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11 1Application Form109/29/2014View
22 2Fee Calculator Form109/29/2014View
33 3Form 135 - Self-Certification109/29/2014View
44 4Statement & Burden of Proof909/29/2014View
55 5Authorization Letter109/29/2014View
66 6Surveyor's Plat109/29/2014View
77 7Zoning Map109/29/2014View
88 8Plans pt. 11109/29/2014View
99 9Plans pt. 21209/29/2014View
1010 10Photo exhibit309/29/2014View
1111 11Property Owners within 200 Square Feet of property509/29/2014View
1212 12Mailing Labels209/29/2014View
1313 13Fee - Checks209/29/2014View
1414 14Cover Letter to BZA209/29/2014View
1515 15BZA Application Fee110/01/2014View
1616 16BZA Fees110/01/2014View
1717 17BZA Notice of Public Hearing to ANC 6C110/06/2014View
1818 18BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Applicant - ( Cynthia Giordano, Esq.)210/06/2014View
1919 19BZA Notice of Public Hearing to Property Owners within 200 feet.110/06/2014View
2020 20BZA Referral to ANC 6C110/07/2014View
2121 21BZA Referral SMD-ANC 6C05110/07/2014View
2222 22BZA Referral to Office of Planning (OP)110/07/2014View
2323 23BZA Referral to DDOT110/07/2014View
2424 24BZA Referral City Councilmember Ward 6110/07/2014View
2525 25Application for Variance/Special Exception310/06/2014View
2626 26BZA Attestation110/08/2014View
2727 27Returned PHN210/29/2014View
2828 28Letter in Support from Kenneth J. Brewer, Sr.212/05/2014View
2929 29DDOT Report612/30/2014View
3030 30Applicant's Letter Requesting Postponement of Hearing Date112/31/2014View
3131 31ANC 6C Report101/21/2015View
3232 32Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Supplemental Statement1401/27/2015View
3332A32AApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (DC Surveyor's Plat)101/27/2015View
3432B32BApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab B (Zoning Map)101/28/2015View
3532C132C1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab C(Revised_Plans)Part 1 of 21301/27/2015View
3632C232C2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab C (Revised Plans) Part 2 of 21301/27/2015View
3732D32DApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab D (Revised Parking and Loading Statement)1201/27/2015View
3833 33OP Report1002/02/2015View
3934 34Affidavit of Posting302/03/2015View
4035 35Applicant PowerPoint Presentation1302/10/2015View
4136 36Witness Cards102/10/2015View
4237 37Summary Order502/20/2015View
4338 38Attestation102/20/2015View
4439 39Cover Letter from Applicant Re: BZA Order No. 18890606/09/2016View
4539A39ALetter from Applicant Re: BZA Order No. 18890: Tab A (Form_152 Motion for Minor Modification)106/09/2016View
4639B39BLetter from Applicant Re: BZA Order No. 18890: Tab B (Form 126 BZA Fee Calculator Form)106/09/2016View
4739C39CLetter from Applicant Re: BZA Order No. 18890: Tab C (Authorization Letter from Rock Creek Property Group)106/09/2016View
4839D39DLetter from Applicant Re: BZA Order No. 18890: Tab D (Summary Order No. 18890)506/09/2016View
4940A40AFinal Plans for BZA Order No 18890 (Part 1)1606/09/2016View
5040B40BFinal Plans for BZA Order No 18890 (Part 2)1606/09/2016View