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11 1Statement in Support4210/30/2015View
21A11A1SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings-part 1)1210/30/2015View
31A21A2SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings-part 2)2310/30/2015View
41A31A3SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings-part 3)1110/30/2015View
51A41A4SIS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings-part 4)1710/30/2015View
61B1BSIS: Tab B (Zoning Map)110/30/2015View
71C11C1SIS: Tab C (FLUM/GPM-part 1)110/30/2015View
81C21C2SIS: Tab C (FLUM/GPM-part 2)110/30/2015View
91D1DSIS: Tab D (Certificate of Compliance with Ch 24)110/30/2015View
101E1ESIS: Tab E (Certificate of NOI)210/30/2015View
111F11F1SIS: Tab F (Application Forms/Agent Auth-part 1)210/30/2015View
121F21F2SIS: Tab F (Appl. Forms/Agent Auth-part 2)210/30/2015View
131G1GSIS: Tab G (POL)310/30/2015View
141H1HSIS: Tab H (Surveyor Plat)111/02/2015View
152 2Copy of Filing Fee111/02/2015View
163 3Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant111/02/2015View
174 4Referral to OP111/02/2015View
185 5Referral to Councilmember Allen111/02/2015View
196 6Referral to ANC 6C and 5D511/02/2015View
207 7NOF to Register211/02/2015View
218 8Attestation: NOF211/02/2015View
229 9Attestation: NOF 2111/03/2015View
2310 10Referral to Councilmember McDuffie111/03/2015View
2411 11OP Setdown Report1701/29/2016View
2512 12Setdown Letter to Applicant102/09/2016View
2613 13Cvr. Ltr. and Pre-hearing Statement from Applicant 403/29/2016View
2713A13APHS: Tab A (Ltr. from Pepco)103/29/2016View
2813B13BPHS: Tab B (N Street Improvement Landscape Plans)103/29/2016View
2913C13CPHS: Tab C (Hearing Fee Calculator)203/29/2016View
3013D113D1PHS: Tab D (Architectural Drawings - Part1)1703/29/2016View
3113D213D2PHS: Tab D (Architectural Drawings - Part2)1903/29/2016View
3213D313D3PHS: Tab D (Architectural Drawings - Part3)1303/29/2016View
3313D413D4PHS: Tab D (Architectural Drawings - Part4)1003/29/2016View
3413D513D5PHS: Tab D (Architectural Drawings - Part5)403/29/2016View
3513D613D6PHS: Tab D (Architectural Drawings - Part6)703/29/2016View
3614 14Copy of Hearing Fee103/30/2016View
3715 15Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register104/18/2016View
3816 16Notice of Public Hearing204/18/2016View
3917 17Attestation: PHN404/21/2016View
4018 18Affidavit of Posting605/05/2016View
4119 19Returned PHN305/06/2016View
4220 20Returned PHNs405/12/2016View
4321 21Applicant's Supplemental Statement305/31/2016View
4421A21ASS: Tab A (Transportation Study)6605/31/2016View
4521B21BSS: Tab B (Expert Resumes)605/31/2016View
4621C21CSS: Tab C (Plans and Drawings)2005/31/2016View
4722 22Party Status - Union Market Neighbors in Opposition306/06/2016View
4822A22AParty Status - Union Market Neighbors Supplemental Exhibits in Support of Party Status Request1706/20/2016View
4922B22BSupplemental Party Status - Union Market Neighbors in Opposition (Expert)106/20/2016View
5023 23OP Hearing Report1006/09/2016View
5124 24DDOT Report1406/10/2016View
5225 25Affidavit of Maintenance306/15/2016View
5326 26Cvr. Ltr. with additional resume (change in witness)106/16/2016View
5426A26AResume for Erwin Andres206/16/2016View
5527 27ANC 6C Report106/16/2016View
5628A128A1PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)1706/20/2016View
5728A228A2PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)1906/20/2016View
5828A328A3PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)1506/20/2016View
5929 29Ltr. from Applicant - Opposition to Party Status Request206/20/2016View
6030 30Testimony in Opposition by Chris Otten406/20/2016View
6131 31Witness Cards106/20/2016View
6232 32ANC 6C's Request for Extension of Time to File Response (APPROVED)106/29/2016View
6333 33Applicant's Posthearing Statement407/05/2016View
6433A33AAPHS: Tab A (Plans)1207/05/2016View
6534 34Applicant's Proposed Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law2807/12/2016View
6635 35ANC 6C Report107/18/2016View
6736 36Applicant's Response to ANC 6C's Report207/19/2016View
6837 37Referral to NCPC107/26/2016View
6938 38Applicant's List of Proffers and Proposed Conditions508/01/2016View
7039 39Applicant's Final Proffers and Conditions808/31/2016View
7140 40Proof of Publication of Order No. 15-28 in D.C. Register112/14/2016View
7241 41Z.C. Order No. 15-283112/23/2016View
7342 42Attestation: Z.C. Order No. 15-28112/16/2016View
7443 43Applicant's Statement of Compliance with Order - Information to ZA705/12/2021View