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11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Georgetown University (GU) - Application for Voluntary Design Review and Special Exception Approval39/30/2019View
22 2Applicant's Statement in Support149/30/2019View
32A2A1SIS: Tab A (Application Form 100 - part 1)19/30/2019View
42A2A2SIS: Tab A (Application Form 100 (Signature Page) - part 2)19/30/2019View
52B2BSIS: Tab B (Authorization Ltr.)29/30/2019View
62C2CSIS: Tab C (List of Property Owners within 200 ft.)29/30/2019View
72D2DSIS: Tab D (Certificate of Notice)29/30/2019View
82E2E1SIS: Tab E (Drawings - Part 1)149/30/2019View
92E2E2SIS: Tab E (Drawings - Part 2)79/30/2019View
102E2E3SIS: Tab E (Drawings - Part 3)109/30/2019View
112F2FSIS: Tab F (Surveyor's Plat)19/30/2019View
122G2GSIS: Tab G (Comp Plan Provisions)69/30/2019View
132H2HSIS: Tab H (Zoning Map)49/30/2019View
143 3Receipt for Filing Fee109/27/2019View
154 4Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register110/24/2019View
165 5Notice of Public Hearing310/24/2019View
176 6Attestation:PHN610/24/2019View
187 7Affidavit of Posting210/25/2019View
198 8Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR and Resume210/28/2019View
208A8A1CTR (Part 1)3010/28/2019View
218A8A2CTR (Part 2)2710/28/2019View
228B8BResume of Christopher Kabatt210/28/2019View
239 9Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Supplemental Statement311/22/2019View
249A9ASIS: Tab A (Statement)611/22/2019View
259B9BSIS: Tab B (Resumes)811/22/2019View
269C9CSIS: Tab C (Outline of Witness Testimony)511/22/2019View
279D9DSIS: Tab D (Draft Conditions of Approval)511/22/2019View
289E9E1SIS: Tab E (Revised Drawings - Part 1)1111/22/2019View
299E9E2SIS: Tab E (Revised Drawings - Part 2)1211/22/2019View
309E9E3SIS: Tab E (Revised Drawings - Part 3)1311/22/2019View
319E9E4SIS: Tab E (Revised Drawings - Part 4)111/22/2019View
3210 10OP Report2112/2/2019View
3311 11DDOT Report 1012/2/2019View
3412 12Affidavit of Maintenance412/5/2019View
3513 13ANC 6E Ltr. in Support212/5/2019View
3614 14Design Review112/12/2019View
3715 15Materials Board112/12/2019View
3816A16A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)712/12/2019View
3916A16A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)812/12/2019View
4016A16A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)812/12/2019View
4116A16A4Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)1012/12/2019View
4217 17ANC 6C Report312/12/2019View
4318 18Request for Party Status in Support from ANC 6C (APPROVED)312/12/2019View
4419 19Cvr Ltr from Applicant - Proposed Order21/28/2020View
4519A19AApplicant's Proposed Order201/28/2020View
4620 20Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register104/22/2020View
4721 21Attestation: Order No. 19-20104/27/2020View
4822 22ZC Order No. 19-202312/12/2019View