row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form101/04/2017View
22 2DC Surveyor's Plat101/04/2017View
33 3Zoning Self-Certification201/04/2017View
44 4Color Photographs401/04/2017View
55 5Architectural Plans and Elevations1901/04/2017View
66 6List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet101/04/2017View
77 7Statement of the Applicant1401/04/2017View
88 8Letter of Authorization101/04/2017View
99 9Certificate of Service101/04/2017View
1010 10BZA Referral to ANC 5B101/09/2017View
1111 11BZA Referral to SMDANC 5B03101/09/2017View
1212 12BZA Referral to OP101/09/2017View
1313 13BZA Referral to DDOT101/09/2017View
1414 14BZA Referral to City Councilmember, Ward Five101/09/2017View
1515 15BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Elissa Silverman)101/09/2017View
1616 16BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( David Grosso)101/09/2017View
1717 17BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Anita Bonds)101/09/2017View
1818 18BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Robert White, Jr.)101/09/2017View
1919 19BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)101/09/2017View
2020 20BZA Referral to Department of Human Services ( DHS)101/09/2017View
2121 21BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 5B201/09/2017View
2222 22BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 5C201/09/2017View
2323 23BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - (George R. Keys, Jr.)201/09/2017View
2424 24BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner within 200 feet.401/09/2017View
2525 25BZA Notice of Public Hearing to City Councilmember, Ward Five201/09/2017View
2626 26BZA Attestation101/09/2017View
2727 27Request for Party Status from Citizens for Responsible Options801/24/2017View
2828 28Form 150 Motion to File Transportation Study and Resume Late201/31/2017View
2929 29Transportation Study2301/31/2017View
3030 30Resume of Daniel VanPelt, P.E.201/31/2017View
3131 31Applicant's Opposition to Party Status Request402/02/2017View
3232 32(Corrected) Supplemental Party Status Request from David W. Brown602/06/2017View
3333 33Confirmation of Service of Advance Party Status Request on Applicant102/06/2017View
3434 34New Counsel Documentation602/07/2017View
3535 35Certificate of Service of Documentation of New Counsel102/07/2017View
3636 36Applicant's Prehearing Statement2302/08/2017View
3736A136A1Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Revised Plans - Part 1)1502/08/2017View
3836A236A2Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Revised Plans - Part 2)1802/08/2017View
3936A336A3Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Revised Plans - Part 3)502/08/2017View
4036B-D36B-DPrehearing Statement: Tab B-D (Self-Certification, Resume of Witnesses, and Summary of Witnesses)1402/08/2017View
4137 37Letter in Support from Ilana Boivie102/10/2017View
4238 38Witness Cards102/08/2017View
4339 39Revised Zoning Self-Certification502/13/2017View
4440 40Letter in Support from Fire and Emergency Medical Services102/14/2017View
4541 41Affidavit of Posting502/14/2017View
4642 42Affidavit of Service102/14/2017View
4743 43Supplemental Transportation Report902/15/2017View
4844 44Letter in Support from Carmen Berry202/16/2017View
4945 45Letter in Support from Shrikiana Gerima202/16/2017View
5046 46Consent to Extend Time for Party in Opposition to File Submission602/16/2017View
5147 47DDOT Report802/16/2017View
5248 48Letter in Support from Monica Kamen and Stephanie Sneed102/17/2017View
5349 49OP Report1102/17/2017View
5450 50Letter in Support from La Shada Ham-Campbell202/21/2017View
5551 51Letter of Support from Crystal Graham102/21/2017View
5652 52Letter in Support from Donald G. Coates102/23/2017View
5753 53Letter in Support from Kevin Davis102/23/2017View
5854 54Letter in Support from Michelle Harris-Love202/23/2017View
5955 55Prehearing Statement4402/21/2017View
6056 56Letter of Support from Niva Davis202/24/2017View
6157 57Letter of Support from Crystal Taylor-Davis202/24/2017View
6258 58Letter in Support from Christopher Sherin202/24/2017View
6359 59Comments in Support from Michael Morrison102/25/2017View
6460 60Letter in Opposition from Consuelo Panzera Jones102/25/2017View
6561 61Comments from Daniel Schramm102/26/2017View
6662 62Letter in Support from Carla Watson, DCPS202/26/2017View
6763 63Letter in Opposition from Hugh Cade102/26/2017View
6864 64Letter in Opposition from Clinton Dickerson102/26/2017View
6965 65Letter in Opposition from Annie Kirlin102/26/2017View
7066 66Letter in Opposition from Shaoib Sargeant102/26/2017View
7167 67Letter in Opposition fro Derek Cade102/26/2017View
7268 68Letter in Opposition from Katherine Kirlin102/26/2017View
7369 69Letter in Opposition from Simon Frewer102/26/2017View
7470 70Letter in Opposition from Nikki Ridley102/26/2017View
7571 71Letter in Opposition from Jason Balton102/26/2017View
7672 72Letter in Opposition from RJ Gregg102/26/2017View
7773 73Letter in Opposition from Robert Ridley102/26/2017View
7874 74Letter in Opposition from Joel Balton102/26/2017View
7975 75Letter in Opposition from Patricia Callis102/26/2017View
8076 76Letter in Opposition from James Wilson102/26/2017View
8177 77Letter in Opposition from Gloria Balton102/26/2017View
8278 78Letter in Opposition from Katharine Gregg102/26/2017View
8379 79Letter in Opposition from Stanley Williams102/26/2017View
8480 80Letter in Support from Vijay Kapur102/26/2017View
8581 81Letter in Support from Katherine Coventry102/27/2017View
8682 82Letter in Support from Jacob Berg102/27/2017View
8783 83Letter in Support from Lisa Berardi Marflak102/27/2017View
8884 84Letter in Opposition from Sharon White102/27/2017View
8985 85Letter in Opposition from Karen Jagielski102/27/2017View
9086 86Letter in Opposition from Tia Harrison102/27/2017View
9187 87Letter in Opposition from Polina Blintsovskaya202/27/2017View
9288 88Letter in Opposition from Marilyn Noguera102/27/2017View
9389 89Letter in Support from Helen Taylor102/27/2017View
9490 90Letter in Opposition from Patrick Omasta102/27/2017View
9591 91Letter in Opposition from Brad Warner102/27/2017View
9692 92Comments from Bess Fox102/27/2017View
9793 93Letter in Opposition from Charles Callis102/27/2017View
9894 94Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Response to CFRO's Prehearing Statement202/27/2017View
9994A94AApplicant's Response: Tab A (Response to CFRO's Prehearing Statement)6802/27/2017View
10094B194B1Applicant's Response: Tab B (Applicant's PowerPoint Pt. 1)3802/27/2017View
10194B294B2Applicant's Response: Tab B (Applicant's PowerPoint Pt. 2)3902/27/2017View
10295 95Letter in Opposition from Afiong Aka102/27/2017View
10396 96Letter in Opposition from Atim Aka102/27/2017View
10497 97Letter in Support from Miriam Sznycer-Taub102/27/2017View
10598 98Letter in Support from Kelly Bell102/27/2017View
10699 99Letter in Opposition from Lacey Smith102/27/2017View
107100 100Letter in Opposition from Norma Smith102/27/2017View
108101 101Affidavit of Maintenance602/27/2017View
109102 102Letter in Opposition from Robert Hawn102/27/2017View
110103 103Petition of Opposition from 291 ANC 5B Residents3502/27/2017View
111104 104Letter in Opposition from Eric Lee202/27/2017View
112105 105Letter in Opposition from Gloria Borilla102/27/2017View
113106 106Comments from U.S Commission of Fine Arts302/28/2017View
114107 107Letter in Support from Helen LaCroix102/28/2017View
115108 108Letter in Support from Rebecca Harris102/28/2017View
116109 109Letter in Opposition from Matthew Turley202/28/2017View
117110 110Letter in Support from Tom Bridge102/28/2017View
118111 111Letter in Opposition from Stephanie Coleman102/28/2017View
119112 112Letter in Opposition from Arthur Tomelden102/28/2017View
120113 113Letter in Opposition from Theresa E. Perkins202/28/2017View
121114 114Letter in Opposition from Carlos Duncan102/28/2017View
122115 115Letter in Opposition from Kathy Downey202/28/2017View
123116 116Letter in Support from Amy Gellatly102/28/2017View
124117 117Letter in Opposition from John Freely, Jr.202/28/2017View
125118 118Letter in Opposition from Eve Ellison102/28/2017View
126119 119CRO Written Testimony4002/28/2017View
127120 120Letter in Opposition from Frederick Jackson102/28/2017View
128121 121Letter in Support from Adam Kent, Local Initiatives Support Corporation102/28/2017View
129122 122Letter in Support from Osa Obaseki102/28/2017View
130123 123Letter in Support from Diane Zhang102/28/2017View
131124 124Letter in Opposition from Jeremy Buckler102/28/2017View
132125 125Letter in Support from Randy Keesler202/28/2017View
133126 126Letter in Support from Lorenz A. Wheatley102/28/2017View
134127 127Letter in Support from Sharon McDonald202/28/2017View
135128 128Letter in Opposition from Ursula Higgins, Chair and Gayle Hall Carley, Vice-Chair, ANC 5B01202/28/2017View
136129 129Letter in Support from Celeste Valente102/28/2017View
137130 130Revised Testimonies1202/28/2017View
138131 131Petition in Support302/28/2017View
139132 132Letter in Support from Carmen Berry202/28/2017View
140133 133Letter in Support from G Parker102/28/2017View
141134 134Letter in Support from A Johnson-Arthur202/28/2017View
142135 135Letter in Support from Donald F.202/28/2017View
143136 136Letter in Support from Kevin Davis102/28/2017View
144137 137Letter in Support from Donald Coates102/28/2017View
145138 138Letter in Support from Crystal Graham102/28/2017View
146139 139Letter in Support from Thomas Bridge202/28/2017View
147140 140Letter in Support from Mimi Games202/28/2017View
148141 141Letter in Support from Arre Reid202/28/2017View
149142 142Letter in Support from Kenneth Holmes202/28/2017View
150143 143Letter in Support from Eric Ross202/28/2017View
151144 144Corrected Letter in Opposition from Afiong Aka102/28/2017View
152145 145Letter in Support from Michelle Harris-Love202/28/2017View
153146 146Letter in Support from Shrikiana Gerima202/28/2017View
154147 147Letter in Opposition from Lauren Wiesner202/28/2017View
155148 148Letter in Opposition from Claudia Faunteroy102/28/2017View
156149 149Comments from Chris Otten on behalf of DC4RD203/01/2017View
157150 150Comments from Caroline Petti103/01/2017View
158151 151Letter in Support from Joshua Dilk103/01/2017View
159152 152Letter in Opposition from Mark Szymanski103/01/2017View
160153 153Letter in Support from Mackenzie Baris103/02/2017View
161154 154Letter in Opposition from Joanne Slaight103/01/2017View
162155 155Letter in Support from Skye Henry103/01/2017View
163156 156Letter in Support from Shelby Kienzle-Pappalardo103/01/2017View
164157 157Letter in Support from Alexis Stoumbelis103/01/2017View
165158 158Letter in Opposition from Michael Gunn103/01/2017View
166159 159Letter in Support from John P. Hogan and Mary Jo Hogan103/01/2017View
167160 160Letter in Opposition from Sheila O'Sullivan103/01/2017View
168161 161Letter in Opposition from Lauren Fowler Eastlack103/01/2017View
169162 162Letter in Opposition from Aaron Robert Eastlack103/01/2017View
170163 163Letter in Support from Susan Gushue103/01/2017View
171164 164Letter in Support from Catherine Heinhold103/01/2017View
172165 165Letter in Support from Michael Gushue103/01/2017View
173166 166Letter in Support from Joe Barrios103/01/2017View
174167 167Letter in Support from Kristen Lionetti103/01/2017View
175168 168Letter in Opposition from Sandra Wojahn103/01/2017View
176169 169Letter in Support from Laura Worby103/01/2017View
177170 170Letter in Opposition from Thomas O'Rourke103/01/2017View
178171 171Letter in Support from Ed Lazere103/01/2017View
179172 172Testimony in Support from Amber W. Harding, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, Ward 5403/01/2017View
180173 173Letter in Support from Cheryl Fish-Parcham103/01/2017View
181174 174Letter in Support from Oliver Friendly103/01/2017View
182175 175Letter in Support from Kata Sybenga103/01/2017View
183176 176Letter in Support from Tom Bridge103/01/2017View
184177 177Letter in Support from Faith Hubbard103/01/2017View
185178 178Letter in Support from Carlie Fisherow103/01/2017View
186179 179Letter in Support from Bess Fox103/01/2017View
187180 180Letter in Support from Kenyan R. McDuffie203/01/2017View
188181 181Revised Testimony in Opposition of Dina Mukhamedzhanova403/01/2017View
189182 182Revised Testimony in Opposition from Joseph Cassidy203/01/2017View
190183 183Testimony in Support from Phil Mendelson, Chairman of the Council of DC203/01/2017View
191184 184Council Committee Report Submitted by Phil Mendelson4403/01/2017View
192185 185Testimony in Support from Rashad M. Young, City Administrator703/01/2017View
193186 186Testimony in Support from Laura Green Zeilinger, Director, DHS1203/01/2017View
194187 187Testimony in Support from Greer Gillis, Director, DGS603/01/2017View
195188 188Testimony in Opposition from Kevin Oliver503/01/2017View
196189 189Testimony in Opposition from Theresa Perkins203/01/2017View
197190 190Testimony in Support from Kate Coventry203/01/2017View
198191 191Email in Support from Michael Henry103/01/2017View
199192 192Response Letter from City Administrator to Langdon Park Community Association203/01/2017View
200193 193Testimony Comments from Langdon Park Community Association403/01/2017View
201194 194Testimony in Support from Catholic Charities303/01/2017View
202195 195Testimony in Support from Henri Makembe203/01/2017View
203196 196Testimony Discussion Points from David Brown, Party in Opposition 103/01/2017View
204197 197Testimony in Opposition from Faraz H. Khan303/01/2017View
205198 198Copy of Washington Post Article Submitted by Thomas Kirlin303/01/2017View
206199 199Witness Cards403/01/2017View
207200 200Request of Citizens for Responsible Options for Extension of Time to File Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law303/08/2017View
208201 201Submission of Information Requested at 3/1/17 Hearing from David Brown of Law Offices of Knopf & Brown203/10/2017View
209202 202Ward 5, Proposed Shelter Site503/10/2017View
210203 203Rhode Island Avenue NE Photos from March 2017 Submitted by Sandra Campbell1603/10/2016View
211204A-B204A-BApplicant's Supplemental Submission Including Tabs A-B6503/10/2016View
212204C-D204C-DApplicant's Supplemental Submission Including Tabs C-D903/10/2016View
213205 205Applicant's Opposition to Request of Citizens for Responsible Options for Extension of Time to File Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law303/13/2017View
214206 206Reply on Request of Citizens for Responsible Options for Extension to File303/15/2017View
215207 207Public Hearing Transcript of Wednesday, March 01, 201723003/16/2017View
216208 208ANC 5B Resolution in Opposition303/20/2017View
217209 209Applicant's Cover Letter203/31/2017View
218210 210Applicant's Closing Statement 2803/31/2017View
219211 211Applicant's Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law5303/31/2017View
220212 212Party in Opposition (Citizens for Responsible Options) Closing Statement1203/31/2017View
221213 213Party in Opposition (Citizens for Responsible Options) Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law3703/31/2017View
222214 214Supplemental Witness List302/13/2017View
223215 215Applicant's Transfer of Representation208/28/2017View
224216 216Decision and Order4202/23/2018View
225217 217Attestation202/23/2018View