row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form110/06/2017View
22 2Cvr. Ltr. for Application for Consolidated PUD and Related Map Amendment210/06/2017View
33A13A1Authorization Letter - Property Owner110/06/2017View
43A23A2Authorization Letter - Property Owner110/06/2017View
54 4Statement in Support3310/06/2017View
64A14A1SIS: Tab A (Plans - part 1)1810/06/2017View
74A24A2SIS: Tab A (Plans - part 2)1710/06/2017View
84A34A3SIS: Tab A (Plans - part 3)1510/06/2017View
94A44A4SIS: Tab A (Plans - part 4)1010/06/2017View
104A54A5SIS: Tab A (Plans - part 5)1010/06/2017View
114A64A6SIS: Tab A (Plans - part 6)610/06/2017View
124B4BSIS: Tab B (Zoning Map)110/06/2017View
134C4CSIS: Tab C (Future Land Use Map)110/06/2017View
144D4DSIS: Tab D (New Communities Iniative Plan)1010/06/2017View
154E4ESIS: Tab E (Generalized Policy Map)110/06/2017View
164F4FSIS: Tab F (Certificate of Notice)310/06/2017View
175 5Authorization Letter- Legal Counsel110/06/2017View
186 6Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant110/19/2017View
197 7Referral to OP110/18/2017View
208 8Referral to Councilmember Vincent Gray110/18/2017View
219 9Referral to ANC 7C and 7C01710/19/2017View
2210 10NOF to DC Register110/19/2017View
2311 11Attestation: NOF210/19/2017View
2412 12Copy of Filing Fee110/06/2017View
2513 13OP Report2311/30/2017View
2614 14Request from DHCD for Waiver of Hearing Fees212/04/2017View
2715 15Cover Letter Enclosing Prehearing Statement101/10/2018View
2816 16Prehearing Statement1101/10/2018View
2916A16APHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Plans)1001/10/2018View
3016B16BPHN: Tab B (List of Witnesses)101/10/2018View
3116C16CPHS: Tab C (Testimony of Warren Williams)101/10/2018View
3216D16DPHS: Tab D (Testimony and Resume of Stephanie Farrell)201/10/2018View
3316E16EPHS: Tab E (Testimony and Resume of Erwin Andres201/10/2018View
3416F16FPHS: Tab F (List of Maps, Plans and Other Documents)101/10/2018View
3516G16GPHS: Tab G (List of Names and Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet)101/10/2018View
3617 17Hearing Fee Calculator201/10/2018View
3718 18Copy of Hearing Fee101/11/2018View
3819 19Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register101/30/2018View
3920 20Notice of Public Hearing301/30/2018View
4021 21Attestation: PHN201/30/2018View
4122 22Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR202/20/2018View
4222A22AApplicant's Comprehensive Transportation Review6002/20/2018View
4323 232 Returned PHNs302/20/2018View
4424 241 Returned PHN202/22/2018View
4525 25Affidavit of Posting802/22/2018View
4626 26Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Prehearing Statement102/23/2018View
4727 27Supplemental Prehearing Statement602/23/2018View
4827A127A1SPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Drawings - Part 1)1202/23/2018View
4927A227A2SPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Drawings - Part 2)2102/23/2018View
5027A327A3SPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Drawings - Part 3)2302/23/2018View
5127A427A4SPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Drawings - Part 4)1902/23/2018View
5227A527A5SPHS: Tab A (Revised Architectural Drawings - Part 5)102/23/2018View
5328 281 Returned PHN202/27/2018View
5429 29DOEE Report603/05/2018View
5530 30OP Final Report2103/05/2018View
5631 31DDOT Report2003/05/2018View
5732 321 Returned PHN203/06/2018View
5833 33Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Request for Postponement of Hearing (APPROVED TO MAY 7TH)103/12/2018View
5934A134A1Affidavit of Posting (Part 1)503/14/2018View
6034A234A2Affidavit of Posting (Part 2)403/14/2018View
6134AA34AACorrected Affidavit of Posting105/02/2018View
6235 35Ltr. in Support from Patricia Malloy (ANC/SMD 7C01)203/26/2018View
6336 36Applicant's Updated Information on Application203/26/2018View
6436A36ALtr. of Authorization (CNHP Foundation)103/26/2018View
6536B36BLtr. of Authorization (City First)103/26/2018View
6636C36CLtr. of Authorization (Worsley Enterprises)103/26/2018View
6737 37ANC 7C Report105/07/2018View
6838A138A1PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)1205/07/2018View
6938A238A2PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)1405/07/2018View
7038A338A3PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)1005/07/2018View
7139 39Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Revised Sheets105/07/2018View
7239A139A1Revised Sheets (Part 1)505/07/2018View
7339A239A2Revised Sheets (Part 2)405/07/2018View
7440 40Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Revised Benefits and Amenities105/07/2018View
7540A40AApplicant's Revised List of Benefits and Amenities305/07/2018View
7641 41Witness Cards105/07/2018View
7742 42Referral to NCPC105/10/2018View
7843 43Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Revised List of Proffers and Conditions105/14/2018View
7943A43ARevised List of Proffers and Conditions605/14/2018View
8044 44Testimony from DMPED405/16/2018View
8145 45Post-Hearing Submission205/21/2018View
8245A45AAPHS: Tab A (Signed MOU)405/21/2018View
8345B45BAPHS: Tab B (Revised Sheets)405/21/2018View
8446 46Cvr. Ltr. to Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law105/29/2018View
8546A46AProposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law2505/29/2018View
8647 47Cvr. Ltr. to Revised Proffers and Conditions105/29/2018View
8747A47ARevised Proffers and Conditions805/29/2018View
8848 48NCPC Report106/05/2018View
8949 49Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register106/27/2018View
9050 50Z.C. Order No. 17-192606/27/2018View
9151 51Attestation: Order No. 17-19106/28/2018View