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11 1Application Form101/03/2017View
22 2Cover Letter from Applicant3901/03/2017View
33 3Statement of Existing and Intended Use101/03/2017View
44 4Zoning Self-Certification201/03/2017View
55 5DC Surveyor's Plat101/03/2017View
66 6Color Photos of Property101/03/2017View
77 7Architectural Plans and Elevations1701/03/2017View
88 8List of Names and Mailing Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet1701/03/2017View
99 9Certificate of Proficiency101/03/2017View
1010 10Letter of Authorization101/03/2017View
1111 11Statement of Community Outreach101/03/2017View
1212 12Summary of Witnesses101/03/2017View
1313 13Resume of Expert Witnesses101/03/2017View
1414 14Certificate of Service101/03/2017View
1515 15BZA Referral to ANC 3C101/05/2017View
1616 16BZA Referral to SMDANC 3C06101/05/2017View
1717 17BZA Referral to OP101/05/2017View
1818 18BZA Referral to DDOT101/05/2017View
1919 19BZA Referral to City Councilmember, Ward Three101/05/2017View
2020 20BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Elissa Silverman)101/05/2017View
2121 21BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( David Grosso)101/05/2017View
2222 22BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Anita Bonds)101/05/2017View
2323 23BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Robert White, Jr.)101/05/2017View
2424 24BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)101/05/2017View
2525 25BZA Referral to Department of Human Services101/05/2017View
2626 26BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 3C201/05/2017View
2727 27BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - ( Meridith Moldenhauer)201/05/2017View
2828 28BZA notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner within 200 feet.401/05/2017View
2929 29BZA Notice of Public Hearing to City Councilmember, Ward Three201/05/2017View
3030 30BZA Attestation101/05/2017View
3131 31Returned PHNs801/18/2017View
3232 32Request for Party Status from Neighbors for Responsive Government701/24/2017View
3333 33Returned PHNs1501/24/2017View
3434 34Returned PHNs2301/26/2017View
3535 35Comments from Mark and Fiona Little101/30/2017View
3636 36Email in Support from Elizabeth Gaines101/30/2017View
3737 37Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Traffic Assessment3301/30/2017View
3838 38Letter in Support from Adas Israel Congregation201/31/2017View
3939 39Letter in Support from 2ndLt. Daniel Mullery101/31/2017View
4040 40Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Traffic Assessment3301/31/2017View
4141 41Returned PHNs1001/31/2017View
4242 42Applicant's Opposition to Party Status Request402/02/2017View
4343 43Letter in Support from Meredith Robertson102/02/2017View
4444 44Letter in Support from Temple Micah102/02/2017View
4545 45Letter in Opposition from Valerie Haselton102/02/2017View
4646 46Letter in Opposition from Rebecca Toth102/02/2017View
4747 47Letter in Support from Austin Hinkle102/03/2017View
4848 48Letter in Opposition from Patryk Drescher102/03/2017View
4949 49Letter in Support from Andrew Paciorek102/03/2017View
5050 50Letter in Support from Kate Bowers102/03/2017View
5151 51Letter in Support from Josh Beraha202/03/2017View
5252 52Supplement to Request for Party Status from David W. Brown402/03/2017View
5353 53Letter in Support from Amanda Melder102/06/2017View
5454 54Returned PHN402/06/2017View
5555 55Letter in Support from Emilie Deady202/06/2017View
5656 56Confirmation of Service of Party Status Request on Applicant102/06/2017View
5757 57Letter in Opposition from John Wilmeth102/07/2017View
5858 58Letter in Opposition from Arlene and Sheldon Holen102/07/2017View
5959 59Letter in Opposition from Jean and Diep van Houtte102/07/2017View
6060 60Letter in Opposition from Beth Altman102/07/2017View
6161 61Letter in Opposition from William Wright102/07/2017View
6262 62Letter in Opposition from Adriana Araujo202/07/2017View
6363 63Letter in Opposition from Danielle Springer102/07/2017View
6464 64Letter in Opposition from David B. Daniel102/07/2017View
6565 65Letter in Opposition from Lara McCoy202/07/2017View
6666 66Letter in Opposition from Vsev Horodyskyj with Attached Letter from DGS302/07/2017View
6767 67Letter in Opposition from Brad Olander102/07/2017View
6868 68Comments from Yvonne Thayer302/07/2017View
6969 69Letter in Opposition from Walter Ford/Eric Kleps302/07/2017View
7070 70Letter in Support from Maria Casarella102/07/2017View
7171 71Letter in Opposition from Hannah Kamenetsky202/07/2017View
7272 72Letter in Support from Jesse and Leah Corradi102/07/2017View
7373 73Letter in Opposition from Therese Fergo302/07/2017View
7474 74Letter in Support from Heidi Holgate202/08/2017View
7575 75Applicant's Prehearing Statement2002/08/2017View
7675A175A1Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Pt. 1)1002/08/2017View
7775A275A2Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Plans - Pt. 2)1002/08/2017View
7875B75BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (MPD Letter)202/08/2017View
7975C75CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (HSEMA Letter)202/08/2017View
8075D75DPrehearing Statement: Tab D (FEMS Letter)202/08/2017View
8175E75EPrehearing Statement: Tab E (Community Timeline)202/08/2017View
8275F75FPrehearing Statement: Tab F (Summary of Witness Testimony)1202/08/2017View
8376 76Letter in Support from Helma Lanyi102/08/2017View
8477 77Letter in Opposition from Louise Filkins102/09/2017View
8578 78Comments from Abigail Golden-Vazquez102/09/2017View
8679 79Comments from Deena Loeffler102/10/2017View
8780 80Letter in Opposition from Elbert Ventura102/10/2017View
8881 81Witness Cards102/08/2017View
8982 82Comments from Kathleen Baker302/10/2017View
9083 83Letter in Support from Hilary Cairns, Malcolm Lester, Page Lester, Teddy Lester, and Grant Lester102/13/2017View
9184 84Letter in Support from Chaz Rotenberg202/13/2017View
9285 85Letter in Support from Kate Gelatt102/13/2017View
9386 86Letter in Opposition from Steven Sampath and Ying Fu102/13/2017View
9487 87Letter in Support from Allison Randall202/14/2017View
9588 88Comments from Margaret M. McLaughlin102/14/2017View
9689 89Affidavit of Service102/14/2017View
9790 90Letter in Opposition from Beth Altman102/14/2017View
9891 91Additional Comments from Beth Altman102/15/2017View
9992 92Letter in Support from Eugenia Grohman102/15/2017View
10093 93Letter in Support from Sheila Ohlsson Walker102/15/2017View
10194 94Letter in Support from Livia Bardin, M.S.W102/15/2017View
10295 95Letter in Support from Maria and Lee Weber102/15/2017View
10396 96Letter in Support from Jean M. Johnson, PhD102/16/2017View
10497 97Letter in Support from Rabbi Susan Landau102/15/2017View
10598 98Letter in Support from Amy Levin102/16/2017View
10699 99Letter in Support from Renana Fox102/16/2017View
107100 100Letter in Support from Dara Zycherman102/16/2017View
108101 101Letter in Support from Rabbi Adam Rosenwasser202/16/2017View
109102 102Letter in Support from Maggie Cutrell102/16/2017View
110103 103Letter in Support from Msgr. Charles V. Antonicelli102/16/2017View
111104 104Letter in Support from Jessica Lerner102/16/2017View
112105 105Letter in Support from Adam Miramon102/16/2017View
113106 106Letter in Support from Marilyn Dickey102/16/2017View
114107 107Letter in Support from Paul Didisheim102/16/2017View
115108 108Revised Zoning Self-Certification902/16/2017View
116109 109Letter in Support from Steven Seelig102/16/2017View
117110 110Letter in Support from Natasha Kir102/16/2017View
118111 111There is No Document for this Exhibit102/17/2017View
119112 112Letter in Support from Jennifer Hamilton402/17/2017View
120113 113Letter in Support from Kelly Sweeney McShane202/17/2017View
121114 114Letter in Support from Amanda Leiter102/17/2017View
122115 115Letter in Support from Sylvia Royce202/17/2017View
123116 116Letter in Support from Jay Vinton102/17/2017View
124117 117Letter in Support from Laura Kumin and Kevin Mulshine102/17/2017View
125118 118Letter in Support from Lois Herrmann202/17/2017View
126119 119Letter in Support from Dorian Friedman102/17/2017View
127120 120Letter in Opposition from Katherine Raphaelson202/17/2017View
128121 121Letter in Support from David Bickart102/17/2017View
129122 122Affidavit of Posting402/17/2017View
130123 123Letter in Support from Monica Kamen and Stephanie Sneed102/17/2017View
131124 124OP Report802/17/2017View
132125 125Updated DDOT Report602/17/2017View
133126 126Returned PHN402/15/2017View
134127 127Letter in Support from Cynthia Folcarelli102/21/2017View
135128 128Letter in Support from William and Susan Roach102/21/2017View
136129 129Letter in Support from Beth Peters102/21/2017View
137130 130Letter in Support from Toni Bickart102/21/2017View
138131 131Letter in Support from Alison Daifuku102/21/2017View
139132 132Letter in Support from Zach Ferguson102/21/2017View
140133 133Letter in Support from Riordan Frost102/21/2017View
141134 134Letter in Support from Rosalie Berk102/21/2017View
142135 135Letter in Support from Jane Stein102/21/2017View
143136 136Letter in Support from Alex Gamesik102/21/2017View
144137 137Comments from Jackie Northam102/21/2017View
145138 138Letter in Support from Rick Fischer102/21/2017View
146139 139Letter in Support from Kendrick W. Sullivan102/21/2017View
147140 140Letter in Support from Jane and Reeve Vanneman102/21/2017View
148141 141Letter in Support from Lance Kramer102/21/2017View
149142 142Letter in Support from Eileen and Anthony Essaye102/21/2017View
150143 143Letter in Opposition from Frank Hurst202/21/2017View
151144 144Letter in Support from Jamie and Stuart Butler102/21/2017View
152145 145Letter in Support from Nan Roman102/21/2017View
153146 146Letter in Support from Kehan DeSousa102/21/2017View
154147 147Letter in Support from Barbara D. Tate102/21/2017View
155148 148Letter in Support from John Graham102/21/2017View
156149 149Letter in Support from Pamela Ehrenberg202/21/2017View
157150 150Letter in Support from Dennis N. Yedwab102/21/2017View
158151 151Letter in Support from Megan Draheim102/21/2017View
159152 152Letter in Support from David A. Harris102/21/2017View
160153 153Letter in Support from Meg Brennan102/21/2017View
161154 154Letter in Support from Leah Weatherspoon102/21/2017View
162155 155Letter in Opposition from Thomas E. Mason202/21/2017View
163156 156Letter in Support from Claudia Townsend102/21/2017View
164157 157Letter in Support from Rev. Thomas A. Omholt, Pastor102/21/2017View
165158 158Letter in Support from Sarah Karlin-Smith102/21/2017View
166159 159Letter in Support from Robert J. Asselin, Jr.202/21/2017View
167160 160Letter in Opposition from Karen E. Sheperd202/21/2017View
168161 161Letter in Support from Rev. Dr. Charles A. Parker202/21/2017View
169162 162Letter in Support from Marjorie Brimley102/21/2017View
170163 163Letter in Opposition from Ann Scoffier102/21/2017View
171164A1164A1Prehearing Statement (Part 1)2802/21/2017View
172164A2164A2Prehearing Statement (Part 2)6502/21/2017View
173165 165Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Revised Plans202/21/2017View
174165A165ACover Letter from Applicant: Tab A (Revised Plans)602/21/2017View
175166 166Letter in Support from Sarah and Matthew Canzoneri102/22/2017View
176167 167Letter in Support from Karen D. Alvarez102/22/2017View
177168 168Letter in Support from Ann Nellis102/22/2017View
178169 169Letter in Support from Rev. Molly Blythe Teichert202/22/2017View
179170 170ANC 3C Resolution502/22/2017View
180171 171Returned PHN402/22/2017View
181172 172Letter in Support from Margaret Bauer102/22/2017View
182173 173Letter in Support from Pamela O. Long102/22/2017View
183174 174Letter in Support from Kathleen Jones202/22/2017View
184175 175Petition in Support from Residents1002/22/2017View
185176 176Letter in Support from Kathleen Gallagher202/22/2017View
186177 177Letter in Support from John Osborne, Cleveland Park Congregational UCC102/22/2017View
187178 178Letter in Support from Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J.202/22/2017View
188179 179Letter in Opposition from Barbara Bermpohl202/23/2017View
189180 180Comments from Beth Altman Re: Not Receiving Notice in Mail102/23/2017View
190181 181Comments from Katherine Thomas102/23/2017View
191182 182Letter in Support from Ledlie and Sarah Laughlin202/23/2017View
192183 183Letter from Neil Wasserman Requesting a Postponement202/23/2017View
193184 184Letter in Support from Garret W. Sern102/23/2017View
194185 185Letter in Support from Dr. Lynn Bergfalk202/23/2017View
195186 186Letter in Opposition from Rob Klein202/24/2017View
196187 187Affidavit of Maintenance102/24/2017View
197188 188Letter in Support from Jessica Wasserman, ANC 3C03102/24/2017View
198189 189Letter in Support from Carla Watson, DCPS202/26/2017View
199190 190Letter in Opposition from Jean P. Moore102/27/2017View
200191 191Letter in Opposition from Lee Lockwood102/27/2017View
201192 192Letter in Support from Lennard Kruger102/27/2017View
202193 193Letter in Support from Sandra Eskin102/27/2017View
203194 194Letter in Opposition from Hilary Sills102/27/2017View
204195 195Letter in Opposition from Erich Parker202/27/2017View
205196 196Letter in Opposition from David Isaacs202/27/2017View
206197 197Letter in Opposition from Omi Eltzer202/27/2017View
207198 198Letter in Opposition from Priscilla and William Rope302/27/2017View
208199 199Letter in Support from Rebecca Barson202/27/2017View
209200 200Letter in Opposition from Jules Muis302/27/2017View
210201 201Comments from Colin Stackhouse102/27/2017View
211202 202Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Response to Prehearing Statement of NRG202/27/2017View
212202A202AApplicant's Response: Tab A (Response to NRG's Prehearing Statement)2102/27/2017View
213202B1202B1Applicant's Response: Tab B (Applicant's PowerPoint Pt. 1)2602/27/2017View
214202B2202B2Applicant's Response: Tab B (Applicant's PowerPoint Pt. 2)2602/27/2017View
215203 203Certificate of Service102/27/2017View
216204 204Letter in Opposition from Michael Dickman402/27/2017View
217205 205Letter in Opposition from 56 Residents of Newark Street NW, McLean Gardens, and Neighboring Streets302/27/2017View
218206 206Comments from U.S. Commission of Fine Arts302/28/2017View
219207 207Letter in Opposition from Eileen Langholtz102/28/2017View
220208 208Letter in Opposition from Adela Petrovic302/28/2017View
221209 209Updated Letter from FEMS102/28/2017View
222210 210Comments from Fiona and Mark Little102/28/2017View
223211 211NRG Submission of Written Testimony6502/28/2017View
224212 212NRG Submission of Letters in Opposition4302/28/2017View
225213 213Letter in Opposition from Therese Fergo202/28/2017View
226214 214Letter in Support from Sharon McDonald202/28/2017View
227215 215Letter in Support from Jay Melder202/28/2017View
228216 216Letter of Support from Councilmember Cheh202/28/2017View
229217 217Letter in Support from Susan Kimmel202/28/2017View
230218 218Comments from Ann Hammersmith203/01/2017View
231219 219Comments from Chris Otten on behalf of DC4RD203/01/2017View
232220 220Updated Letter in Opposition from 74 Residents of Newark Street NW, McLean Gardens, and Neighboring Streets403/01/2017View
233221 221Letter in Opposition from Anna Bottiglieri103/01/2017View
234222 222Letter in Opposition from Susan Witt103/01/2017View
235223 223Letter in Support from Beau Finley, ANC 3C04103/01/2017View
236224 224Testimony in Support from Phil Mendelson, Chairman of the Council of DC203/01/2017View
237225 225Council Committee Report Submitted by Phil Mendelson4403/01/2017View
238226 226Testimony in Support from Greer Gillis, Director, DGS403/01/2017View
239227 227Testimony in Support from Laura Green Zeilinger, Director, DHS1203/01/2017View
240228 228Testimony in Support from Rashad M. Young, City Administrator803/01/2017View
241229 229Testimony from Nancy MacWood, Chair, ANC 3C403/01/2017View
242230 230Testimony in Support from Kate Coventry203/01/2017View
243231 231Testimony Discussion Points from David Brown, Party in Opposition103/01/2017View
244232 232Testimony in Opposition to Variance Relief from Angela Bradbery, Commissioner, ANC 3C06403/01/2017View
245233 233Witness Cards403/01/2017View
246234 234Request of Neighbors For Responsive Government for Extension of Time to File Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law303/10/2016View
247235 235Applicant's Supplemental Submission5703/10/2017View
248236 236Applicant's Oppostion to Request for Extension of Time to File Proposed Findings of Fact.pdf303/13/2017View
249237 237Applicant's Updated Plans In the Record2003/13/2017View
250238 238Reply on Request of Neighbors for Responsive Government for Extension of Time to File303/15/2017View
251239 239Response to March 1, 2017's Request from Ruth Caplan, Cleveland Park Citizens Association203/15/2017View
252240 240Public Meeting Transcript of Wednesday, March 1, 201730403/15/2017View
253241 241Public Meeting Transcript of Wednesday, March 1, 2017 (Part I)14403/15/2017View
254242 242Applicant's Cover Letter203/31/2017View
255243 243Applicant's Closing Statement2203/31/2017View
256244 244Applicant's Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law3503/31/2017View
257245 245Applicant's Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law as to Temporary Parking Relief1803/31/2017View
258246 246Closing Arguments for Neighbors for Responsive Government2504/03/2017View
259247 247Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law of Neighbors for Responsive Government6104/03/2017View
260248 248Reference Diagram from Neighbors for Responsive Government 204/03/2017View
261249 249Applicant's Transfer of Representation208/28/2017View
262250 250Decision and Order3708/30/2017View
263251 251Attestation108/30/2017View