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11 1Applicant's Statement in Support5409/22/2016View
21A1ASIS: Tab A (Application for 2nd-Stage PUD & Modification to 1st-Stage)109/22/2016View
31B11B1SIS: Tab B:(Authorization Letter from MidCity)109/22/2016View
41B21B2SIS: Tab B:(Authorization Letter from Brentwood Associates & MCF Brentwood)109/22/2016View
51C1CSIS: Tab C (Certificate of Notice for PUD)209/22/2016View
61D1DSIS: Tab D (Certificate of Compliance for PUD)209/22/2016View
71E1ESIS: Tab E (List of Property Owners w/in 200 Feet)1909/22/2016View
81F1FSIS: Tab F ( Copy of Order No.14-1B) - Copy of Prior Order 6609/22/2016View
91G1GSIS: Tab G (Relocation and Construction Phasing Plan)909/22/2016View
101H1HSIS: Tab H (DC Surveyor's Plat)109/22/2016View
111I11I1SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)809/22/2016View
121I21I2SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)809/22/2016View
131I31I3SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)709/22/2016View
141I41I4SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)609/22/2016View
151I51I5SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)109/22/2016View
161I61I6SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 6)109/22/2016View
171I71I7SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)109/22/2016View
181I81I8SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 8)109/22/2016View
191I91I9SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 9)109/22/2016View
201I101I10SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 10)609/22/2016View
211I111I11SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 11)409/22/2016View
221I121I12SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 12)109/22/2016View
231I131I13SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 13)209/22/2016View
241I141I14SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 14)509/22/2016View
251I151I15SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 15)1409/22/2016View
261I161I16SIS: Tab I (Architectural Drawings - Part 16)1709/22/2016View
272 2Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - 2nd-Stage PUD & 1st-Stage Modification309/22/2016View
282 2Comments from David Grosso, (I-At-Large), Council of the District of Columbia, Chairperson202/27/2017View
293 3Copy of Filing Fee109/23/2016View
304 4Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant109/28/2016View
315 5Referral to OP109/28/2016View
326 6Referral to Councilmember McDuffie109/28/2016View
337 7Referral to ANCs 5B and 5C and SMDs 5C05 and 5C06 709/28/2016View
348 8NOF to DC Register109/28/2016View
359 9Attestation: NOF209/28/2016View
3610 10OP Setdown Report1711/04/2016View
3711 11Returned Referral Letter to ANC 5C211/07/2016View
3812 12Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Prehearing Statement612/08/2016View
3912A12APHS: Tab A (Plans and Drawings)1112/08/2016View
4012B12BPHS: Tab B (Testimony Outlines and Witness Resumes)612/08/2016View
4112C12CPHS: Tab C (Certificate of Compliance)312/08/2016View
4212D12DPHS: Tab D (List of Property Owners and Tenants)2812/08/2016View
4313 13Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Hearing Fee212/08/2016View
4413A113A1Fee Calculator Form212/08/2016View
4513A213A2Fee Calculator Form - for a portion of Block 7 (DENIED)312/08/2016View
4614 14Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register112/21/2016View
4715 15Notice of Public Hearing312/21/2016View
4816 16Attestation: NPH3212/30/2016View
4917 17Affidavit of Posting601/17/2017View
5018 18Letter in Opposition from Rachel Kaufman101/18/2017View
5119 19Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Transportation Report201/24/2017View
5220 20Transportation Report2701/24/2017View
5321 21Letter in Support from Adelle Harris101/30/2017View
5421 21Proof of Publication of Order No. 14-18A(1) in D.C. Register105/14/2018View
5522 22Letter in Support from Shaina Ward101/31/2017View
5623 233 Returned PHNs401/31/2017View
5724 24Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Statement502/03/2017View
5824A24ASS: Tab A (Additional Information Regarding Requested Relief)402/03/2017View
5924B24BSS: Tab B (Support letter and signatures of BM Residents (Dec. 2016)1302/03/2017View
6024C24CSS: Tab C (Letter from Lecester Johnson (Aug. 26, 2016)202/03/2017View
6124D24DSS: Tab D (Letter from Robert J. Callahan (Nov. 29, 2016)202/03/2017View
6224E124E1SS: Tab E (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)2002/03/2017View
6324E224E2SS: Tab E (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)2802/03/2017View
6424E324E3SS: Tab E (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)802/03/2017View
6524E424E4SS: Tab E (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)1202/03/2017View
6624E524E5SS: Tab E (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)1702/03/2017View
6725 25Letter in Support from John Iskander102/07/2017View
6826 26Testimony in Support from Angela Bowen202/08/2017View
6927 27Testimony in Opposition from Miriam Savad102/08/2017View
7028 28Letter in Opposition from Lucia Curiel102/08/2017View
7129 29Testimony in support from Pamela M. Lyons302/09/2017View
7230 30Request for Party Status in Opposition from The Brooklyn Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association4702/09/2017View
7331 31Ltr. in Support from Kelly Bell102/12/2017View
7432 32Ltr. in Support from Vijay Kapur102/12/2017View
7533 33DOEE Report502/13/2017View
7634 34OP Report2502/13/2017View
7735 35DDOT Report102/13/2017View
7836 36Letter in Support from Shawn Best102/13/2017View
7937 37Letter in Support from Michael Morrison102/14/2017View
8038 38Applicant's response to Request for Party Status 7902/16/2017View
8139 39Ltr. in Support from ASR Group, Inc. (John Schlick)102/16/2017View
8240 40DDOT Report4702/17/2017View
8341 41DDOT Urban Forestry Administration Report302/21/2017View
8442 42Letter in Support from Lorraine Stanford, Stanford American Education Foundation, Inc.202/21/2017View
8543 43Letter in Opposition from Maya Jordan202/21/2017View
8644 44Written Testimony in Opposition from Karen Me202/21/2017View
8745 45Letter in Support from Cynthia Jewel Eugene102/21/2017View
8846 46Letter in Support from David Silbert102/21/2017View
8947 47Written Testimony in Support from Marjorie Young-Grays402/21/2017View
9048 48Letter in Support from Vivica Brooks102/21/2017View
9149 49Letter in Support from James Mathis102/21/2017View
9250 50Letter in Support from Beverly Massey102/21/2017View
9351 51Letter in Support from Jabreya Jones102/21/2017View
9452 52Letter in Support from Takesha Doby102/21/2017View
9553 53Letter in Support from Suuleka Spruill102/21/2017View
9654 54Letter in Support from Shevone Willis102/21/2017View
9755 55Letter in Support from Ebony Dockery102/21/2017View
9856 56Letter in Support from Jennifer Pollard102/21/2017View
9957 57Letter in Support from Robert Smith102/21/2017View
10058 58Letter in Support from Thomas Hager102/21/2017View
10159 59Letter in Support from Lovenia Barrett102/21/2017View
10260 60Letter in Support from Joy Alycia Satterwhite102/21/2017View
10361 61Letter in Support from William Dukes102/21/2017View
10462 62Affidavit of Maintenance2602/21/2017View
10563 63Written Testimony in Support from Dwayne Dawson202/21/2017View
10664 64Letter in Support from Larnette Chambers102/21/2017View
10765 65Written Testimony in Support from Corwin Knight302/21/2017View
10866 66Letter in Support from Jasmine Tucker102/22/2017View
10967 67Letter in Support from Bernadette Thompson102/22/2017View
11068 68Written Testimony in Opposition from LaTricea Adams202/22/2017View
11169 69Letter in Support from Carey Collins102/22/2017View
11270 70Letter in Support from Gregory Fernebok102/22/2017View
11371 71Letter in Support from Ray Leverty102/07/2017View
11472 72Letter in Support from Megan Ayers102/22/2017View
11573 73Written Testimony in Opposition from Allison Basile102/22/2017View
11674 74Letter in Support from Alison Ashburn102/22/2017View
11775 75Letter in Support from Lloyd Candy102/22/2017View
11876 76Letter in Support from Katrina Jones102/22/2017View
11977 77Letter in Support from Tricia Tuff102/22/2017View
12078 78Letter in Support from Alretha Wilson and Joseph Wilson102/22/2017View
12179 79Letter in Support from Doug Smith102/22/2017View
12280 80Letter in Support from Natasha Brown102/22/2017View
12381 81Letter in Support from Cecilia Rhones102/22/2017View
12482 82Letter in Support from Brookland Manor Residents1302/22/2017View
12583 83Letter in Support from Allison Fastow102/22/2017View
12684 84Letter in Support from William Fastow102/22/2017View
12785 85Letter in Opposition from Luke Cieslewicz102/22/2017View
12886 86Letter in Support from Laura Roth102/22/2017View
12987 87Letter in Support from Daniel Roth102/22/2017View
13088 88Letters in Support from Residents1202/23/2017View
13189 89Letter in Support from Courtney Metz102/23/2017View
13290 90Letter in Support from Latoya Gatson102/23/2017View
13391 91Letter in Support from Vance Robinson102/23/2017View
13492 92Letter in Support from Samantha Mayrant102/23/2017View
13593 93Letter in Support from Lecester Johnson, Academy of Hope202/23/2017View
13694 94Written Testimony in Opposition from Abby Schanfield102/23/2017View
13795 95Letter in Support from Brian Cooper102/23/2017View
13896 96Letter in Support from James Bennett102/23/2017View
13997 97Letter in Support from Kim Cooper102/23/2017View
14098 98Letter in Opposition from Cheryl Fish-Parcham102/23/2017View
14199 99Written Testimony in Opposition from Moriah Petty102/23/2017View
142100 100Letter in Opposition from Gregory A. Dear, Jr.202/23/2017View
143101A1101A1PowerPoint Presentation of Mid-City Financial (Part 1)1702/23/2017View
144101A2101A2PowerPoint Presentation of Mid-City Financial (Part 2)1802/23/2017View
145102 102Comments from Dr. Bruce Purnell, The Love-More Movement, Inc.302/23/2017View
146104 104Letter in Opposition from Susie McClannahan102/23/2017View
147105 105Letter in Opposition from Kristine Chapman102/23/2017View
148106 106Letter in Support from Aimee Ghosh102/23/2017View
149107 107Letter in Opposition from Andrea Dudney102/23/2017View
150108 108Letter in Support from Michael Tuck102/23/2017View
151109 109Letter in Support from Kayla Young102/23/2017View
152110 110Ltr. in support from Jerrai Stephens102/20/2017View
153111 111Letter in Support from Matthew Bleier102/23/2017View
154112 112Letter in Opposition from Lisa Haythe102/23/2017View
155113 113Letters in Support from Brookland Manor Residents502/23/2017View
156114 114Letter in Opposition from Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Resident Association302/23/2017View
157115 115Letter in Opposition from Neighborhood Legal Services Program202/23/2017View
158116 116Letter to Mid City re: Right to Organize from Brookland Manor Tenants Association 202/23/2017View
159116A116AMid-City's Response to Brookland manor Tenants Association 102/23/2017View
160117 117Letter in Opposition from Jonathan Nisly102/23/2017View
161118 118Letter in Support from Dennis Liburkin102/23/2017View
162119 119Letter in Support from Evan Hanchett102/23/2017View
163120 120Letter in Support from Niana Kim102/23/2017View
164121 121Copy of First Source Employment Agreement1402/23/2017View
165121 121Letter in Opposition from Mikhaela Payden-Travers102/23/2017View
166122 122Letter in Support from Dana and Clemian Seabane102/23/2017View
167123 123Letter in Support from Joe Andronaco, Access Green102/23/2017View
168124 124Testimony in Opposition from Jose Valcarcel102/23/2017View
169125 125Testimony in Opposition from Nick Lyell102/23/2017View
170126 126Ltr. in Support from Alexis Ronickher102/23/2017View
171127 127Comments from the Brookland Civic Association102/23/2017View
172128 128Testimony in Support from Stillman D. Knight, Jr202/23/2017View
173129 129Testimony in Support from Kyle Todd202/23/2017View
174130 130Letter in Support from Richard Lee102/23/2017View
175131 131Letter in Support from George Banks102/23/2017View
176132 132Testimony in Opposition of Will Merrifield2602/23/2017View
177133 133Testimony of Chris Otten, DC for Reasonable Development302/23/2017View
178134 134Testimony of Jennifer Hosler202/23/2017View
179135 135Testimony in Opposition of Claire Cook202/23/2017View
180136 136Testimony in Opposition from Vincent DeLaurentis202/23/2017View
181137 137Testimony in Opposition from Yasmina Mrabet402/23/2017View
182138 138Testimony in Opposition from Sequnely Gray302/23/2017View
183139 139Testimony of Alexis Stoumbellis102/23/2017View
184140 140Testimony in Opposition from Keisha Howard502/23/2017View
185141 141Testimony of Yvonne Johnson102/23/2017View
186142 142Testimony in Opposition from Faye Blackston102/23/2017View
187143 143Testimony in Opposition from Essie Buffalo102/23/2017View
188144 144Testimony in Opposition from Serita El Amin302/23/2017View
189145 145Testimony in Opposition from Neeka Sullivan202/23/2017View
190146 146Testimony in Opposition from Cheryl Brunson302/23/2017View
191147 147Testimony in Opposition from Perry Spiller202/23/2017View
192148 148Testimony in Opposition from Valarie Scott302/23/2017View
193149 149Testimony in Opposition from Rosa Romero and Sandra Romero202/23/2017View
194150 150Testimony in Opposition from Dorothy Davis202/23/2017View
195151 151Witness Cards402/23/2017View
196152 152Letter in Opposition from Jason Barnes202/27/2017View
197153 153Letter in Opposition from Michael and Rhonda Coghill102/27/2017View
198154 154Letter in Opposition from Brenda L. Thomas102/27/2017View
199155 155Comments from David Grosso (I-At-Large) and Elissa Silverman (I-At-Large)202/27/2017View
200156 156Letter in Support from Gregory Fernebok, Harvey Property Management Company, Inc.103/01/2017View
201157 157Letter in Opposition from Ana Mendoza103/02/2017View
202158 158Testimony of Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs 803/03/2017View
203159 159Testimony of Luke Cieslewicz, DC Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)103/13/2017View
204160 160Statement in Opposition from Karen Johnson103/16/2017View
205161 161Testimony in Opposition from Lindsey Mendelson103/16/2017View
206162 162Testimony in Opposition from Eugene Puryear303/16/2017View
207163 163Testimony in Opposition from Claudia Barragan203/16/2017View
208164 164Witness List603/16/2017View
209165 165Testimony in Opposition from Mackenzie Baris103/16/2017View
210166 166Testimony in Opposition from Shaina Lamchick Hagen203/16/2017View
211167 167Testimony in Opposition from Catherine Cone, Washington Lawyer's Committee8903/16/2017View
212168 168Testimony in Opposition from Claudia Barragan203/16/2017View
213169 169Statement in Opposition from Law for Black Lives-DC803/16/2017View
214170 170Testimony in Opposition from Vincent DeLaurentis203/16/2017View
215171 171Testimony in Opposition from Matthew Shields103/16/2017View
216172 172Testimony in Opposition from Julia Hubbell303/16/2017View
217173 173Testimony in Opposition from Rosa and Sandra Romero203/16/2017View
218174 174Testimony in Opposition from Kristi Matthews303/16/2017View
219175 175Testimony of Ms. Goddess JoAnn L. Adams1403/16/2017View
220176 176Testimony in Opposition from Daima Lewis303/16/2017View
221177 177Witness Cards403/16/2017View
222178 1781 Returned PHN203/27/2017View
223179 179Applicant's Post-hearing Statement1404/10/2017View
224179A179AAPHS: Tab A (One Pager)104/10/2017View
225179B179BAPHS: Tab B (Construction Management Plan)404/10/2017View
226179C179CAPHS: Tab C (Brookland Manor Senior Lunch Package)1204/10/2017View
227179D1179D1APHS: Tab D (RCLCO Report - Part 1)704/10/2017View
228179D2179D2APHS: Tab D (RCLCO Report Exhibits - Part 2)804/10/2017View
229179E179EAPHS: Tab E (Crime Statistics)104/10/2017View
230179F1179F1APHS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)604/10/2017View
231179F2179F2APHS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)304/10/2017View
232179F3179F3APHS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)304/10/2017View
233179F4179F4APHS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)604/10/2017View
234180 180Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Draft Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law204/10/2017View
235181 181Applicant's Draft Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law5304/10/2017View
236182 182Brookland Manor Tenant Association Draft Order1304/18/2017View
237183 183Brookland Manor Residents Association's Response to Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission 1104/18/2017View
238184 184Motion to Strike Exhibit 179D2 from Brookland Manor Residents Association404/18/2017View
239185 185Applicant's Opposition to Motion to Strike 304/21/2017View
240186 186Applicant's List of Proposed Benefits and Proposed Conditions904/26/2017View
241187 187Brookland Manor Residents Association's Response to Applicant's Proffer505/03/2017View
242188 188Applicant's Motion to Strike Brookland Manor Residents Association's May 3rd Response to Draft Conditions305/05/2017View
243189 189Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Post-Hearing Statement605/08/2017View
244189A189AAPHS: Tab A (Letter from Applicant)305/08/2017View
245189B189BAPHS: Tab B (DCHA Housing Choice Voucher)205/08/2017View
246190 190Applicant's Final Proffer and Conditions905/10/2017View
247191 191Brookland Manor Residents Association's Response to Supplemental Post-Hearing Statement1105/15/2017View
248192 192Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register104/05/2018View
249193 193Z.C. Order No. 14-18A6204/13/2018View
250194 194Attestation: Order No. 14-18A104/05/2018View
251195 195Motion for Reconsideration by Brookland Manor/Brentwood Village Residents Association (DENIED)3804/16/2018View
252196 196Applicant's Response to Motion for Reconsideration (Apr. 23, 2018)1704/23/2018View
253197 197Proof of Publication of Order No. 14-18A(1) in D.C. Register105/15/2018View
254198 198Z.C. Order No. 14-18A(1)705/25/2018View
255199 199Attestation: Order No. 14-18A(1)105/16/2018View