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11 1Petition for Text Amendment - Short Term Rentals17/29/2019View
22 2Cvr. Ltr. from Petitioner - Text Amendment Petition17/29/2019View
32A2ASIS: (Statement and Purpose & Justification)27/29/2019View
42B2BSIS: (October 17, 2018 Ltr. from DC Council)27/29/2019View
52C2CSIS: (April 8, 2019 Ltr. from Mendelson)17/29/2019View
62D2DSIS: (Certificate of Service)127/29/2019View
73 3Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register108/20/2019View
84 4Notice of Public Hering708/20/2019View
95 5Attestation: PHN108/21/2019View
106 6OP Hearing Report68/30/2019View
117 7Comments from Patrick Sims109/30/2019View
128 8Comments from Elliott Rosen110/10/2019View
139 9Comments from Bridget Matzie110/10/2019View
1410 10Written Testimony in Opposition - Tyler Longpine210/10/2019View
1511 11Comments from Barbara Brereton110/10/2019View
1612 12ANC 1A's Resolution210/11/2019View
1713 13ANC 6C Report410/11/2019View
1814 14Comments from Jean Mack210/15/2019View
1915 15Written Testimony - Alexander Bant210/15/2019View
2016 16Comments from American Hotel & Lodging Association210/16/2019View
2117 17Comments from Yebeltal Kebede210/16/2019View
2218 18Testimony of Genet Mamo110/16/2019View
2319 19Comments from Susan Mitchell110/16/2019View
2420 20Comments from Judy Yodit110/17/2019View
2521 21Comments from Anneliese M. Bruner110/17/2019View
2622 22Written Testimony of James McDonald110/17/2019View
2723 23Written Testimony of Lauren Wolfe210/17/2019View
2824 24Comments in Support - Pamela H. Reed110/17/2019View
2925 25Comments in Support - Roselyn Lewis110/17/2019View
3026 26Written Testimony of Synta Keeling410/17/2019View
3127 27Written Testimony of Joseph Montano, Expedia Group110/17/2019View
3228 28Comments from JoLynne Thomas Hough & Louis Orphanos210/17/2019View
3329 29Written Testimony of Graylin Presbury, DC Federation of Civic Associations210/17/2019View
3430 30Testimony of Yvette Bourcicot, Policy Manager, Airbnb310/17/2019View
3531 31List of Witnesses210/17/2019View
3632 32Testimony of Chairman Mendelson, DC Council510/17/2019View
3733 33Witness Cards110/17/2019View
3834 34Written Testimony from Amanda Shipe110/17/2019View
3935 35Letter from Chairman Mendelson - Supplemental Comments on Emergency Rulemaking210/22/2019View
4036 36Supplemental OP Report210/22/2019View
4137 37Referral to NCPC110/28/2019View
4238 38Proof of Publication of Emergency & Proposed Rulemaking in D.C. Register111/04/2019View
4339 39Notice of Emergency & Proposed Rulemaking1011/04/2019View
4440 40NCPC Report312/5/2019View
4541 41Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register102/06/2020View
4642 42Z.C. Order No. 19-151102/06/2020View
4743 43Attestation: Order No. 19-15102/06/2020View
4844 44Proof of Publication of Errata in D.C. Register104/06/2020View
4945 45Errata to Z.C. Order No. 19-15304/06/2020View