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11 1Petition for Map Amendment - Application Form 101108/13/2018View
22 2Petition for Map Amendment - Statement in Support1308/13/2018View
32A12A1SIS: Tab A (Petition in Support - part 1)408/13/2018View
42A22A2SIS: Tab A (Petition in Support - part 2)508/13/2018View
52B2BSIS: Tab B (Facebook Page)208/13/2018View
63 3Surveyor's Plat108/13/2018View
74 4Zoning Maps308/13/2018View
85 5Organization's ByLaws, Meeting Minutes & IRS EIN Ltr.808/13/2018View
96 6Acceptance Ltr. to Petitioner108/15/2018View
107 7Referral to OP108/15/2018View
118 8Referral to Councilmember Nadeau108/15/2018View
129 9Referral to ANC 1C and 1B708/15/2018View
1310 10NOF - DC Register108/15/2018View
1411 11Attestation - NOF208/15/2018View
1512 12ANC 1C Setdown Report609/12/2018View
1613 13ANC 1C Setdown Report (duplicate of Exh. 12)610/02/2018View
1714 14OP Setdown Report1811/09/2018View
1815 15Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register112/13/2018View
1916 16Z.C. Order No. 18-12212/13/2018View