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11 1Application Form14/23/2021View
22 2Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - 2nd-Stage PUD Application34/23/2021View
33 3Applicant's Statement in Support 274/23/2021View
43A3ASIS: Tab A (Copy of Order No. 08-34)364/23/2021View
53B3BSIS: Tab B (Copy of Order No. 08-34K)104/23/2021View
63C3CSIS: Tab C (Zoning Map)14/23/2021View
73D3DSIS: Tab D (Surveyor's Plat)14/23/2021View
83E3ESIS: Tab E (Future Land Use Map)14/23/2021View
93F3FSIS: Tab F (Generalized Policy Map)14/23/2021View
103G3G1SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 1)114/23/2021View
113G3G2SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 2)104/23/2021View
123G3G3SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 3)64/23/2021View
133G3G4SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 4)54/23/2021View
143G3G5SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 5)184/23/2021View
153G3G6SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 6)214/23/2021View
163G3G7SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 7)94/23/2021View
173G3G8SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 8)114/23/2021View
183G3G9SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 9)114/23/2021View
193G3G10SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings Part 10)64/23/2021View
203H3HSIS: Tab H (Affordable Housing Unit Location Plan)14/23/2021View
213I3ISIS: Tab I (List of Publically Available Info.)14/23/2021View
223J3JSIS: Tab J (Form 100 App Signature Page)14/23/2021View
233K3KSIS: Tab K (Cert of Notice, NOI, 200 ft List)34/23/2021View
243L3LSIS: Tab L (Authorization Letters)24/23/2021View
253M3MSIS: Tab M (Certification of Proficiency)14/23/2021View
264 4Acceptance Ltr. to Applicant104/27/2021View
275 5Referral to Councilmembers Pinto & Allen104/27/2021View
286 6Referral to OP104/27/2021View
297 7Referral to ANCs 2C & 6c & SMDs 504/27/2021View
308 8Proof of Publication of NOF in D.C. Register104/27/2021View
319 9Attestation: NOF204/27/2021View
3210 10Receipt for Filing Fee104/27/2021View
3311 11OP Setdown Report 145/28/2021View
3412 12Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Pre-hearing Statement27/14/2021View
3513 13Pre-hearing Statement137/14/2021View
3613A13APHS: Tab A (Updated Plans)77/14/2021View
3713B13BPHS: Tab B (List of Witnesses)17/14/2021View
3813C13CPHS: Tab C (Witness Testimony and Resumes)177/14/2021View
3913D13DPHS: Tab D (200 ft Property Owner List)17/14/2021View
4014 14Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register107/19/2021View
4114A14AProof of Publication of Corrected PHN to Register108/09/2021View
4215 15Notice of Public Hearing407/19/2021View
4315A15ACorrected Notice of Virtual Public Hearing508/09/2021View
4416 16Attestation: PHN407/20/2021View
4516A16AAttestation: Corrected PHN208/10/2021View
4617 172 Returned PHNs308/10/2021View
4718 18Affidavit of Posting58/30/2021View
4819 191 Returned PHN208/31/2021View
4920 203 Returned PHNs409/08/2021View
5021 21Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Transportation Study39/20/2021View
5121A21AApplicant's Transportation Study559/20/2021View
5222 22Applicant's Supplemental Pre-hearing Statement79/29/2021View
5322A22A1PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 1)119/29/2021View
5422A22A2PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 2)109/29/2021View
5522A22A3PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 3)69/29/2021View
5622A22A4PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 4)59/29/2021View
5722A22A5PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 5)189/29/2021View
5822A22A6PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 6)219/29/2021View
5922A22A7PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 7)79/29/2021View
6022A22A8PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 8)119/29/2021View
6122A22A9PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 9)119/29/2021View
6222A22A10PHS: Tab A (Architectural Plans - Part 10)69/29/2021View
6323 23ANC 2C Report209/30/2021View
6424 24ANC 2C Report210/01/2021View
6525 25OP Hearing Report 2nd stage PUD2310/12/2021View
6626 26DDOT Report1610/12/2021View
6727 27Affidavit of Maintenance110/18/2021View
6828 28Photo of Builidng Materials410/19/2021View
6929A29A1Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 1)1110/20/2021View
7029A29A2Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)510/20/2021View
7129A29A3Applicant's PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)1310/20/2021View
7230 30ANC 6C Report in Support w/Condition210/21/2021View
7331 31Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Draft Order211/4/2021View
7431A31ADraft Order2411/4/2021View
7532 32Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Order103/17/2022View
7633 33Z.C. Order No. 08-34L2503/17/2022View
7734 34Attestation: Z.C. Order No. 08-34L103/22/2022View
7835 35PUD Covenant3809/14/2023View
79  36Filing Fee Receipt19/25/2023View