row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Application Form - Text Amendment110/06/2017View
22 2OP Setdown Report - Definitions and Rules of Measurement810/06/2017View
33 3Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register111/09/2017View
44 4Notice of Public Hearing1011/09/2017View
55 5Attestation: PHN611/09/2017View
66 6OP Hearing Report901/08/2018View
77 7ANC 1C Report301/16/2018View
88 8ANC 6C Report 301/17/2018View
99 9Resolution of Kalorama Citizens Association501/17/2018View
1010 10Testimony of DCCA701/17/2018View
1111 11Statement of Larry Hargrove, Kalorama Citizens Association801/18/2018View
1212 12Testimony of Alan Gambrell601/18/2018View
1313 13Comments from Sullivan & Barros101/18/2018View
1414 14Written Testimony of Betsy McDaniel401/18/2018View
1514A14ARevised Testimony from Betsy McDaniel502/22/2018View
1615 15DCRA's PowerPoint Presentation4602/12/2018View
1716 16ANC 1C's Ltr. of Authorization102/14/2018View
1817 17Comments from Bryce Jacobs102/16/2018View
1918 18ANC 1A Report302/17/2018View
2019 19Ltr. in Opposition - William Cleaveland302/19/2018View
2120 20Comments from Cecilia Waldeck102/21/2018View
2221 21Presentation Slides from Alan Gambrell802/21/2018View
2322 22Draft Testimony from Ted Guthrie, ANC 1C602/22/2018View
2422A22APowerPoint Presentation from ANC 1C902/22/2018View
2523 23Testimony of Tom Natan w/PowerPoint Presentation202/22/2018View
2623A23APowerPoint Presentation from Tom Natan202/22/2018View
2724 24Testimony from Susan Flinn302/22/2018View
2825 25Statement of Larry Hargrove, Kalorama Citizens Association902/22/2018View
2926 26Witness List102/22/2018View
3027 27Testimony of John Miller302/22/2018View
3128 28Testimony from Anne Sellin302/22/2018View
3229 29Testimony of Pat Bryant302/22/2018View
3330 30Submission from Lisa Maria Mallory, DCBIA1702/22/2018View
3431 31Witness Cards302/22/2018View
3532 32Testimony of Guillermo Rueda, AIA402/23/2018View
3632A32APowerPoint Presentation from Guillermo Rueda, AIA1202/23/2018View
3733 33OP Supplemental Report2805/14/2018View
3833A33AAppendix and Correction Memo1805/21/2018View
3934 34Referral to NCPC105/25/2018View
4035 35NCPC Report306/07/2018View
4136 36Notice of Proposed Rulemaking1006/20/2018View
4236A36AProof of Publication of Proposed Rulemaking to Register106/20/2018View
4337 37Comments from ANC 6C 307/18/2018View
4438 38Comments from Susan Flinn107/19/2018View
4539 39Comments from Alan Gambrell107/23/2018View
4640 40Comments from Goulston & Storrs 307/23/2018View
4741 41Comments from Hickok Cole707/24/2018View
4842 42OP Supplemental Report207/27/2018View
4943 43Comments from KCA and DCCA1107/30/2018View
5044 44Comments from Pat Bryant207/30/2018View
5145 45ZC Notice of Final Rulemaking and Order 1108/17/2018View
5246 46ZC Order - Proof of publication in DC Register108/17/2018View
5347 47Attestation: Order408/17/2018View
5448 48Proof of Publication of Second Proposed Rulemaking in D.C. Register109/20/2018View
5549 49Second Notice of Proposed Rulemaking209/20/2018View
5650 50Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register112/20/2018View
5751 51Z.C. Order No. 17-181108/17/2018View
5852 52Attestation: Order No. 17-18(1)112/20/2018View