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11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Consolidated PUD Application38/2/2019View
22 2Applicant's Statement in Support318/2/2019View
32A2A1SIS: Tab A (Application Form - Consolidated PUD)18/2/2019View
42A2A2SIS: Tab A (Application Signature Page)18/2/2019View
52A2A3SIS: Tab A (Authorization Letter)18/2/2019View
62B2BSIS: Tab B (Certificate of Notice/Notice of Intent)28/2/2019View
72C2CSIS: Tab C (Certificate of Compliance)38/2/2019View
82D2DSIS: Tab D (Property Owners' List w/in 200 Feet)88/2/2019View
92E2ESIS: Tab E (List of Publicly Available Information)18/2/2019View
102F2FSIS: Tab F (Comp. Plan Analysis)388/2/2019View
112G2G1SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-1)188/2/2019View
122G2G2SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-2)58/2/2019View
132G2G3SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-3)78/2/2019View
142G2G4SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-4)68/2/2019View
152G2G5SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-5)48/2/2019View
162G2G6SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-6)48/2/2019View
172G2G7SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-7)28/2/2019View
182G2G8SIS: Tab G (Civil Drawings - Part-8)138/2/2019View
192G2G9SIS: Tab G (Landscape Drawings - Part-9)118/2/2019View
203 3DC Surveyor's Plat18/5/2019View
214 4Receipt for Filing Fee108/02/2019View
225 5Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant108/07/2019View
236 6Referral to OP108/07/2019View
247 7Referral to Councilmember Charles Allen108/07/2019View
258 8Referral to ANC 6E708/07/2019View
269 9NOF to DC Register108/07/2019View
2710 10Attestation: NOF208/07/2019View
2811 11OP Setdown Report149/12/2019View
2912 12Setdown Ltr. to Applicant109/24/2019View
3013 13Applicant's Pre-Hearing Statement610/9/2019View
3113A13APHS: Tab A (Affordable Housing Information)110/9/2019View
3213B13BPHS: Tab B (Information Regarding the Project's Sustainability Commitments)110/9/2019View
3313C13CPHS: Tab C (Updated Plans)1210/9/2019View
3413D13DPHS: Tab D (Analysis of Project's Consistency with Convention Center Area Strategic Development Plan Design Guidelines)410/9/2019View
3513E13EPHS: Tab E (Analysis of Project's Comprehensive Plan Consistency and Potential Impacts)510/9/2019View
3613F13FPHS: Tab F (Expert Witness Resumes and Outlines of Witness Testimony)610/9/2019View
3713G13G1PHS: Tab G (Certificate of Compliance - Part 1)210/9/2019View
3813G13G2PHS: Tab G (Property Owner List - Part 2)810/9/2019View
3914 14Fee Calculator Form210/9/2019View
4014A14AReceipt for Hearing Fee110/09/2019View
4115 15Attestation:PHN610/18/2019View
4215A15ANotice of Public Hearing310/18/2019View
4316 161 Returned PHN210/23/2019View
4417 173 Returned PHNs410/30/2019View
4518 181 Returned PHN211/12/2019View
4619 191 Returned PHN211/13/2019View
4720 20Affidavit of Posting212/5/2019View
4821 21Cvr Ltr from Applicant - CTR212/3/2019View
5022 22DDOT Report (Urban Forestry)1312/17/2019View
5123 23Applicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement412/20/2019View
5223A23A1SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)1512/20/2019View
5323A23A2SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)712/20/2019View
5423A23A3SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)612/20/2019View
5523A23A4SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)612/20/2019View
5623A23A5SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)512/20/2019View
5723A23A6SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 6)412/20/2019View
5823A23A7SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)412/20/2019View
5923A23A8SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 8)912/20/2019View
6023A23A9SPHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings - Part 9)1112/20/2019View
6123B23BSPHS: Tab B (List of Public Benefits)112/20/2019View
6223C23CSPHS: Tab C (Responses to Agencies)612/20/2019View
6323D23DSPHS: Tab D (Additional Expert Witness Resume)212/20/2019View
6424 24Party Status - MCCDC in Opposition (WITHDRAWN - see Ex. 24A)2112/24/2019View
6524A24ALtr. from MCCDC - Withdrawal of Party Status101/15/2020View
6625 25OP Hearing Report261/6/2020View
6726 26DDOT Report161/6/2020View
6827 27Ltr. in Support - Councilmember Charles Allen21/7/2020View
6928 28Letters in Support - Angela Bowen11/8/2020View
7029 29Letter in Support - Robert Brown11/8/2020View
7130 30Letter in Support - Evon Davis11/8/2020View
7231 31Letters in Support - Donna Simpson11/8/2020View
7332 32Letter in Support - Josephine Yalovitser11/8/2020View
7433 33Letter in Support - Ruth Battle11/8/2020View
7534 34Letter in Support - Boolean Girl11/8/2020View
7635 35Letter in Support - GWCF21/8/2020View
7736 36Letter in Support - New Endeavours by Women11/8/2020View
7837 37Letter in Support - Kailian & Parke11/8/2020View
7938 38Letter in Support - Christopher Macchiaroli11/8/2020View
8039 39Letter in Support - Virginia Maddrey11/8/2020View
8140 40Letter in Support - Katherine McLendon11/8/2020View
8241 41Letter in Support - Mark Morrow11/8/2020View
8342 42Letter in Support - Sane Wine Spirits11/8/2020View
8443 43Letter in Support - Daniel Solomon11/8/2020View
8544 44Letter in Support - Antonio Tavarez11/8/2020View
8645 45Letter in Support - Virginia Thompson11/8/2020View
8746 46Letter in Support - Irene Trice11/8/2020View
8847 47ANC 6E Report21/10/2020View
8948 48Affidavit of Maintenance11/13/2020View
9049 49Letter in Support - Andrea Dudney11/13/2020View
9150 50Letter in Support - Cecilia Jackson11/13/2020View
9251 51Letter in Support - J. David Grossman11/13/2020View
9352 52Letter in Support - Lane Gearhart11/13/2020View
9453 53Letter in Support - Madison McCauley11/13/2020View
9554 54Letter in Support - Robert Barusefski11/13/2020View
9655 55Letter in Support - Alisson Vollmer11/13/2020View
9756 56Letter in Support - Catherine Gorman11/13/2020View
9857 57Letter in Support - Joseph Manchester11/13/2020View
9958 58Letter in Support - Nicholas Galasso and Madeline Cox11/13/2020View
10059 59Letter in Support - Sarah Davis11/14/2020View
10160 60Letter in Support - Merrick Kelley11/14/2020View
10261 61Letter in Support - LaStarsha McGarity11/14/2020View
10362 621 Returned PHN201/14/2020View
10463 63Letter in Support - Tess Guinn11/16/2020View
10564 64Letter in Support - Holly Bray21/16/2020View
10665A65A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)151/16/2020View
10765A65A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)101/16/2020View
10866 66Construction Management Agreement41/16/2020View
10967 67Ltr. in Opposition - ANC/SMD 6E04 (Rachelle Nigro)101/16/2020View
11068 68Testimony of Jamie Weinbaum301/16/2020View
11169 69Witness Cards201/16/2020View
11270 701 Returned PHN201/22/2020View
11371 71Applicant's Draft Proffers and Conditions91/23/2020View
11472 72Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement62/3/2020View
11572A72AAPHS: Tab A (Venting)22/3/2020View
11672B72BAPHS: Tab B (Revised IZ Unit Locations)12/3/2020View
11772C72CAPHS: Tab C (View Looking East Along M Street)52/3/2020View
11872D72DAPHS: Tab D (Courtyards)32/3/2020View
11972E72EAPHS: Tab E (Development and Construction Management Plan)42/3/2020View
12072F72FAPHS: Tab F (Applicant's Dialogue with First Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church)22/3/2020View
12172G72GAPHS: Tab G (Responses to Parking Issues Raised at Zoning Commission Hearing)42/3/2020View
12273 73Response from First Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church102/03/2020View
12374 74Ltr. from Miles Memorial CME - Meeting with Applicant 102/04/2020View
12475 75OP Supplemental Report22/5/2020View
12576 76Applicant's Final Proffers and Conditions112/6/2020View
12677 77Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law22/10/2020View
12777A77AApplicant's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law462/10/2020View
12878 78Second Post-Hearing Statement33/23/2020View
12979 79Ltr. from Miles Memorial CME - 2nd Update Meeting with Applicant103/23/2020View
13079A79ALtr. from First Rising Mt. Zion Baptist CHurch - 2nd Update Meeting with Applicant203/23/2020View
13180 80DCOZ Memo re: 04/27/20 Virtual Meeting204/20/2020View
13281 81Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register112/23/2020View
13382 82Z.C. Order No. 19-164112/23/2020View
13483 83Attestation: Order No. 19-16112/24/2020View