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11 1Statement in Support3705/29/2015View
21A11A1Statement in Support: Tab A (Plans - part 1)2005/29/2015View
31A21A2Statement in Support: Tab A (Plans - part 2)2305/29/2015View
41B1BStatement in Support: Tab B (Zoning Map)105/29/2015View
51C1CStatement in Support: Tab C (Future Land Use Map and Generalized Policy Map)205/29/2015View
61D1DStatement in Support: Tab D (Certificate of Chapter 24 Compliance)105/29/2015View
71E1EStatement in Support: Tab E (Certification of Notice of Intent)205/29/2015View
81F11F1Statement in Support: Tab F1(Application Forms) 406/01/2015View
91F21F2Statement in Support: Tab F2 (Agent Authorization)105/29/2015View
101G1GStatement in Support: Tab G (List/Labels for property owners within 200 feet)805/29/2015View
111H1HStatement in Support: Tab H (Surveyor Plat)105/29/2015View
122 2Letter of Acceptance to Applicant106/04/2015View
133 3Referral to OP106/04/2015View
144 4Referral to Councilmember Allen106/04/2015View
155 5Referral to ANC 6B and ANC/SMD 6B06506/04/2015View
166 6Notice of Filing to DC Register206/04/2015View
177 7OP Setdown Report1307/17/2015View
188 8Setdown letter to Applicant107/28/2015View
199 9Pre-hearing Statement811/19/2015View
209A19A1PHS: Tab A (Plans-part 1)1811/19/2015View
219A29A2PHS: Tab A (Plans-part 2)511/19/2015View
229A39A3PHS: Tab A (Plans-part 3)1511/19/2015View
239A49A4PHS: Tab A (Plans-part 4)1811/19/2015View
249B9BPHS: Tab B (Hearing Fee form)211/19/2015View
2510 10Copy of Hearing Fee111/20/2015View
2611 11Proof of Publication of PHN in Register111/30/2015View
2712 12Notice of Public Hearing211/30/2015View
2813 13Attestation: PHN1012/02/2015View
2914 14Affidavit of Posting712/23/2015View
3015 15Returned PHNs412/29/2015View
3116 16Applicant's Supplemental Pre-hearing Statement201/14/2016View
3216A16ASupplemental PHS: Tab A (Public Benefits)501/14/2016View
3316B16BSupplemental PHS: Tab B (Ground Floor Plan)101/14/2016View
3416C16CSupplemental PHS: Tab C (IZ Unit plan)101/14/2016View
3516D116D1Supplemental PHS: Tab D (Transportation Study-part 1)3301/14/2016View
3616D216D2Supplemental PHS: Tab D (Transportation Study-part 2)4101/14/2016View
3716E16ESupplemental PHS: Tab E (Expert Resumes)301/14/2016View
3817 17Party Status Request of Kirt Beatley301/21/2016View
3918 18DDOT Report 1401/26/2016View
4019 19OP Final Report1501/26/2016View
4120 20ANC6B's Report1401/26/2016View
4221 21Ltr. in Support from Corey Holman901/28/2016View
4322 22Copy of Replacement Check for Hearing Fee101/29/2016View
4423 23Supplemental Transportation Study702/01/2016View
4524 24Ltr. in Support from Marguerite Nutter302/01/2016View
4625 25Ltr. in Opposition from Kirk Beatley302/01/2016View
4726 26Affidavit of Maintenance1102/02/2016View
4827 27Ltr. of Opposition from Kirk Beatley502/03/2016View
4928 28Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation5902/04/2016View
5029 29List of Witnesses102/04/2016View
5130 30Witness Cards202/04/2016View
5231 31Referral to NCPC102/08/2016View
5332 32Applicant's List of Public Benefits and Proffers502/11/2016View
5433 33 OP Supplemental Report202/25/2016View
5534 34Applicants Draft Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law2502/25/2016View
5635 35Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission402/25/2016View
5735A35AAPHS: Tab A (Plans)2602/25/2016View
5835B35BAPHS: Tab B (Scoping Letter and Plans)302/25/2016View
5936 36Applicant's List of Proffers and Proposed Conditions602/25/2016View
6037 37Returned PHN303/01/2016View
6138 38Proof of Publication of Order No. 15-12 in D.C. Register104/14/2016View
6239 39Z.C. Order No. 15-122704/22/2016View
6340 40Attestation: ZC Order No. 15-12104/18/2016View
6441 41ZA Determination Letter (Commission Concurred)407/20/2018View
6542 42Compliance with Order to ZA2505/07/2020View