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11 1Cover Letter from Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman Re: Application for Review Under the CG Overlay209/08/2006View
22 2Copy of Filing Fee109/08/2006View
33 3Copy of Mailing Labels709/08/2006View
44 4Application for Review of Structure within the CG Overlay District2109/08/2006View
55 5Exhibit A: Application for Design Review209/08/2006View
66 6Exhibit B: Authorization Letter209/08/2006View
77 7Exhibit C: Surveyor's Plat209/08/2006View
88 8Exhibit D: Sanborn Plat209/08/2006View
99 9Exhibit E: Z.C. Order No. 9711809/08/2006View
1010 10Exhibit F: Architectural Plans2309/08/2006View
1111 11Exhibit G: Photos of the Site309/08/2006View
1212 12Exhibit H: Property Owners List1109/08/2006View
1313 13PHN to DC Register511/16/2006View
1414 14Notice of Public Hearing 402/22/2007View
1515 15Attestation of Notice of Public Hearing1211/29/2006View
1616 16Returned PHN512/04/2006View
1717 17Returned PHN512/05/2006View
1818 18Returned PHN512/06/2006View
1919 19Returned PHN512/11/2006View
2020 20Returned PHN512/15/2006View
2121 21Affidavit of Posting201/11/2007View
2222 22Referral to NCPC101/23/2007View
2323 23Letter of Opposition from Karl Fraser202/01/2007View
2424 24Cover Letter from the Applicant Enclosing Prehearing Statement1402/02/2007View
2524A24APrehearing Statement: Tab A (Surveyor's Plat of the Property)102/02/2007View
2624B24BPrehearing Statement: Tab B (Sanborn Plat of the Property)102/02/2007View
2724C24CPrehearing Statement: Tab C (Zoning Commission Order Rezoning the Property)1702/02/2007View
2824D24DPrehearing Statement: Tab D (Office of Planning Process to Add Site to Capitol Gateway Overlay)402/02/2007View
2924E24EPrehearing Statement: Tab E (Architectural Plans, Elevations, and Sections)3602/02/2007View
3024F24FPrehearing Statement: Tab F (Excerpts from Transcripts from Hearings for Zoning Commission Case No. 04-33)1002/02/2007View
3124G24GPrehearing Statement: Tab G (Outlines of Witness Testimony)202/02/2007View
3224H24HPrehearing Statement: Tab H (Resume of Expert Witness)602/02/2007View
3325 25OP Report1702/12/2007View
3426 26Cover Letter for Supplemental Information502/21/2007View
3526A26ASupplemental Information: Tab A (Elevations Showing the Elevations of Rooftop Pool)402/21/2007View
3626B26BSupplemental Information: Tab B (Elevation Highlighting the First Two Floors of the Building Along South Capitol Street)102/21/2007View
3726C26CSupplemental Information: Tab C (Additional Information on Balcony Materials)102/21/2007View
3826D26DSupplemental Information: Tab D (Section of Proposed Building as it Stands Between the Rowhouses and Proposed Stadium)102/21/2007View
3926E26ESupplemental Information: Tab E (Chart Reflecting Affordable Dwelling Unit Analysis)102/21/2007View
4026F26FSupplemental Information: Tab F (Updated Roof Landscape Plan)102/21/2007View
4126G26GSupplemental Information: Tab G (Development and Construction Management Plan)402/21/2007View
4226H26HSupplemental Information: Tab H (Proposed Conditions of Zoning Commission Approval102/21/2007View
4326I26ISupplemental Information: Tab (Resume of Eric Liebmann, WDG Architecture)102/21/2007View
4427 27NCPC Comments 202/21/2007View
4528 28Affidavit of Maintenance302/22/2007View
4629 29ANC Letter of Support with Conditions Attachment302/22/2007View
4730 30Witness List102/22/2007View
4831 31Witness Cards102/22/2007View
4932 32DDOT Report302/22/2007View
5033 33NCPC Report102/26/2007View
5134 34OP's Post-hearing Report203/12/2007View
5235 35Applicant's Post Hearing Submission1303/12/2007View
5335A35AApplicant's Post Hearing Submission: Tab A (Revised Roof Plan)303/12/2007View
5435B35BApplicant's Post Hearing Submission: Tab B (Detailed Information on Commitment to "Green Design")403/12/2007View
5535C35CApplicant's Post Hearing Submission: Tab C (Ground Floor Elevations of Retail and Amenity Space)603/12/2007View
5635D35DApplicant's Post Hearing Submission: Tab D (Revised Western Façade that Respects Residential Uses Adjacent to Building)203/12/2007View
5735E35EApplicant's Post Hearing Submission: Tab E (Photographs of Building with Similar Materials to Proposed Building)203/12/2007View
5835F35FApplicant's Post Hearing Submission: Tab F (Revised Proposed Conditions of Approval)103/12/2007View
5936 36Supplemental Post-hearing Submission203/15/2007View
6037 37Applicant's Proposed Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law1403/19/2007View
6138 38Supplemental Post-Hearing Statement by Applicant603/26/2007View
6239 39Applicant's Proposed Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law1303/26/2007View
6340 40OP's Post-Hearing Report203/30/2007View
6441 41Labels of Owners Within 200 Feet904/17/2007View
6542 42Cover Letter & Applications for Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment1004/13/2007View
6643 43PHN504/18/2007View
6744 44Affidavit of Posting204/25/2007View
6845 45Attestation: PHN and Copy of Mailing Labels1304/23/2007View
6946 46Returned PHN404/30/2007View
7047 47Three Returned PHNs705/03/2007View
7148 48Applicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement2205/11/2007View
7248A48AApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab A (Surveyor's Plat)205/11/2007View
7348B48BApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab B (Zoning Commission Order No. 971)1705/11/2007View
7448C48CApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab C (Site Plans, Elevations, Sections, Landscape Plans, Floor Plans and Façade Details)3905/11/2007View
7548D48DApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab D (Green Design Features)405/11/2007View
7648E48EApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab E (Outline of Witness Testimony and Resume of Expert in Architecture)705/11/2007View
7748F48FApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab F (List of Publicly Available Maps, Plans or Other Documents)105/11/2007View
7848G48GApplicant's Cover Letter and Prehearing Statement: Tab G (Name and Mailing Addresses of Owners within 200 Feet of Property)1005/11/2007View
7949 49Letter from Karl M. Fraser Requesting Party Status205/14/2007View
8050 50OP's Public Hearing Report (Plus DC Parks & Rec and WASA Report1405/21/2007View
8151 51ANC 6D's Letter in Support from Roger Moffatt305/30/2007View
8252 52Addendum Submitted by ANC 6D Roger Moffatt605/31/2007View
8353 53Affidavit of Maintenance405/31/2007View
8454 54Opening and Closing Statement505/31/2007View
8555 55Witness Cards105/31/2007View
8656 56Applicant's Post-hearing Submission306/14/2007View
8756A56AApplicant's Post-hearing Submission: Tab A (Floor Plans Showing Distribution of Affordable Units)606/14/2007View
8856B56BApplicant's Post-hearing Submission: Tab B (Revised Western Façade with Additional Articulation)306/14/2007View
8956C56CApplicant's Post-hearing Submission: Tab C (Set of Plans for Ease of Reference)4206/14/2007View
9057 57Cover Letter & Applicant's Proposed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law1606/21/2007View
9158 58Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission2507/23/2007View
9259 59Request for Party Status and Letter of Support from Karl Fraser (Returned)307/23/2007View
9360 60ANC 6D Letter in Support from Roger Moffatt407/31/2007View
9461 61Referral to NCPC107/31/2007View
9562 62NCPC Action-No Objection208/09/2007View
9663 63DC Register: ZC Order1711/14/2007View
9764 64Attestation: ZC Order1711/19/2007View
9865 65ANC 6D Letter Regarding Applicant's Satisfaction Conditions of Order206/13/2013View