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11 1Applicant's Statement in Support3706/22/2017View
21A11A1SIS: Tab A (Application Forms)206/22/2017View
31A21A2SIS: Tab A (Authorization Letters)206/22/2017View
41B1BSIS: Tab B (Certificate of Service & Notice of Intent)206/22/2017View
51C1CSIS: Tab C (List of Owners w/in 200 Feet)206/22/2017View
61D1DSIS: Tab D (Surveyor's Plat)106/22/2017View
71E11E1SIS: Tab E (Plans 1 of 3)1506/22/2017View
81E21E2SIS: Tab E (Plans 2 of 3)2206/22/2017View
91E31E3SIS: Tab E (Plans 3 of 3)2006/22/2017View
102 2Copy of Filing Fee106/23/2017View
113 3Copy of Additional Filing Fee106/26/2017View
124 4Letter in Support from Peta-Gay Lewis, ANC Commissioner 5D01206/29/2017View
135 5Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant106/29/2017View
146 6Referral to OP106/29/2017View
157 7Referral to Councilmember McDuffie106/29/2017View
168 8Referral to ANC 5D and 5D01706/29/2017View
179 9NOF to DC Register106/29/2017View
1810 10Attestation: NOF206/29/2017View
1911 11Cover Letter - Updated Proffers202/14/2018View
2011A11AUpdated Benefits and Amenities402/14/2018View
2112 12OP Setdown Report4702/16/2018View
2213 13Setdown Ltr. to Applicant103/06/2018View
2314 14Applicant's Prehearing Statement1204/06/2018View
2414A114A1PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 1)804/06/2018View
2514A214A2PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 2)904/06/2018View
2614A314A3PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 3)1404/06/2018View
2714A414A4PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 4)1504/06/2018View
2814A514A5PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 5)704/06/2018View
2914A614A6PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 6)1204/06/2018View
3014A714A7PHS: Tab A (Plans - Part 7)1104/06/2018View
3114B14BPHS: Tab B (Maker Space)104/06/2018View
3215 15Certification of Compliance104/06/2018View
3316 16Hearing Fee Calculator Form204/06/2018View
3417 17Copy of Hearing Fee104/09/2018View
3518 18Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register104/18/2018View
3619 19Notice of Public Hearing304/18/2018View
3720 20Attestation: PHN204/20/2018View
3821 21Affidavit of Posting205/03/2018View
3922 22Comprehensive Transportation Review7405/14/2018View
4023 23Certificate of Service105/14/2018View
4124 24Resume of J. Milanovich605/14/2018View
4225 251 Returned PHN205/15/2018View
4326 26ANC 5D Report205/23/2018View
4427 27Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Prehearing Statement305/25/2018View
4527A27ASS: Tab A (Agency Comments and Responses)905/25/2018View
4627B127B1SS: Tab B (Plans - Part 1)1705/25/2018View
4727B227B2SS: Tab B (Plans - Part 2)2305/25/2018View
4827B327B3SS: Tab B (Plans - Part 3)1505/25/2018View
4927B427B4SS: Tab B (Plans - Part 4)1705/25/2018View
5027B527B5SS: Tab B (Plans - Part 5)805/25/2018View
5127C27CSS: Tab C (Eric Colbert Resume)205/25/2018View
5228 28OP Final Report4606/04/2018View
5329 29DDOT Report1806/04/2018View
5430 30Affidavit of Maintenance106/11/2018View
5531 31MOU between the Applicant and Jubilee Jobs406/14/2018View
5632 32Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation4206/14/2018View
5733 33Ltr. in Support from Vasudav, Inc. and NOMA Hospitality, LLC206/14/2018View
5834 34Witness Cards106/14/2018View
5935 35Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission406/21/2018View
6035A35AAPHS: Tab A (Fa├žade/Entrance Drawings)206/21/2018View
6135B35BAPHS: Tab B (IZ Location Drawings)206/21/2018View
6235C35CAPHS: Tab C (Signage Drawing)106/21/2018View
6335D35DAPHS: Tab D (Sidewalk and Crosswalk Drawing)106/21/2018View
6435E35EAPHS: Tab E (PDR/Maker Use)206/21/2018View
6536 36Supplemental DDOT Report 306/27/2018View
6637 37OP Supplemental Report106/28/2018View
6737A37AOP Supplemental Statement (Updated)706/29/2018View
6838 38Applicant's Proposed Order3406/28/2018View
6939 39Certificate of Service106/28/2018View
7040 40Referral to NCPC107/30/2018View
7141 41Applicants Proffers and Conditions407/31/2018View
7242 42Applicant's Final Proffers and Conditions708/09/2018View
7343 43NCPC Report 309/17/2018View
7444 44Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register110/24/2018View
7545 45Z.C. Order No. 17-143710/24/2018View
7646 46Attestation: Order No. 17-14110/24/2018View