearing Submissions: Tab A (Perspective Renderings)212/10/2018View
160135B135BPost-Hearing Submissions: Tab B (Landscape Buffer Details)112/10/2018View
161135C135CPost-Hearing Submissions: Tab C (Lanscape Buffer and Through Drive)112/10/2018View
162135D135DPost-Hearing Submissions: Tab D (Matter of Right Option)112/10/2018View
163135E135EPost-Hearing Submissions: Tab E (Shadow Studies)312/10/2018View
164135F135FPost-Hearing Submissions: Tab F (AutoTURN Diagram)412/10/2018View
165136 136Post-Hearing Submission from TNA812/17/2018View
166136A136APost-Hearing Submission: Tab A (Comparison of Height of Adjacent Homes)1012/17/2018View
167136B136BPost-Hearing Submission: Tab B (Matter-of-Right)112/17/2018View
168136C136CPost-Hearing Submission: Tab C (Truck Turn Rotations)712/17/2018View
169136D1136D1Post-Hearing Submission: Tab D (Neighbors Construction Mgmnt Plan)1212/17/2018View
170136D2136D2Post-Hearing Submission: Tab D (Construct Mgmnt Prelim Soil Attachm D Addendum)1012/17/2018View
171137 137DDOT'S Response Letter to Councilmember Cheh412/18/2018View
172138 138Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law1601/09/2019View
173139 139Cover Letter from TNA Enclosing Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law201/09/2019View
174139A139ATNA's Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law4301/09/2019View
175140 140Cover Letter from WABC Enclosing Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law301/09/2019View
176140A140AWABC's Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law2901/09/2019View
177141 141Decision and Order3102/14/2020View
178142 142Attestation102/14/2020View