row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form112/16/2016View
22 2Notice of Appeal and Statement2812/16/2016View
33 3Letter of Authorization112/16/2016View
44 4DC Building Permit B1611470112/16/2016View
55 5DC Building Permit B1611469112/16/2016View
66 6Certificate of Service-Notice of Appeal112/19/2016View
77 7Certificate of Service-Memorandum in Support112/19/2016View
88 8Appellant's Request for Fee Exemption712/19/2016View
99 9Appellant's Memorandum in Support2412/19/2016View
109A9AAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab A (May 16 2016 Email Chain)512/19/2016View
119B9BAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab B (First page of Drawings for B1214832)212/19/2016View
129C9CAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab C (BZA No. 17404 Jan 24 2006 Hearing Tr)11312/19/2016View
139D9DAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab D (BZA No. 17404 Feb 7 2006 Hearing Tr)2512/19/2016View
149E9EAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab E (Feb 2006 Withdrawal of Mondie Variance App)212/19/2016View
159F9FAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab F (DC Sales Records)112/19/2016View
169G9GAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab G (photos of site)312/19/2016View
179H9HAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab H (Common Webpage)1012/19/2016View
189I9IAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab I (Common Richardson Pl Page)512/19/2016View
199J9JAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab J (Technical.ly Article)312/19/2016View
209K9KAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab K (Curbed Article)312/19/2016View
219L9LAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab L (Washingtonian Article)412/19/2016View
229M9MAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab M (Wilson Decl)712/19/2016View
239N9NAppellant's Memorandum in Support: Tab N (FHA Complaint)712/19/2016View
2410 10BZA Referral to ANC 5E101/30/2017View
2511 11BZA Referral to SMDANC 5E06101/30/2017View
2612 12BZA Referral to OP101/30/2017View
2713 13BZA Referral to Matthew LeGrant, ZA, DCRA101/30/2017View
2814 14BZA Referral to City Councilmember, Ward Five101/30/2017View
2915 15BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Elissa Silverman)101/30/2017View
3016 16BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( David Grosso)101/30/2017View
3117 17BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Anita Bonds)101/30/2017View
3218 18BZA Referral to City Councilmember, At-Large - ( Robert White, Jr.)101/30/2017View
3319 19BZA Referral to Chairman of the Council - ( Phil Mendelson)101/30/2017View
3420 20BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 5E201/30/2017View
3521 21BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Appellant - RPNA / James J. Wilson201/30/2017View
3622 22BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owner - ( Common Living, Inc.)201/30/2017View
3723 23BZA Notice of Public Heating to Property Owner - ( Oaktree Development, LLC)201/30/2017View
3824 24BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Zoning Administrator, (Matthew LeGrant, ZA)201/30/2017View
3925 25BZA Notice of Public Hearing to City Councilmember, Ward Five201/30/2017View
4026 26BZA Attestation101/30/2017View
4127 27Appellant's Motion to Supplement and Exhibits5403/01/2017View
4228 28ANC 5E Report203/01/2017View
4329 29Appellant's Memorandum in Support of Appeal2403/01/2017View
4430 30Notice of Appeal2803/01/2017View
4531 31Letter of Authorization103/14/2017View
4632 32Owner's Prehearing Statement in Opposition to Appeal2203/14/2017View
4732A32AOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Original Building Permit for 412 Richardson)103/14/2017View
4832B32BOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Original Building Permit for 410 Richardson)103/14/2017View
4932C32COwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab C (Revised Building Permit for 412 Richardson)103/14/2017View
5032D32DOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab D (Revised Building Permit for 410 Richardson)103/14/2017View
5132E32EOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab E (Certificates of Occupancy)203/14/2017View
5232F32FOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab F (Building Permit Plans for 410 Richardson)203/14/2017View
5332G32GOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab G (Building Permit Plans for 412 Richardson)203/14/2017View
5432H132H1Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab H (Affidavit of Simon Jawitz) Part 1303/14/2017View
5532H232H2Owner's Prehearing Statement: Tab H (Affidavit of Simon Jawitz) Part 23503/14/2017View
5632I32IOwner's Prehearing Statement: Tab I (Photographs of the Properties)1103/14/2017View
5733 33DCRA Pre-Hearing Statement803/16/2017View
5834 34Appellant's Reply to DCRA and Owners's Prehearing Statement4303/19/2017View
5934A34AAppellant's Reply: Tab A (Common.com Landing Page)403/19/2017View
6034B34BAppellant's Reply: Tab B (Craigslist Ad)203/19/2017View
6134C34CAppellant's Reply: Tab C (How Common Does Pricing)603/19/2017View
6234D34DAppellant's Reply: Tab D (Job Posting)103/19/2017View
6334E34EAppellant's Reply: Tab E (NY ECB No 1101110)303/19/2017View
6435 35PowerPoint Presentation3103/22/2017View
6536 36ANC 5E Report203/22/2017View
6637 37Witness Cards103/22/2017View
6738 38Form 153 Request to Reopen the Record from Kenyan McDuffie, Councilmember, Ward 5104/13/2017View
6839 39Owner's Response in Opposition to Request to Reopen Record404/20/2017View
6939A39AOwner's Response to Reopen the Record: Tab A (Checklist)304/20/2017View
7039B39BOwner's Response to Reopen the Record: Tab B (CO 1700955)304/20/2017View
7139C39COwners's Response to Reopen the Record: Tab C (CO1700918)304/20/2017View
7239D39DOwner's Response to Reopen the Record: Tab D (Order, Appeal 15588)2004/20/2017View
7340 40DCRA's Post-Hearing Submission on Certificate of Occupancies705/01/2017View
7440A40ADCRA's Post-Hearing Submission: Tab A (412 Richardson C of O Application)505/01/2017View
7540B40BDCRA's Post-Hearing Submission: Tab B (412 C of O)105/01/2017View
7640C40CDCRA's Post-Hearing Submission: Tab C (410 C of O and Application)605/01/2017View
7741 41Letter from Councilmember McDuffie105/03/2017View
7842 42Appellant's Response to DCRA's Post-Hearing Submission305/04/2017View
7943 43Response to Filings by DCRA and Richardson Place405/09/2017View
8044 44DCRA's Motion to Strike Appellant's Response to DCRA's Submission805/09/2017View
8145 45Appellant's Opposition to DCRA's Motion to Strike405/15/2017View
8246 46Order Granting Appeal802/04/2019View
8347 47Attestation202/04/2019View
8448 48Form 150 Motion for Reconsideration and Motion to Stay the Effectiveness of Order102/11/2019View
8549 49Motion for Reconsideration1802/11/2019View
8650 50Motion of Property Owner to Stay the Effectiveness of Order302/11/2019View
8751 51Certificate of Service Stay202/12/2019View
8852 52RPNA's Response to Owner's Motion for Reconsideration and Motion to Stay the Effectiveness of Order1102/19/2019View
8953 53BZA Administrative Rescheduling Memo102/21/2019View
9054 54Order Granting Stay403/08/2019View
9155 55Attestation203/08/2019View