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11  Structural Diagrams.pdf305/13/2014View
21 1Cover Letter from Applicant 211/22/2013View
32 2Copy of Filing Fee111/22/2013View
43 3Application to Amend Zoning Map111/22/2013View
54 4Application for First-Stage Approval of a Two-Stage PUD111/22/2013View
65 5Testimony of Anne Sellin, Friends of McMillan Park505/05/2014View
76 6Statement in Support 4111/22/2013View
86A16A1Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 1)111/22/2013View
96A26A2Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 2)1011/22/2013View
106A36A3Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 3)611/22/2013View
116A46A4Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 4)211/22/2013View
126A56A5Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 5)111/22/2013View
136A66A6Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 6)111/22/2013View
146A76A7Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 7)111/22/2013View
156A86A8Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 8)311/22/2013View
166A96A9Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 9)111/22/2013View
176A106A10Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 10)911/22/2013View
186A116A11Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 11)911/22/2013View
196A126A12Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 12)411/22/2013View
206A136A13Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 13)411/22/2013View
216A146A14Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 14)511/22/2013View
226A156A15Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 15)311/22/2013View
236A166A16Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plans - part 16))611/22/2013View
246A176A17Statement in Support: Tab A (Stage One Plan - part 17)1311/22/2013View
256AA16AA1Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 1)1211/22/2013View
266AA26AA2Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 2)211/22/2013View
276AA36AA3Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 3)211/22/2013View
286AA56AA5Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 5)1411/22/2013View
296AA66AA6Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 6)511/22/2013View
306AA76AA7Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 7)1011/22/2013View
316AA86AA8Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 8)611/22/2013View
326AA96AA9Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 9)511/22/2013View
336AA106AA10Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 10)1011/22/2013View
346AA116AA11Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 11)411/22/2013View
356AA126AA12Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 12)211/22/2013View
366AA136AA13Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 13)1311/22/2013View
376AA146AA14Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans -part 14)2011/22/2013View
386AA156AA15Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 15)1111/22/2013View
396AA166AA16Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 16)1511/22/2013View
406AA176AA17Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 17)511/22/2013View
416AA186AA18Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 18)1211/22/2013View
426AA196AA19Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 19)1311/22/2013View
436AA206AA20Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans -part 20)411/22/2013View
446AA216AA21Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 21)411/22/2013View
456AA226AA22Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 22)311/22/2013View
466AA236AA23Statement in Support: Tab AA (Consolidated Plans - part 23)311/22/2013View
476B6BStatement in Support: Tab B (Zoning Map)111/22/2013View
486C6CStatement in Support: Tab C (Generalized Policy Map and Future Land Use Map)211/22/2013View
496D6DStatement in Support: Tab D (Surveyor's Plat)111/22/2013View
506E6EStatement in Support: Tab E (Statement of Consistency with Comprehensive Plan)811/22/2013View
516F6FStatement in Support: Tab F (Memo Detailing Initial Traffic Analysis)111/22/2013View
526G6GStatement in Support: Tab G (Historic Preservation Office Staff Report)711/22/2013View
536H6HStatement in Support: Tab H (Notice of Intent to File. Certificate of Service. List of Property Owners within 200 Feet of Project)2511/22/2013View
546I6IStatement in Support: Tab J (Fiscal Impact Report)5411/22/2013View
557 7Letter of Acceptance to Applicant112/02/2013View
568 8Referral to OP112/02/2013View
579 9Referral to Councilmembers Kenyan McDuffie and Jim Graham112/02/2013View
5810 10Referral to ANCs 5E, 5A,and 1B and ANC/SMD 5E09512/02/2013View
5911 11Notice of Filing to DC Register212/02/2013View
6012 12Attestation of Notice of Filing212/02/2013View
6113 13Returned ANC 1B Letter612/19/2013View
6214 14Attestation: Corrected Referral Letter to ANC 1B512/23/2013View
6315 15OP Setdown Report1901/17/2014View
6416 16Applicant' s Proposed Hearing Schedule202/04/2014View
6517 17Cover Letter from Applicant Submitting Prehearing Statement802/18/2014View
6617A17APrehearing Statement: Exhibit A (Chart re Responses to ZC set-down comments)402/18/2014View
6717B17BPrehearing Statement: Exhibit B (HPO Staff Report)1102/18/2014View
6817C17CPrehearing Statement: Exhibit C (Master Plan Design Guidelines)1202/18/2014View
6917D117D1Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (McMillan Site Plan w St Dimensions) Part 1 of 10102/18/2014View
7017D217D2Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (McMillan Phasing Plan) Part 2 of 10102/18/2014View
7117D3A17D3APrehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Zoning Tabulation Chart) Part 3A of 10 102/18/2014View
7217D3B17D3BPrehearing Statement: Exhibit D (McMillan Parking Tabulation) Part 3B of 10 102/18/2014View
7317D417D4Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Zoning Calculations Health Care Facility Parcel 1) Part 4 of 10 Zn Calculations Health Care Facility (Parcel 1)102/18/2014View
7417D517D5Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Zoning Calculations Multi-Family Retail Parcel 4) Part 5 of 10 102/18/2014View
7517D617D6Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Multi-Family Retail w Affordable Layout) Part 6 of 10 402/18/2014View
7617D717D7Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (McMillan PUD Stage 2 Revised Sheets) Part 7 of 10 1402/18/2014View
7717D817D8Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Parcel 5 Townhouses Theoretical Lots) Part 8 of 10 1502/18/2014View
7817D917D9Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Community Center Tabulation Sheet) Part 9 of 10 102/18/2014View
7917D1017D10Prehearing Statement: Exhibit D (Master Plan for Cultural DC Public Art) Part 10 of 10 802/18/2014View
8017E17EPrehearing Statement: Exhibit E (Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis) 5502/18/2014View
8117F17FPrehearing Statement: Exhibit F (Outlines of Testimony) 1502/18/2014View
8217G17GPrehearing Statement: Exhibit G (Resumes of Expert Witnesses)2702/18/2014View
8317H17HPrehearing Statement: Exhibit H (Names and Addresses of Property Owners within 200 Feet of Subject Property)902/18/2014View
8418 18Hearing Fee Calculator Form302/18/2014View
8519 19Copy of Hearing Fee 102/19/2014View
8620 20Attestation: PHN 1503/07/2014View
8721 21Returned PHNs503/11/2014View
8822 22Returned PHN603/13/2014View
8923 23Returned PHN503/14/2014View
9024 24Returned PHNs503/18/2014View
9125 25Returned Public Hearing Notice from ANC SMD 5E09503/18/2014View
9226 26Resend of Public Hearing Notice to ANCs 1B and 5E, and ANC SMD 5E09 503/19/2014View
9327 27Affidavit of Posting903/21/2014View
9429 29Returned PHNs1603/21/2014View
9530 30Comments from Todd Crosby103/25/2014View
9631 31Resolution of Bloomingdale Civic Association1204/04/2014View
9732 32Applicant's Supplemental Statement504/14/2014View
9832A1A132A1A1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 1)104/11/2014View
9932A1A1032A1A10Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 10) 104/14/2014View
10032A1A1132A1A11Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 11) 104/11/2014View
10132A1A1232A1A12Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 12) 604/14/2014View
10232A1A1332A1A13Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 13) 1704/14/2014View
10332A1A1432A1A14Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 14) 504/14/2014View
10432A1A1532A1A15Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 15) 604/14/2014View
10532A1A1632A1A16Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 16) 604/14/2014View
10632A1A1732A1A17Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 17) 704/14/2014View
10732A1A1832A1A18Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 18) 304/14/2014View
10832A1A1932A1A19Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 19) 404/14/2014View
10932A1A232A1A2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 2) 904/14/2014View
11032A1A2032A1A20Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 20) 104/14/2014View
11132A1A2132A1A21Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 21) 604/14/2014View
11232A1A2232A1A22Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 22) 704/14/2014View
11332A1A23A132A1A23A1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 23(1))904/14/2014View
11432A1A23A232A1A23A2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 23(2) 904/14/2014View
11532A1A23A332A1A23A3Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 23(3) 904/14/2014View
11632A1A2432A1A24Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 24) 2104/14/2014View
11732A1A2532A1A25Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 25) 404/14/2014View
11832A1A2632A1A26Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 26) 204/14/2014View
11932A1A332A1A3Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 3) 304/14/2014View
12032A1A432A1A4Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 4) 204/14/2014View
12132A1A532A1A5Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 5) 604/14/2014View
12232A1A632A1A6Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 6) 204/14/2014View
12332A1A732A1A7Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 7) 104/14/2014View
12432A1A832A1A8Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 8) 104/14/2014View
12532A1A932A1A9Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 1 Part 9) 304/14/2014View
12632A2A132A2A1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 1) 604/14/2014View
12732A2A1032A2A10Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 10) 104/14/2014View
12832A2A1132A2A11Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 11) 104/14/2014View
12932A2A1232A2A12Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 12) 304/14/2014View
13032A2A1332A2A13Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 13) 504/14/2014View
13132A2A1432A2A14Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 14) 404/14/2014View
13232A2A1532A2A15Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 15) 404/14/2014View
13332A2A1632A2A16Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 16) 204/14/2014View
13432A2A1732A2A17Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 17) 104/14/2014View
13532A2A1832A2A18Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 18) 104/14/2014View
13632A2A1932A2A19Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 19) 104/14/2014View
13732A2A232A2A2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 2) 704/14/2014View
13832A2A2032A2A20Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 20) 104/14/2014View
13932A2A2132A2A21Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 21) 204/14/2014View
14032A2A2232A2A22Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 22) 104/14/2014View
14132A2A2332A2A23Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 23) 104/14/2014View
14232A2A2432A2A24Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 24) 304/14/2014View
14332A2A2532A2A25Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 25) 204/14/2014View
14432A2A2632A2A26Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 26) 104/14/2014View
14532A2A2732A2A27Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 27)104/14/2014View
14632A2A2832A2A28Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 28) 104/14/2014View
14732A2A2932A2A29Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 29)104/14/2014View
14832A2A332A2A3Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 3) 204/14/2014View
14932A2A3032A2A30Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 30) 204/14/2014View
15032A2A3132A2A31Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 31) 104/14/2014View
15132A2A3232A2A32Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 32) 904/14/2014View
15232A2A3332A2A33Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 33) 204/14/2014View
15332A2A3432A2A34Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 34) 204/14/2014View
15432A2A3532A2A35Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 35) 704/14/2014View
15532A2A3632A2A36Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 36) 604/14/2014View
15632A2A3732A2A37Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 37) 704/14/2014View
15732A2A3832A2A38Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 38) 104/14/2014View
15832A2A3932A2A39Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 39) 104/14/2014View
15932A2A432A2A4Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 4) 204/14/2014View
16032A2A4032A2A40Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 40) 204/14/2014View
16132A2A4132A2A41Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 41) 104/14/2014View
16232A2A4232A2A42Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 42) 204/14/2014View
16332A2A4332A2A43Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 43) 204/14/2014View
16432A2A4432A2A44Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 44) 804/14/2014View
16532A2A4532A2A45Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 45) 104/14/2014View
16632A2A4632A2A46Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 46) 604/14/2014View
16732A2A4732A2A47Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 47) 204/14/2014View
16832A2A4832A2A48Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 48) 404/14/2014View
16932A2A4932A2A49Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 49) 104/14/2014View
17032A2A532A2A5Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 5) 204/14/2014View
17132A2A5032A2A50Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 50) 204/14/2014View
17232A2A5132A2A51Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 51) 104/14/2014View
17332A2A5232A2A52Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 52) 104/14/2014View
17432A2A5332A2A53Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 53) 504/14/2014View
17532A2A5432A2A54Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 54) 504/14/2014View
17632A2A5532A2A55Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 55) 504/14/2014View
17732A2A5632A2A56Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 56) 104/11/2014View
17832A2A5732A2A57Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 57) 104/14/2014View
17932A2A5832A2A58Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 58) 204/14/2014View
18032A2A5932A2A59Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 59) 304/14/2014View
18132A2A632A2A6Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 6) 204/14/2014View
18232A2A6032A2A60Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 60) 304/14/2014View
18332A2A6132A2A61Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 61) 104/14/2014View
18432A2A6232A2A62Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 62) 104/14/2014View
18532A2A6332A2A63Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 63) 104/14/2014View
18632A2A6432A2A64Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 64) 104/14/2014View
18732A2A6532A2A65Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 65) 104/14/2014View
18832A2A6632A2A66Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 66) 204/14/2014View
18932A2A6732A2A67Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 67) 104/14/2014View
19032A2A6832A2A68Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 68) 104/14/2014View
19132A2A6932A2A69Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 69) 104/14/2014View
19232A2A732A2A7Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 7) 704/14/2014View
19332A2A7032A2A70Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 70) 204/14/2014View
19432A2A7132A2A71Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 71) 104/14/2014View
19532A2A7232A2A72Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 72) 104/14/2014View
19632A2A832A2A8Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 8) 304/14/2014View
19732A2A932A2A9Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab A (Architectural Drawings, Stage 2 Part 9) 104/14/2014View
19832B32BApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab B (Updated Chart Responding to ZC Comments)404/14/2014View
19932C32CApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab C (PUD Reference Guide)304/14/2014View
20032D132D1Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab D (Transportation Impact Study) Part 1 of 43604/14/2014View
20132D232D2Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab D (Transportation Impact Study) Part 2 of 44404/14/2014View
20232D332D3Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab D (Transportation Impact Study) Part 3 of 42804/14/2014View
20332D432D4Applicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab D (Transportation Impact Study) Part 4 of 43904/14/2014View
20432E32EApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab E (Structural Report Executive Summary)304/14/2014View
20532F32FApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab F (Community Engagement Log)1304/14/2014View
20632G32GApplicant's Supplemental Statement: Tab G (Resume of Expert Witness, Kirk Mettam)104/14/2014View
20733 33Letter in Opposition from Stronghold Civic Association904/12/2014View
20834 34Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park with Attachments804/17/2014View
20934A134A1Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A (National Register of Historic Places Registration Form) Part 1 of 73004/17/2014View
21034A234A2Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A(National Register of Historic Places Registration Form) Part 2 of 71504/17/2014View
21134A334A3Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A(Color Photographs of Property) Part 3 of 7704/17/2014View
21234A434A4Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A (Color Photographs of the Property) Part 4 of 7804/17/2014View
21334A534A5Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A (Color Photographs of the Property) Part 5 of 71004/17/2014View
21434A634A6Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A (Color Photographs of the Property) Part 6 of 71004/17/2014View
21534A734A7Request for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab A (Color Photographs of the Property) Part 7 of 7904/17/2014View
21634B34BRequest for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab B (Letter in Opposition from National Trust for Historic Preservation)604/17/2014View
21734C34CRequest for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab C (Resumes of Expert Witnesses)504/17/2014View
21834D34DRequest for Party Status from Friends of McMillan Park: Tab D (Copy of Petition)104/17/2014View
21935 35Letter in Support from David M. Taube104/18/2014View
22036 36Letter in Support from Arsalan Suleman104/18/2014View
22137 37OP Hearing Report 1: Master Plan and Parcels 6 and 72404/21/2014View
22238 38DDOT Report 2204/21/2014View
22339 39Request for Party Status in Opposition from Friends of McMillan Park - May 5th Hearing1404/21/2014View
22440 40ANC 5E Resolution in support204/22/2014View
22541 41ANC 5A Resolution in Support204/22/2014View
22642 42Request for Party Status in Opposition from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture504/22/2014View
22743 43Testimony in Opposition from Robert Krause104/23/2014View
22844 44Letter in Support from Sarah, resident @ 623 Otis Pl. NW104/23/2014View
22945 45Request for Party Status in Opposition from Friends of McMillan Park - May 8th Hearing1104/24/2014View
23046 46OP Hearing Report 2: Parcels 4 & 5 704/24/2014View
23147 47Letter in Support from Phoebe L. Sweet 104/24/2014View
23249 49Letter in Opposition from Eric Schultz204/25/2014View
23350 50Letter in Support from Christa Fields104/25/2014View
23451 51Letter in Support from Erica Attoe104/25/2014View
23552 52Letter in Support from Mary Bender104/25/2014View
23653 53Letter in Support from Wyatt Boyd104/25/2014View
23754 54Letter in Support from Kristin Buch104/25/2014View
23855 55Letter in Support from Claire Carlin104/25/2014View
23956 56Letter in Support from Warren Dymond104/25/2014View
24057 57Letter in Support from Jan Grant104/25/2014View
24158 58Letter in Support from Brittany Woodell104/25/2014View
24259 59Letter of Support from Oana Cheta & Jesse Torrence204/26/2014View
24360 60Letter in Support from Lisa Dougherty104/28/2014View
24461 61Letter in Support from Christa Fields104/28/2014View
24562 62Letter in Opposition from Jeanette M. Corley204/28/2014View
24663 63Letter in Support from Lauren Kunis104/28/2014View
24764 64Letter in Support from David LuSane104/28/2014View
24865 65Letter in Support from Diane Snediker104/28/2014View
24966 66Letter in Support from Celine Varkey104/28/2014View
25067 67OP Hearing Report 2 - Correction: Parcels 4 & 5 104/28/2014View
25168 68OP Hearing Report 3: Parcel 1604/28/2014View
25269 69Bloomingdale Civic Association's Objections to and Request to Rescind ANC 5E's Letter of Support for McMillan204/29/2014View
25370 70Letter in Opposition from Gracy Obuchowicz¬† 104/29/2014View
25471 71Letter in Support from David Hall104/29/2014View
25572 72Summary of Recommendations for Site Revitalization4404/29/2014View
25673 73McMillan Solicitation for Land Development Partner4004/29/2014View
25774 74Deed for McMillan (includes covenants)1004/29/2014View
25875 75VMP Exclusive Rights Agreement1104/29/2014View
25976 76VMP Exclusive Rights Agreement - First Amendment204/29/2014View
26077 77VMP Exclusive Rights Agreement - Second Amendment (2-15-2012)304/29/2014View
26178 78VMP Exclusive Rights Agreement - Third Amendment (7-31-2012)204/29/2014View
26279 79McMillan Advisory Group Community Benefits Agreement and Position3304/29/2014View
26380 80Bloomingdale Civic Association Resolution of No Confidence404/29/2014View
26481 81Contractor Change Directive #25 104/29/2014View
26582 82ANC 5E Bylaws504/29/2014View
26683 83Amended Summary Term Sheet (2-17-09)3304/29/2014View
26784 84McMillan Summary Term Sheet (12-20-07)3804/29/2014View
26885 85McMillan Illustrative Site Plan (4-14-08)104/29/2014View
26986 86McMillan Public Financing justification (3-12-09)204/29/2014View
27087 87Rationale for Adding Trammell Crow to Project (3-20-09)304/29/2014View
27187 87Cover Letter from Applicant Enclosing Revised Proffered Public Benefits and Conditions210/20/2014View
27288 88Historic Preservation Review Board Action (4-25-13)504/29/2014View
27389 89Historic Preservation Review Board Action (9-27-12)404/29/2014View
27490 90Historic Preservation Review Board ACTIONS 06 2013504/29/2014View
27591 91Historic Preservation Review Board Action (10-31-13)304/29/2014View
27692 92Greenhorne and O'Mara - McMillan Sand Filtration Site Engineering Report, Recommendations Section1604/29/2014View
27793 93Structural and Geotechncial Engineering Evaluation of the McMillan Filter Site (2000)6404/29/2014View
27894 94McMillan Community Presentation (2-7-2009)5404/29/2014View
27995 95Letter of Opposition from Charity Hunt104/30/2014View
28096 96Letter of Opposition from Mimi Atkins104/30/2014View
28197 97Letter of Opposition from Tammie Sommons104/30/2014View
28298 98Letter of Opposition from Voissy Cherif104/30/2014View
28399 99Letter of Opposition from Minnie Davis104/30/2014View
284100 100Letter of Opposition from Mary Judd104/30/2014View
285101 101Letter of Opposition from Farrell Parker104/30/2014View
286102 102Letter of Opposition from Kelvin Walker104/30/2014View
287103 103Letter of Opposition from Donald McKinnon104/30/2014View
288104 104VMP LLC Biennial Reports Filed with DCRA904/30/2014View
289105 105VMP Articles of Organization and Other Related Filings with DCRA804/30/2014View
290106 106Letter in Support from Kate Charlet104/30/2014View
291107 107Affidavit of Maintenance904/30/2014View
292108 108Letter in Support from Nathan Span 104/30/2014View
293109 109Cover Letter from Applicant enclosing supplemental Transportation Report and Manning Resume104/30/2014View
294109A109AApplicant's Supplemental Transportation Report2604/30/2014View
295109B109BApplicant's Resume for Rebecca Manning 104/30/2014View
296110 110Letter from ANC 1B104/30/2014View
297111 111Testimony of Commissioner Mueller, ANC5E08 404/30/2014View
298112 112McMillan Survey Report2904/30/2014View
299113 113McMillan Survey Form404/30/2014View
300114 114Survey comments for Zoning 10204/30/2014View
301115 115DMPED VMP Fontaine and Company Campaign Document1404/30/2014View
302116 116Letter in Opposition from Jeff Hayward 204/30/2014View
303117A117ALetter in Opposition from Wanda Murphy (Part 1 of 2)104/30/2014View
304117B117BLetter in Opposition from Wanda Murphy (Part 2 of 2)104/30/2014View
305118 118Letter in Opposition from Kennet Walker104/30/2014View
306119 119Letter in Opposition from Adams Jerry104/30/2014View
307120 120Letter in Opposition from Bonita Wadlaw104/30/2014View
308121 121Letter in Opposition from Brittney Beene104/30/2014View
309122 122Letter in Opposition from Cfan104/30/2014View
310123 123Letter in Opposition from Ilara Hopkins104/30/2014View
311124 124Letter in Opposition from Davie Yarborough104/30/2014View
312125 125Letter in Opposition from Danita Aaren104/30/2014View
313126 126Letter in Opposition from Ellis104/30/2014View
314127 127Letter in Opposition from Ethan Bell104/30/2014View
315128 128Letter in Opposition from Cheryl Wagner104/30/2014View
316129 129Letter in Opposition from James Watkins104/30/2014View
317130 130Letter in Opposition from Vana DeVerger104/30/2014View
318131 131Letter in Opposition from Jennifer Hall104/30/2014View
319132 132Letter in Opposition from Keith Hatcher104/30/2014View
320133 133Letter in Opposition from Kristin Baggs104/30/2014View
321134 134Letter in Opposition from Malcolm104/30/2014View
322135 135Letter in Opposition from Michael West104/30/2014View
323136 136Letter in Opposition from Nadine Beasley104/30/2014View
324137 137Letter in Opposition from Nate Lawson III104/30/2014View
325138 138Letter in Opposition from Nia Hutchinson104/30/2014View
326139 139Letter in Opposition from Sheila Hatcher104/30/2014View
327140 140Letter in Opposition from Shellie Jackson104/30/2014View
328141 141Letter in Opposition from Tammy Davis104/30/2014View
329142 142Letter in Opposition from Alexis Thomas104/30/2014View
330143 143Letter in Opposition from Victoria Jones104/30/2014View
331144 144Letter in Opposition from Menne West104/30/2014View
332145 145Letter of Opposition Cheryl Wagner104/30/2014View
333146 146Letter in Opposition from Stronghold Civic Association1304/30/2014View
334147 147Letter in Support from Alexandria & Catherine Chandler 204/30/2014View
335148A148ASupplement to Party Status Request in Opposition from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (part 1 of 4)905/01/2014View
336148A1148A1Supplement to Party Status Request in Opposition from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture105/01/2014View
337148B148BSupplement to Party Status Request in Opposition from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (part 2 of 4)2705/01/2014View
338148C148CSupplement to Party Status Request in Opposition from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (part 3 of 4)405/01/2014View
339148D148DSupplement to Party Status Request in Opposition from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture (part 4 of 4)1105/01/2014View
340149 149Friends of McMillan Request for Dismissal, or Alternatively to Postpone Proceeding3005/01/2014View
341150 150Letter in Support from Joe Gersen & Alicia Hunt105/01/2014View
342151 151Letter in Opposition from Erin Fairbanks205/01/2014View
343152 152Letter of Opposition from Jane Huntington305/01/2014View
344153 153Report to Zoning Commission from Steven E. Sher4105/01/2014View
345154 154Testimony of Debbie Steiner2405/01/2014View
346155A155APowerPoint Presentation (Part 1 of 6)905/01/2014View
347155B155BPowerPoint Presentation (Part 2 of 6)205/01/2014View
348155C155CPowerPoint Presentation (Part 3 of 6)1305/01/2014View
349155D155DPowerPoint Presentation (Part 4 of 6)1205/01/2014View
350155E155EPowerPoint Presentation (Part 5 of 6)905/01/2014View
351155F155FPowerPoint Presentation (Part 6 of 6)2905/01/2014View
352156 156Letter in Support from Bill Crandall105/01/2014View
353157 157Letter in Support from Ethan Buch105/01/2014View
354158 158Letter in Support from Jeffrey Clark105/01/2014View
355159 159Letter in Support from Rebecca Mills105/01/2014View
356160 160Letter of Oppossition from Katelijn van den Berg205/01/2014View
357161 161High Line financial revenue examples305/01/2014View
358162 162Summary of Recommendations for Site Revitalization4405/01/2014View
359163 163Letter in Opposition from Kirby Vining405/01/2014View
360164 164Smith-Steiner Email - VMP Drafted ANC 5E Recommendations105/01/2014View
361165A165ALetter in Opposition from Jake Joyce - 1105/01/2014View
362165B165BLetter in Opposition from Jake Joyce - 2105/01/2014View
363165C165CLetter in Opposition from Jake Joyce - 3105/01/2014View
364166 166Letter of Opposition from Carole Anderson 205/01/2014View
365167 167Letter in Opposition from Mathew Bader705/01/2014View
366168 168Affidavit of Maintenance105/02/2014View
367169 169List of Witnesses505/01/2014View
368170 170Testimony of Shiv Newaldess, DMPED605/01/2014View
369171 171Witness Cards205/01/2014View
370172 172Letter in Support from Arthur Griffith105/02/2014View
371173 173Letter in Opposition from Veronika Kohler205/02/2014View
372174 174Letter in Support from David King105/02/2014View
373175 175Letter in Support from Colette Arnold105/02/2014View
374176 176Comments from Richard Maze105/03/2014View
375177 177Letter in Opposition from McMillan Park105/05/2014View
376178 178Resume of James Voelzke105/05/2014View
377179 179Letter in Support from Bryan Martin Firvida105/05/2014View
378180 180Affidavit of Maintenance105/05/2014View
379181 181McMillan PUD Stage 2 HRG #2 PowerPoint Presentation3205/05/2014View
380182A182APowerPoint Presentation (Part 1 of 5)605/05/2014View
381182B182BPowerPoint Presentation (Part 2 of 5)605/05/2014View
382182C182CPowerPoint Presentation (Part 3 of 5)605/05/2014View
383182D182DPowerPoint Presentation (Part 4 of 5)605/05/2014View
384182E182EPowerPoint Presentation (Part 5 of 5)205/05/2014View
385183 183Letter in Support from John H. Murlan, Jr.205/05/2014View
386184 184Letters in Opposition from Diana Page, Antonio Yafe, and Maria L. Lope305/05/2014View
387185 185Letter of Opposition from Alejandra Acevedo105/05/2014View
388186 186Letter of Opposition from Andrew Orihuela105/05/2014View
389187 187Letter of Opposition from Annie Saxon105/05/2014View
390188 188Letter of Opposition from Ben Littleton105/05/2014View
391189 189Letter of Opposition from Brian Daly105/05/2014View
392190 190Letter of Opposition from Christina Banks105/05/2014View
393191 191Letter of Opposition from Deborah Hanrahan105/05/2014View
394192 192Letter of Opposition from Justin Miles105/05/2014View
395193 193Letter of Opposition from Edgar Eslam105/05/2014View
396194 194Letter of Opposition from James Fournjer105/05/2014View
397195 195Letter of Opposition from Januce Young105/05/2014View
398196 196Letter of Opposition from Jennifer Renteria105/05/2014View
399197 197Letter of Opposition from Joan Shipps105/05/2014View
400198 198Letter of Opposition from Lisa M. Harlan105/05/2014View
401199 199Letter of Opposition from Loren Culler105/05/2014View
402200 200Letter of Opposition from Lydea Davis105/05/2014View
403201 201Letter of Opposition from Mara Wagner105/05/2014View
404202 202Letter of Opposition from Marsha McDowney105/05/2014View
405203 203Letter of Opposition from Mary Bucci105/05/2014View
406204 204Letter of Opposition from Mary Anne105/05/2014View
407205 205Letter of Opposition from Molinda Greggs105/05/2014View
408206 206Letter of Opposition from Nick G.105/05/2014View
409207 207Letter of Opposition from Nolan Treadway105/05/2014View
410208 208Letter of Opposition from Patricia Beca105/05/2014View
411209 209Letter of Opposition from Peter Chessick105/05/2014View
412210 210Letter of Opposition from Rebecca Kaufman105/05/2014View
413211 211Letter of Opposition from Renee R. Richardson105/05/2014View
414212 212Letter of Opposition from Snorre105/05/2014View
415213 213Letter of Opposition from Talal Washington105/05/2014View
416214 214Letter of Opposition from Martha Dunlap105/05/2014View
417215 215Letter of Opposition from Pete Nettlebeck 105/05/2014View
418216 216Letter of Opposition from Malonda Mines105/05/2014View
419217 217Letter of Opposition from Adrien and Jen Marsoni105/05/2014View
420218 218Letter of Opposition from Adegbemige Taylor105/05/2014View
421219 219Letter of Opposition from Aimee Houck105/05/2014View
422220 220Letter of Opposition from Amy Zeb105/05/2014View
423221 221Letter of Opposition from Anna Taylor105/05/2014View
424222 222Letter of Opposition from Avery Willinan105/05/2014View
425223 223Letter of Opposition from Ben Kozlowski105/05/2014View
426224 224Letter of Opposition from Camaran Pipes105/05/2014View
427225 225Letter of Opposition from Cassie Jones105/05/2014View
428226 226Letter of Opposition from Caterina 105/05/2014View
429227 227Letter of Opposition from David Soo105/05/2014View
430228 228Letter of Opposition from Dean Floyd105/05/2014View
431229 229Letter of Opposition from Dewayne Ruboteau105/05/2014View
432230 230Letter of Opposition from Eliha Miles105/05/2014View
433231 231Letter of Opposition from Erricus Gaither105/05/2014View
434232 232Letter of Opposition from Eve Wang105/05/2014View
435233 233Letter of Opposition from Gareth Croke105/05/2014View
436234 234Letter of Opposition from Isabel Neal105/05/2014View
437235 235Letter of Opposition from Jasmin Chakeri105/05/2014View
438236 236Letter of Opposition from Jessie Hewing105/05/2014View
439237 237Letter of Opposition from Jordan Lubowitz105/05/2014View
440238 238Letter of Opposition from Julius P.105/05/2014View
441239 239Letter of Opposition from Katie Haneke105/05/2014View
442240 240Letter of Opposition from J.B. Kelly105/05/2014View
443241 241Letter of Opposition from Lisa Ramsden105/05/2014View
444242 242Letter of Opposition from Lynn Grosso105/05/2014View
445243 243Letter of Opposition from Maria Fyodorova105/05/2014View
446244 244Letter of Opposition from Mark Silva105/05/2014View
447245 245Letter of Opposition from Maureen Early105/05/2014View
448246 246Letter of Opposition from Michael Sandfort105/05/2014View
449247 247Letter of Opposition from Nandita Thatte105/05/2014View
450248 248Letter of Opposition from Natacha Nonez105/05/2014View
451249 249Letter of Opposition from Ryan Zimmerman105/05/2014View
452250 250Letter of Opposition from Steve Huneke105/05/2014View
453251 251Letter of Opposition from Alex Rosengerg105/05/2014View
454252 252Letter of Opposition from Alicia Parlapiano105/05/2014View
455253 253Letter of Opposition from Ashley Thompson105/05/2014View
456254 254Letter of Opposition from Bonnice Brenkman105/05/2014View
457255 255Letter of Opposition from Carissa105/05/2014View
458256 256Letter of Opposition from Charles105/05/2014View
459257 257Letter of Opposition from Charlie Nilies105/05/2014View
460258 258Letter of Opposition from Chris H.105/05/2014View
461259 259Letter of Opposition from Devin Neibrugge105/05/2014View
462260 260Letter of Opposition from Eloine Maillot105/05/2014View
463261 261Letter of Opposition from Evan Mayo105/05/2014View
464262 262Letter of Opposition from Gauri Savin105/05/2014View
465263 263Letter of Opposition from Jade Maples105/05/2014View
466264 264Letter of Opposition from Jaime Zaldivar105/05/2014View
467265 265Letter of Opposition from Jessica Roper105/05/2014View
468266 266Letter of Opposition from Kate Fox105/05/2014View
469267 267Letter of Opposition from Khalid Jewayni105/05/2014View
470268 268Letter of Opposition from Megan Laveny105/05/2014View
471269 269Letter of Opposition from Charles Osborne105/05/2014View
472270 270Letter of Opposition from Rebecca Menes105/05/2014View
473271 271Letter of Opposition from Richard Loeser105/05/2014View
474272 272Letter of Opposition from Rosa Milani105/05/2014View
475273 273Letter of Opposition from Sarah Sardinsky105/05/2014View
476274 274Letter of Opposition from Shilpa Joshi105/05/2014View
477275 275Letter of Opposition from Telan Blaine105/05/2014View
478276 276Letter of Opposition from Jill Neuville105/05/2014View
479277 277Jair Lynch CBE Certification Information 1305/05/2014View
480278 278Letter of Opposition from Alpana Gupta105/05/2014View
481279 279Letter of Opposition from Arielle Corti105/05/2014View
482280 280Letter of Opposition from Aubrey Grany105/05/2014View
483281 281Letter of Opposition from Benjamin Freas105/05/2014View
484282 282Letter of Opposition from Bill Mitchell105/05/2014View
485283 283Letter of Opposition from Brent Baughman105/05/2014View
486284 284Letter of Opposition from Caroline Stuart-Freas105/05/2014View
487285 285Letter of Opposition from Christy Young105/05/2014View
488286 286Letter of Opposition from Cory Krall105/05/2014View
489287 287Letter of Opposition from Danielle Ballantyre105/05/2014View
490288 288Letter of Opposition from Emily Bird105/05/2014View
491289 289Letter in Support from Phoebe L. Sweet105/05/2014View
492290 290Letter in Support from John Hagood105/05/2014View
493291 291Testimony of Carole Lewis Anderson in Opposition405/05/2014View
494292 292Testimony of Kirby Vining in Opposition105/05/2014View
495293 293Testimony from Rashida Brown in Support205/05/2014View
496294 294Testimony of Jonathan Tomer205/05/2014View
497295 295Testimony from Kiernan Whitworth 105/05/2014View
498296 296Testimony of Cyril Crocker in Support205/05/2014View
499297 297Testimony of Nicole Campbell105/05/2014View
500298 298Testimony of Anne Sellin, Friends of McMillan Park505/05/2014View
501299 299Letter of Opposition from Jana Haddad105/05/2014View
502300 300Letter of Opposition from Janette Rodrigues105/05/2014View
503301 301Letter of Opposition from Jason Hiller105/05/2014View
504302 302Letter of Opposition from Jeff Grover105/05/2014View
505303 303Letter of Opposition from Jessica Walton105/05/2014View
506304 304Letter of Opposition from John Lindsay105/05/2014View
507305 305Letter of Opposition from Keibino K.105/05/2014View
508306 306Letter of Opposition from Larisa V.105/05/2014View
509307 307Letter of Opposition from Luciana Gordon-Smith105/05/2014View
510308 308Letter of Opposition from Maggie Skinner105/05/2014View
511309 309Letter of Opposition from Melissa Lee105/05/2014View
512310 310Letter of Opposition from Nancy Cooey105/05/2014View
513311 311Letter of Opposition from Nicolas Webb105/05/2014View
514312 312Letter of Opposition from Paula Drago105/05/2014View
515313 313Letter of Opposition from Sega Songha105/05/2014View
516314 314Letter of Opposition from Sydney Linney105/05/2014View
517315 315Letter of Opposition from Theodore M.105/05/2014View
518316 316Letter of Opposition from Tiara Songha105/05/2014View
519317 317Letter of Opposition from William Smith105/05/2014View
520318 318Letter of Opposition from Zach B.105/05/2014View
521319 319Comments from Matthew Bader on Jair Lynch CBE Certification Compliance 2005/05/2014View
522320 320Letter in Opposition from Beth Amann 105/05/2014View
523321 321Letter in Opposition from Betsy Centofani 105/05/2014View
524322 322Letter in Opposition from Betty Sanders 105/05/2014View
525323 323Letter in Opposition from Brad Clark 105/05/2014View
526324 324Letter in Opposition from Bridget McHenry 105/05/2014View
527325 325Letter in Opposition from Carissa Lovelace 105/05/2014View
528326 326Letter in Opposition from Chandler Griffin 105/05/2014View
529327 327Letter in Opposition from Chris A. 105/05/2014View
530328 328Letter in Opposition from Unknown submitter105/05/2014View
531329 329Letter in Opposition from David Anderson 105/05/2014View
532330 330Letter in Opposition from Donny Simpson 105/05/2014View
533331 331Letter in Opposition from Dragan Gordon105/05/2014View
534332 332Letter in Opposition from Evan Anderson 105/05/2014View
535333 333Letter in Opposition from Freddy T.105/05/2014View
536334 334Letter in Opposition from George McArdle 105/05/2014View
537335 335Letter in Opposition from Jacob Noel 105/05/2014View
538336 336Letter in Opposition from Jeffrey Meiser 105/05/2014View
539337 337Letter in Opposition from Jeremy Jordjoan105/05/2014View
540338 338Letter in Opposition from Jocelyn 105/05/2014View
541339 339Letter in Opposition from Julianna Cabour 105/05/2014View
542340 340Letter in Opposition from Katelyn Fitzpatrick 105/05/2014View
543341 341Letter in Opposition from Kathryn C. 105/05/2014View
544342 342Letter in Opposition from Laura Brisson 105/05/2014View
545343 343Letter in Opposition from Matthew Matassa 105/05/2014View
546344 344Letter in Opposition from Natalie Anderson 105/05/2014View
547345 345Letter in Opposition from Rachel Colyer 105/05/2014View
548346 346Letter in Opposition from Richard Bobo 105/05/2014View
549347 347Letter in Opposition from Roxanne Windsor 105/05/2014View
550348 348Letter in Opposition from Sarah Neely 105/05/2014View
551349 349Letter in Opposition from Scott D.105/05/2014View
552350 350Letter in Opposition from Stephanie Leonardi 105/05/2014View
553351 351Letter in Opposition from Stephen H.105/05/2014View
554352 352Letter in Opposition from Timothy Donelson 105/05/2014View
555353 353Letter in Opposition from Tyler Edwards 105/05/2014View
556354 354Letter in Opposition from Wes Wilder 105/05/2014View
557355 355Letter in Opposition from Vanessa Bertelli 105/05/2014View
558356 356Letter of Oppositino from Kristin Hurley 105/05/2014View
559357 357Letter of Opposition from Amy K.105/05/2014View
560358 358Letter of Opposition from Carolyn Froeschl105/05/2014View
561359 359Letter of Opposition from Catherina Gotrich105/05/2014View
562360 360Letter of Opposition from Catherine Boland105/05/2014View
563361 361Letter of Opposition from Chris K.105/05/2014View
564362 362Letter of Opposition from Daniel Buescher105/05/2014View
565363 363Letter of Opposition from Danielle O.105/05/2014View
566364 364Letter of Opposition from Danielle Tarino 105/05/2014View
567365 365Letter of Opposition from Devin L.105/05/2014View
568366 366Letter of Opposition from Ducan V.105/05/2014View
569367 367Letter of Opposition from Erik Loften105/05/2014View
570368 368Letter of Opposition from Evelyn Rodriguez105/05/2014View
571369 369Letter of Opposition from Evis S.105/05/2014View
572370 370Letter of Opposition from Gabriel Schneider105/05/2014View
573371 371Letter of Opposition from D. Hale 105/05/2014View
574372 372Letter of Opposition from James Skellion105/05/2014View
575373 373Letter of Opposition from John M.105/05/2014View
576374 374Letter of Opposition from Joshua Bell105/05/2014View
577375 375Letter of Opposition from Joyce Oh105/05/2014View
578376 376Letter of Opposition from Kathleen Barry105/05/2014View
579377 377Letter of Opposition from Kathy Reilly105/05/2014View
580378 378Letter of Opposition from Kendra Heidemann105/05/2014View
581379 379Letter of Opposition from Kristina Klassen105/05/2014View
582380 380Letter of Opposition from Laura Hibman105/05/2014View
583381 381Letter of Opposition from E. McCarthy 105/05/2014View
584382 382Letter of Opposition from Mia Feveiz105/05/2014View
585383 383Letter of Opposition from Mustafe U.105/05/2014View
586384 384Letter of Opposition from Nicolas O.105/05/2014View
587385 385Letter of Opposition from Rachel Gutter105/05/2014View
588386 386Letter of Opposition from Regina Thompson105/05/2014View
589387 387Letter of Opposition from Renee P.105/05/2014View
590388 388Letter of Opposition from Teresa Smith105/05/2014View
591389 389Letter in Opposition from Katherine Newport 105/05/2014View
592390 390Letter in Opposition from Reggie McCarn105/05/2014View
593391 391Letter in Opposition from Eva Hambach205/05/2014View
594392 392Supplemental Party Status Information from McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture505/05/2014View
595393 393Letter in Opposition from Matthew McCombs105/05/2014View
596394 394Submission by Friends of McMillan Park605/05/2014View
597395 395Testimony of Tony Norman, Friend of McMillan Park3805/05/2014View
598396 396List of Witnesses205/05/2014View
599397 397Witness Cards305/05/2014View
600398 398Letter in Opposition from Clarence Seegars205/06/2014View
601399 399Letter in Opposition from Sean Maurice205/06/2014View
602400 400Letter in Opposition from Angeline Wood205/06/2014View
603401 401Letter in Opposition from Lake Popovich205/06/2014View
604402 402Letter in Opposition from Jamie Caswell205/06/2014View
605403 403Letter in Opposition from Nancy Gravatt205/06/2014View
606404 404Letter in Opposition from Michelle Sforza205/06/2014View
607405 405Letter in Opposition from Cecily Kohler205/06/2014View
608406 406Letter in Opposition from Isaiah Cunningham205/06/2014View
609407 407Letter in Opposition from Victoria Nolan205/06/2014View
610408 408Letter in Opposition from Kenneth Myrick205/06/2014View
611409 409Letter in Opposition from Stephen Letney205/06/2014View
612410 410Letter in Opposition from Stanley Merchant205/06/2014View
613411 411Letter in Opposition from Mark Fischer205/06/2014View
614412 412Letter in Opposition from Ian Simpson205/06/2014View
615413 413Letter in Opposition from Robin Brock205/06/2014View
616414 414Letter in Opposition from Greg Bilodeau205/06/2014View
617415 415Letter in Opposition from Matt Roper205/06/2014View
618416 416Letter in Opposition from Stephanie Salvagno205/06/2014View
619417 417Letter in Opposition from Madeline McGinty205/06/2014View
620418 418Letter in Opposition from Anne Marie Jacob205/06/2014View
621419 419Letter in Opposition from Mary Sweeney205/06/2014View
622420 420Letter in Opposition from Anthony Hagman205/06/2014View
623421 421Letter in Opposition from Kelly Brasseau205/06/2014View
624422 422Letter in Opposition from Tawney Bridgeford205/06/2014View
625423 423Letter in Opposition from Paul Georgia205/06/2014View
626424 424Letter in Opposition from Rodney Hildebrand205/06/2014View
627425 425Letter in Opposition from Ashley West205/06/2014View
628426 426Sample Opposition Letter105/06/2014View
629427 427Letter in Support from Tom Boeke205/06/2014View
630428 428Letter in Support from Kristen Carvalho105/06/2014View
631429 429Letter in Support from Jeffrey Cousins105/06/2014View
632430 430Second Letter of Opposition from Carole Anderson405/06/2014View
633431 431Letter in Support from Luis Gallego105/06/2014View
634432 432Letter in Support from Joshua Good105/06/2014View
635433 433Letter in Support from John Hagood105/06/2014View
636434 434Letter in Support from Gregory Hood105/06/2014View
637435 435Letter in Support from Alex Hutchinson105/06/2014View
638436 436Letter in Support from Fausto Lamboglia105/06/2014View
639437 437Letter in Support from Frank Little105/06/2014View
640438 438Letter in Support from Nelson Marr105/06/2014View
641439 439Letter in Support from Kelly Ray105/06/2014View
642440 440Letter in Support from Ori Rinet105/06/2014View
643441 441Letter in Support from Jessica Sandoval105/06/2014View
644442 442Letter in Support from Kali Shelton105/06/2014View
645443 443Letter in Support from Johannes Tonn105/06/2014View
646444 444Letter in Support from Chanda Uluca105/06/2014View
647445 445Letter in Support from Kiernan Whitworth105/06/2014View
648446 446Letter in Support from Christopher Andrezze105/06/2014View
649447 447Letter in Support from Curtis Burrill105/06/2014View
650448 448Letter in Support from Adam Engelman105/06/2014View
651449 449Letter in Support from Laurier Fish105/06/2014View
652450 450Letter in Support from Katie Heller105/06/2014View
653451 451Letter in Support from Jeremy Merkelson105/06/2014View
654452 452Letter in Support from Shelly Parker105/06/2014View
655453 453Letter in Support from Saudat Akinola-Hadely105/06/2014View
656454 454Letter in Support from Darius Bailey105/06/2014View
657455 455Letter in Support from Jose Carabello105/06/2014View
658456 456Letter in Support from Mark DeWolf in Support105/06/2014View
659457 457Letter in Support from Don Enyi105/06/2014View
660458 458Letter in Support from Anna Gaseitsiwe105/06/2014View
661459 459Letter in Support from Yvonne Johnson105/06/2014View
662460 460Letter in Support from Melody Joines105/06/2014View
663461 461Letter in Opposition from Rene M. Abacete105/06/2014View
664462 462Letter in Support from Ali Jost105/06/2014View
665463 463Letter in Support from Eduardo Nunes105/06/2014View
666464 464Letter in Support from Kelly Collins105/06/2014View
667465 465Letter in Support from Natalia Martinez105/06/2014View
668466 466Letter in Support from Carol Pinto105/06/2014View
669467 467Letter in Support from Taras Zvir105/06/2014View
670468 468Letter in Support from Kristin Gifford105/06/2014View
671469 469Letter in Support from Arthur Griffith205/06/2014View
672470 470Letter in Support from Isun Hofgard105/06/2014View
673471 471Letter in Support from Chris Morton105/06/2014View
674472 472Letter in Support from Colleen Morton105/06/2014View
675473 473Letter in Support from Carla Perlo105/06/2014View
676474 474Letter in Support from David Call105/06/2014View
677475 475Letter in Support from Christian Calleri105/06/2014View
678476 476Letter in Support from Nicole Campbell105/06/2014View
679477 477Letter in Support from Lydia Curtis105/06/2014View
680478 478Letter in Support from Richard Seutter105/06/2014View
681479 479Affidavit of Maintenance105/07/2014View
682480 480Letter in Opposition from Andrea E. Rosen405/07/2014View
683481 481Letter in Support from Lyn Stoesen105/07/2014View
684482 482Letter in Support from Michael Tubman105/07/2014View
685483 483Letter in Opposition from Christina Nigro to Chairman Hood105/07/2014View
686484 484Letter in Opposition from Christina Nigro to DC Office of Zoning105/07/2014View
687485 485Letter from Michelle N. Webster305/07/2014View
688486 486Letter in Opposition from Laura Shipley205/07/2014View
689487 487Letter in Opposition from Bernard Quarterman, Jr. to Office of Zoning105/07/2014View
690488 488Letter in Opposition from Bernard Quarterman, Jr. to Chairman Hood105/07/2014View
691489 489Letter in Opposition from Ilana Sinkin to Chairman Hood105/07/2014View
692490 490Letter in Opposition from Ilana Sinkin to Office of Zoning105/07/2014View
693491 491Letter in Opposition from Robert Hardison405/07/2014View
694492 492Letter from ANC 5E105/07/2014View
695493 493Letter in Opposition from Susan Muhlbach105/07/2014View
696494 494Letter in Opposition from Alice C Laidlaw105/07/2014View
697495 495Letter in Opposition from Alice Laidlaw to Office of Zoning105/07/2014View
698496 496Letter in Opposition from Natalya Scimeca105/07/2014View
699497 497Letter in Opposition from LeighAnne Olsen205/08/2014View
700498 498PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1 of 4)3205/08/2014View
701499 499PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2 of 4)1305/08/2014View
702500 500PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3 of 4)1005/08/2014View
703501 501PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4 of 4)1205/08/2014View
704502 502Testimony of Alberette Gigi Ransom105/08/2014View
705503 503Letter in Opposition from Sam Shipley 305/08/2014View
706504 504Letter in Opposition Roberto Hernandez105/08/2014View
707505 505Letter in Opposition Gilbert Mears105/08/2014View
708506 506Letter in Opposition Saba Sedighi105/08/2014View
709507 507Letter in Opposition Meredith F. Monti105/08/2014View
710508 508Letter in Opposition John Herrrington105/08/2014View
711509 509Letter in Opposition Angela Parsons105/08/2014View
712510 510Letter in Opposition Jon Gould105/08/2014View
713511 511Letter in Support from Michael Tubman105/08/2014View
714512 512Letter in Opposition from Mel Peffers205/08/2014View
715513 513Letter in Opposition105/08/2014View
716514 514Letter in Support from Jonathan K. Tomer205/08/2014View
717515 515Second Letter in Support from Jonathan K. Tomer105/08/2014View
718516 516Testimony in Opposition on Parcel 1 from Mathew Bader5605/08/2014View
719517 517Testimony of Cheryl Cort, Coalition for Smarter Growth in Support205/08/2014View
720518 518Testimony in Support from Jonathan Tomer 105/08/2014View
721519 519Submission by Daniel Wolkoff305/08/2014View
722520 520Testimony of Bronwin Irwin605/08/2014View
723521 521Testimony in Opposition from Kirby Vining105/08/2014View
724522 522Testimony of Katelijn van den Berg in Opposition305/08/2014View
725523 523Testimony of Dr. Bertha Holliday in Opposition305/08/2014View
726524 524Testimony of Chris Otten, DC for Reasonable Development in Opposition405/08/2014View
727525 525Testimony of Mel Peffers in Opposition205/08/2014View
728526 526Testimony of Sherry Howard in Opposition105/08/2014View
729527 527Testimony of Betsy McDaniel in Opposition405/08/2014View
730528 528Submission from Angela Ray605/08/2014View
731529 529Testimony of Miriam Gusevich in Opposition705/08/2014View
732530 530Testimony of Gwen Southerland in Opposition205/08/2014View
733531 531Testimony of MCV Associates, Inc. in Opposition305/08/2014View
734532 532Testimony of Anne Sellin in Opposition305/08/2014View
735533 533Testimony of Matthew Bader605/08/2014View
736534 534List of Witnesses105/08/2014View
737535 535Witness Cards405/08/2014View
738536 536Letter in Opposition from Danielle Brian205/09/2014View
739537 537Letter in Opposition from M.Constance McNally305/09/2014View
740538A538AMcMillan Historic Preservation Report (Part 1 of 3)7305/09/2014View
741538B538BMcMillan Historic Preservation Report (Part 2 of 3)6305/09/2014View
742538C538CMcMillan Historic Preservation Report (Part 3 of 3)11505/09/2014View
743539 539McMillan_Cell_Drainage_Diagram105/09/2014View
744540 540DPR Access to Parkland Report205/10/2014View
745541 541Memo from NCPC305/11/2014View
746542 542Affidavit of Maintenance105/12/2014View
747543 543Letter in Support from Charlena Brooks105/12/2014View
748544 544Letter in Support from Grant Turner105/12/2014View
749545 545Letter in Opposition from David Schwartzman PhD105/12/2014View
750546 546Letter in Opposition from Makda Belay105/12/2014View
751547 547Letter in Opposition from Heather Deutsch105/12/2014View
752548 548Letter in Opposition from Jon Croteau105/12/2014View
753549 549Letter in Opposition from Maxie Prementz105/12/2014View
754550 550Letter in Opposition from Christina Samuels105/12/2014View
755551 551Letter in Opposition from Clairanne Pesce 105/12/2014View
756552 552Letter in Opposition from Leslie Han105/12/2014View
757553 553Letter in Opposition from Evan Brust105/12/2014View
758554 554Letter in Opposition from Jennifer Motta105/12/2014View
759555 555Letter in Opposition from Frederick Carver105/12/2014View
760556 556Letter in Opposition from Kia Rahimian105/12/2014View
761557 557Letter in Opposition from Rania Hassan105/12/2014View
762558 558Letter in Opposition from Jamie Cotta105/12/2014View
763559 559Letter in Opposition from Kris Raghavan 105/12/2014View
764560 560Letter in Opposition from Sarah Cooper105/12/2014View
765561 561Letter in Opposition from Eric Fowler105/12/2014View
766562 562Letter in Opposition from John Cory Connolly105/12/2014View
767563 563Letter in Opposition from Anthony Wallace105/12/2014View
768564 564Letter in Opposition from Stellin Matteson105/12/2014View
769565 565Letter in Opposition from Carol Garvison105/12/2014View
770566 566Letter in Opposition from Kimberly Smelik105/12/2014View
771567 567Letter in Opposition from Vinant Moore105/12/2014View
772568 568Letter in Opposition from Tony Morrisey105/12/2014View
773569 569Letter in Opposition from Gina L. Perry105/12/2014View
774570 570Letter in Opposition from Mimi McKinney105/12/2014View
775571 571Letter in Opposition from Amanda Linenmeber105/12/2014View
776572 572Letter in Opposition from Lillian Cox105/12/2014View
777573 573Letter in Opposition from Jeffrey Edwards105/12/2014View
778574 574Letter in Opposition from Cliff Johnson105/12/2014View
779575 575Letter in Opposition from Cheri Hoffman105/12/2014View
780576 576Letter in Opposition from Shera Collins105/12/2014View
781577 577Letter in Opposition from Sofia Resnick105/12/2014View
782578 578Letter in Opposition from Brian Howard105/12/2014View
783579 579Letter in Opposition from Jennifer Krentel105/12/2014View
784580 580Letter in Opposition from Michael Petiere105/12/2014View
785581 581Letter in Opposition from Bennett Long105/12/2014View
786582 582Letter in Opposition from Bernard Banks105/12/2014View
787583 583Letter in Opposition from Anya Calli105/12/2014View
788584 584Letter in Opposition from Kristin Nwakobi105/12/2014View
789585 585Letter in Opposition from Brian Holcomb105/12/2014View
790586 586Letter in Opposition from Mary Kadnelski105/12/2014View
791587 587Letter in Opposition from Kathryn Mannula105/12/2014View
792588 588Letter in Opposition from Danine Manlux105/12/2014View
793589 589Letter in Opposition from Alison Brody105/12/2014View
794590 590Letter in Opposition from Susan Kyles105/12/2014View
795591 591Letter in Opposition from Charles Mikinney105/12/2014View
796592 592Letter in Opposition from Yulya Spantchak105/12/2014View
797593 593Letter in Opposition from Stephanie Lin105/12/2014View
798594 594Letter in Opposition from Amy Karpel105/12/2014View
799595 595Letter in Opposition from Alton M Wright105/12/2014View
800596 596Letter in Opposition from Mary Romeo105/12/2014View
801597 597Letter in Opposition from Elyor Vali105/12/2014View
802598 598Letter in Opposition from Shirley Brown105/12/2014View
803599 599Letter in Opposition from Erik Cooke105/12/2014View
804600 600Letter in Opposition from Marilyn Lashley105/12/2014View
805601 601Letter in Opposition from Brigid Barrett105/12/2014View
806602 602Letter in Opposition from Kiersten Kelley105/12/2014View
807603 603Letter in Opposition from Hanna Perry105/12/2014View
808604 604Letter in Opposition from Lucas Husted105/12/2014View
809605 605Letter in Opposition from Clyde Forbes105/12/2014View
810606 606Letter in Opposition from Ovefecs Hailsrock105/12/2014View
811607 607Letter in Opposition from Pam Hailsrock105/12/2014View
812608 608Letter in Opposition from Jonathan Werth105/12/2014View
813609 609Letter in Opposition from Michelle Soloman105/12/2014View
814610 610Letter in Opposition from Jeremy Yardley105/12/2014View
815611 611Letter in Opposition from Franie DePentino105/12/2014View
816612 612Letter in Opposition from Jon Dorrough105/12/2014View
817613 613Letter in Opposition from Jonathan A. Horvath105/12/2014View
818614 614Letter in Opposition from Louise Brooks105/12/2014View
819615 615Letter in Opposition from Sibere Gjecon Cooke105/12/2014View
820616 616Letter in Opposition from Deb Marcus105/12/2014View
821617 617Letter in Opposition from Emily Williamson105/12/2014View
822618 618Letter in Opposition from Gail Sabotlha.105/12/2014View
823619 619Letter in Opposition from Maggie Nyce105/12/2014View
824620 620Letter in Opposition from Patrick Brown105/12/2014View
825621 621Letter in Opposition from Dexter Clark & Karl Sabotka105/12/2014View
826622 622Letter in Opposition from Roberta Gutman105/12/2014View
827623 623Letter in Opposition from Walt Fauntroy105/12/2014View
828624 624Letter in Opposition from Mychille Skyes105/12/2014View
829625 625Letter in Opposition from Michael Moise105/12/2014View
830626 626Letter in Opposition from Paul Ballas105/12/2014View
831627 627Letter in Opposition from Jared Cotright105/12/2014View
832628 628Letter in Opposition from Amanda Mills Cotright105/12/2014View
833629 629Letter in Opposition from Michael Andrade105/12/2014View
834630 630Letter in Opposition from Erin Shillenn105/12/2014View
835631 631Letter in Opposition from Ron DeSena105/12/2014View
836632 632Letter in Opposition from Michael Hawes105/12/2014View
837633 633Letter in Opposition from Greg Bleson105/12/2014View
838634 634Letter in Opposition from Karoline P. Pershell105/12/2014View
839635 635Letter in Opposition from DC Environmental Network205/12/2014View
840636 636Letter in Opposition from David Levine105/12/2014View
841637 637Letter in Opposition from Kelly McCarthy105/12/2014View
842638 638Letter in Opposition from Andre Foremski105/12/2014View
843639 639Letter in Opposition from Rene Peres105/12/2014View
844640 640Letter in Opposition from Chris Cafien105/12/2014View
845641 641Letter in Opposition from Rachel Lufago105/12/2014View
846642 642Letter in Opposition from Katie Kronick105/12/2014View
847643 643Letter in Opposition from Dena Huff105/12/2014View
848644 644Letter in Opposition from Clara Funk105/12/2014View
849645 645Letter in Opposition from Monica105/12/2014View
850646 646Letter in Opposition from Shawn Brown105/12/2014View
851647 647Letter in Opposition from Tricia McCanley105/12/2014View
852648 648Letter in Opposition from Enrique Lourenco105/12/2014View
853649 649Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Caspers105/12/2014View
854650 650Letter in Opposition from Helen Dombalis105/12/2014View
855651 651Letter in Opposition from Bill Eubanks105/12/2014View
856652 652Letter in Opposition from Thomas Fusselman105/12/2014View
857653 653Letter in Opposition from Suzanne Unger105/12/2014View
858654 654Letter in Opposition from Jess Unger105/12/2014View
859655 655Letter in Opposition from Farah Gilani105/12/2014View
860656 656Letter in Opposition from Kelly Godsoe105/12/2014View
861657 657Letter in Opposition from Michael Tran105/12/2014View
862658 658Letter in Opposition from Byron Graves105/12/2014View
863659 659Letter in Opposition from Nykeisha Bradley105/12/2014View
864660 660Letter in Opposition from Cassandra Bradley105/12/2014View
865661 661Letter in Opposition from Robert Gordon105/12/2014View
866662 662Letter in Opposition from Sandra Barnes105/12/2014View
867663 663Letter in Opposition from Rena Brock105/12/2014View
868664 664Letter in Opposition from Beverly D Brooks105/12/2014View
869665 665Letter in Opposition from Jeffrey Beaty105/12/2014View
870666 666Letter in Opposition from Maria Wagner105/12/2014View
871667 667Letter in Opposition from Melissa Mattoon105/12/2014View
872668 668Letter in Opposition from Jonathan Badrian105/12/2014View
873669 669Letter in Opposition from Mark Maples105/12/2014View
874670 670Letter in Opposition from Mick Perrigo105/12/2014View
875671 671Letter in Opposition from Rowlina105/12/2014View
876672 672Letter in Opposition from Aaren Keith105/12/2014View
877673 673Letter in Opposition from Cameron Connelly105/12/2014View
878674 674Letter in Opposition from Dean Hively105/12/2014View
879675 675Letter in Opposition from Ljiljawa Komnenic105/12/2014View
880676 676Letter in Opposition from Daniel Lipskis105/12/2014View
881677 677Letter in Opposition from Jamie Lipsing105/12/2014View
882678 678Letter in Opposition from Lauren Jacobs105/12/2014View
883679 679Letter in Opposition from Scott Brawley105/12/2014View
884680 680Letter in Opposition from Matthew Ramsey105/12/2014View
885681 681Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth105/12/2014View
886682 682Letter in Opposition from Basem Sauh105/12/2014View
887683 683Letter in Opposition from Datorie Wallace105/12/2014View
888684 684Letter in Opposition from Richard Sawyer105/12/2014View
889685 685Letter in Opposition from Neil Morgan105/12/2014View
890686 686Letter in Opposition from Leanne Olsen205/13/2014View
891687 687Testimony of Sara Ann Kaufman205/13/2014View
892688 688ANC 1B Report105/13/2014View
893689 689McMillan Reservoir ACHP-GSA Section 106 correspondence covenants 1986-873405/13/2014View
894690 690Gentrification in DC PowerPoint1305/13/2014View
895691 691Testimony and CV of George Oberlander505/13/2014View
896692 692Testimony of Anne Sellin 05/01/2014305/13/2014View
897693 693Testimony of Anne Sellin 05/08/2014305/13/2014View
898694 694Testimony of Tony Norman 05/05/20143805/13/2014View
899695 695Testimony of Miriam Gusevich 05/01/2014705/13/2014View
900696 696Testimony of MCV Associates1605/13/2014View
901697 697Transportation Study1105/13/2014View
902698 698Cover Letter from Applicant in Rebuttal105/13/2014View
903699A699AArchitectural Drawings (Part 1 of 4)1105/13/2014View
904699B699BArchitectural Drawings (Part 2 of 4)205/13/2014View
905699C699CArchitectural Drawings (Part 3 of 4)105/13/2014View
906699D699DArchitectural Drawings (Part 4 of 4)105/13/2014View
907700 700Letter in Opposition from Rosina Memolo205/13/2014View
908701 701Letter in Opposition from Marcella M Hilt205/13/2014View
909702 702Expert Rebuttal Witness Resume of Mark Stires305/13/2014View
910703 703Applicant's Additional Rebuttal Slide105/13/2014View
911704 704Letter in Opposition from Paul_Cerruti 105/13/2014View
912705 705Letter in Opposition from Jim Schulman105/13/2014View
913706 706Letter in Opposition from Mel Peffers205/13/2014View
914707 707Letter in Opposition from Greg Ham205/13/2014View
915708 708Letter in Support from Ali Jost105/13/2014View
916709 709Testimony of Jane Huntington in Opposition605/13/2014View
917710 710Testimony of Eugene Puryear205/13/2014View
918711 711Testimony of Kirby Vining in Opposition605/13/2014View
919712 712Testimony of Betsy McDaniel in Opposition805/13/2014View
920713 713Revised Testimony of Mel Peffers in Opposition205/13/2014View
921714 714Testimony of Carole Lewis Anderson in Opposition205/13/2014View
922715 715Testimony of Elizabeth S Merritt in Opposition405/13/2014View
923716 716Testimony of Mary Pat Brown in Opposition 105/13/2014View
924717 717Testimony of Debby Hanrahan in Opposition205/13/2014View
925718 718Testimony of Sam Shipley in Opposition305/13/2014View
926719 719Testimony of Laura Jackson in Opposition905/13/2014View
927720 720Testimony of Katherine Young in Opposition105/13/2014View
928721 721Testimony of Ali Tharrington in Opposition105/13/2014View
929722 722Testimony of Joseph LeVesque in Opposition205/13/2014View
930723 723Testimony of John T Salatti in Opposition305/13/2014View
931724 724Testimony of Gwen Southerland605/13/2014View
932725 725Letter in Opposition from Mary Jane Owen105/13/2014View
933726 726Letter in Opposition from Elizabeth Haney105/13/2014View
934727 727Letter in Opposition from Joy Jones105/13/2014View
935728 728Letter in Opposition from Taylor Cook105/13/2014View
936729 729Letter in Opposition from Michael Y Wang105/13/2014View
937730 730Letter in Opposition from Aquarius Vann-Ghasri105/13/2014View
938731 731Letter in Opposition from Gerald Allan Schwian105/13/2014View
939732 732Letter in Opposition from Hannah Khaled Rishef105/13/2014View
940733 733Letter in Opposition from Christina Dawn Morgan105/13/2014View
941734 734Letter in Opposition from Rebecca R Cusie105/13/2014View
942735 735Letter in Opposition from Jose' Labarca105/13/2014View
943736 736Letter in Opposition from Mary Bolton105/13/2014View
944737 737Testimony of Christopher Chambers in Support205/13/2014View
945738 738Testimony of Malcolm M Kenton205/13/2014View
946739 739Testimony of Kiernan Whitworth in Support105/13/2014View
947740 740Testimony of Claire Carlin in Support205/13/2014View
948741 741Testimony of Dianne Chambers in Support205/13/2014View
949742 742Testimony of Jared Owen Heming in Support105/13/2014View
950743 743Testimony of Phoebe Sweet in Support105/13/2014View
951744 744Testimony of John Hagood in Support105/13/2014View
952745 745Testimony of George W Crawford in Support205/13/2014View
953746 746Testimony of Debbie Smith-Steiner in Support205/13/2014View
954747 747Testimony of Cheryl Cort in Support205/13/2014View
955748 748Testimony of Dianne Barnes, ANC 5E1905/13/2014View
956749 749List of Witnesses805/13/2014View
957750 750Witness Cards605/13/2014View
958751 751Comments in Support from Jed Ober 105/19/2014View
959752 752Letter in Opposition Juliana Humphrey105/19/2014View
960753 753Letter in Opposition Gabrieli Pearl105/19/2014View
961754 754Letter in Opposition Tara Humphrey105/19/2014View
962755 755Letter in Opposition Renee Heven105/19/2014View
963756 756Letter in Opposition Ruxandra Pond105/19/2014View
964757 757Letter in Opposition Rod Terry105/19/2014View
965758 758Letter in Opposition Simone Noonan105/19/2014View
966759 759Letter in Opposition Wens C. Rewuett105/19/2014View
967760 760Letter in Opposition Debra Coletti105/19/2014View
968761 761Letter in Opposition Alexis Valauris Orton105/19/2014View
969762 762Letter in Opposition Sara Gruss105/19/2014View
970763 763Letter in Opposition Megan Mituteu105/19/2014View
971764 764Letter in Opposition Lindsay Giffin105/19/2014View
972765 765Letter in Opposition Camille Campanella105/19/2014View
973766 766Letter in Opposition Fabiana Duarte105/19/2014View
974767 767Letter in Opposition John MacNeil105/19/2014View
975768 768Letter in Opposition Jen Lotze105/19/2014View
976769 769Letter in Opposition Brian Stuuber105/19/2014View
977770 770Testimony of Alma Gates in Opposition905/20/2014View
978771 771BCA McMillan Testimony505/21/2014View
979772 772BCA McMillan PowerPoint Presentation905/21/2014View
980773 773Testimony of Bertha Holliday in Opposition305/21/2014View
981774 774Letter in Opposition from Jacquelyn Bengfort105/21/2014View
982775 775Testimony in Opposition from Richard Hind205/21/2014View
983776 776OP Supplemental Report105/22/2014View
984777 777Testimony from Todd Vincent Crosby205/27/2014View
985778 778Letter in Opposition from Philippe Briandet705/27/2014View
986779 779Attachment Pic to Letter in Opposition105/27/2014View
987780 780Letter in Opposition from Tony Norman105/27/2014View
988781 781Cover Letter from Applicant transmitting Rebuttal Materials205/27/2014View
989782 782Applicant's Rebuttal PowerPoint Presentation: EHT Traceries805/27/2014View
990783 783Rebuttal Testimony of Emily H. Eig, EHT Traceries505/27/2014View
991784 784Applicant's Rebuttal PowerPoint Presentation: Rowhouses1205/27/2014View
992785 785Applicant's Rebuttal PowerPoint Presentation: Master Plan305/27/2014View
993786 786Applicant's Rebuttal: Existing Conditions Assessment & Feasibility Evaluation by Robert Silman Associates7805/27/2014View
994787 787Rebuttal Resume of Mark Stires, PE305/27/2014View
995788 788Letter of Opposition from Ana Jinares105/27/2014View
996789 789Letter of Opposition from Colleen Edwards105/27/2014View
997790 790Letter of Opposition from Stephen Ruebi105/27/2014View
998791 791Letter of Opposition from Ceridwen Cherry105/27/2014View
999792 792Letter of Opposition from Anne Bowles105/27/2014View
1000793 793Letter of Opposition from Marge Abela105/27/2014View
1001794 794Letter of Opposition from Tess Rimington105/27/2014View
1002795 795Letter of Opposition from Zachary Lisclo105/27/2014View
1003796 796Letter of Opposition from Rebecca Palizza105/27/2014View
1004797 797Letter of Opposition from James R. Myers105/27/2014View
1005798 798Letter of Opposition from Michael Harwood105/27/2014View
1006799 799Letter of Opposition from Joshua Malamud105/27/2014View
1007800 800Letter of Opposition from Rebecca Malamud105/27/2014View
1008801 801Letter of Opposition from Christopher Troeschel105/27/2014View
1009802 802Letter of Opposition from Matty Greene105/27/2014View
1010803 803Letter of Opposition from Monica Atkins105/27/2014View
1011804 804Letter of Opposition from Boris Miric105/27/2014View
1012805 805Letter of Opposition from Andrea Miric105/27/2014View
1013806 806Letter of Opposition from Ed Lewis105/27/2014View
1014807 807Letter of Opposition from Maevin Williams105/27/2014View
1015808 808Letter of Opposition from Anne Borig105/27/2014View
1016809 809Applicant's Commitments to ANC 5E on Public Benefits & Amenities 905/27/2014View
1017810 810Testimony in Opposition from Katrina Lee & Kevin Garry305/27/2014View
1018811 811Press Release dated May 7, 2014105/27/2014View
1019812 812Letters in Opposition from Johnson Doerue & Mary Judd205/27/2014View
1020813 813Letter in Opposition from DC for Reasonable Development205/27/2014View
1021814 814NCPC Report305/28/2014View
1022815 815Testimony in Opposition from Gwen Southerland105/27/2014View
1023816 816Letter from ANC 5E Submitting its Draft CBA1005/27/2014View
1024817 817Testimony of Alma Hardy Gates, Neighbors United Trust in Opposition405/27/2014View
1025818 818Testimony of Hugh Youngblood in Opposition205/27/2014View
1026819 819Testimony of Cheryl Wagner in Opposition105/27/2014View
1027820 820Submission by Don McKinnon605/27/2014View
1028821 821Testimony of Joseph Levesque in Opposition205/27/2014View
1029822 822Testimony of Katherine Young in Opposition105/27/2014View
1030823 823Testimony of Angela Ray in Opposition305/27/2014View