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11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Application for Modification to PUD107/18/2016View
22 2Applicant's Statement in Support2807/18/2016View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Signed Application Forms)307/18/2016View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Copy of Order No. 06-14)2107/18/2016View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Copy of Order No. 06-14A)407/18/2016View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (Copy of Order No. 06-14C)507/18/2016View
72E2ESIS: Tab E (Copy of Order No. 06-14B)1407/18/2016View
82F2FSIS: Tab F (ZR 16 Chart)207/18/2016View
92G12G1SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 1)907/18/2016View
102G22G2SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 2)807/18/2016View
112G32G3SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 3)807/18/2016View
122G42G4SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 4)607/18/2016View
132G52G5SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 5)1207/18/2016View
142G62G6SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 6)607/18/2016View
152G72G7SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 7)1007/18/2016View
162G82G8SIS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - part 8)1707/18/2016View
172H2HSIS: Tab H (Future Land Use Map)107/18/2016View
182I2ISIS: Tab I (Generalized Policy Map)107/18/2016View
192J2JSIS: Tab J (Zoning Map)107/18/2016View
202K2KSIS: Tab K (Project Benefit Committment Letters)1507/18/2016View
212L2LSIS: Tab L (Certificate of Notice, NOI, 200 ft Property Owners List)607/18/2016View
223 3Copy of Filing Fee107/19/2016View
234 4Referral to OP107/21/2016View
245 5Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant107/21/2016View
256 6Referral to Councilmember McDuffie107/21/2016View
267 7Referral to Councilmember Allen107/21/2016View
278 8Referral to ANC 5E, 5D, and 6C and ANC SMD 5E03 and 5D01707/21/2016View
289 9NOF to DC Register107/21/2016View
2910 10Attestation: NOF207/21/2016View
3011 11Re-Service of Notice of Filing to ANC 5E, 5D, 6C, and SMD 5D01707/27/2016View
3112 12Attestation NOF (re-service on ANC)207/27/2016View
3213 13OP Setdown Report810/07/2016View
3314 14Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Prehearing Statement110/27/2016View
3415 15Prehearing Statement910/27/2016View
3515A15APHS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings)910/27/2016View
3615B15BPHS: Tab B (Zoning Administrator Confirmation)210/27/2016View
3715C15CPHS: Tab C (List of Witnesses)110/27/2016View
3815D15DPHS: Tab D (Outline of Testimony Applicant)110/27/2016View
3915E15EPHS: Tab E (Outline of Testimony and Resume Architect)210/27/2016View
4015F15FPHS: Tab F (Outline of Testimony and Resume Traffic)310/27/2016View
4115G15GPHS: Tab G (Outline of Testimony and Resume Landscape)210/27/2016View
4215H15HPHS: Tab H (List of Maps)110/27/2016View
4315I15IPHS: Tab I (200 ft Property Owner List)410/27/2016View
4416 16Hearing Fee Calculator Form210/27/2016View
4517 17Copy of Hearing Fee110/28/2016View
4618 18Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register111/21/2016View
4719 19Notice of Public Hearing311/21/2016View
4820 20Returned PHN411/28/2016View
4921 21Attestation: PHN211/28/2016View
5022 22Returned PHN212/02/2016View
5123 23Returned PHNs312/07/2016View
5224 24Affidavit of Posting312/08/2016View
5325 25Returned PHN212/13/2016View
5426 26Request for Waiver for Traffic Report212/27/2016View
5527 27Transportation Assessment10212/27/2016View
5628 28Resume of Christopher Kabatt212/27/2016View
5729 29Cvr. Ltr to Applicant's Supplemental Statement112/29/2016View
5830 30Applicant's Supplemental Statement1212/29/2016View
5930A130A1SS: Tab A (Plans - part 1)912/29/2016View
6030A230A2SS: Tab A (Plans - part 2)912/29/2016View
6130A330A3SS: Tab A (Plans - part 3)1212/29/2016View
6230A430A4SS: Tab A (Plans - part 4)1312/29/2016View
6330A530A5SS: Tab A (Plans - part 5)712/29/2016View
6430A630A6SS: Tab A (Plans - part 6)1812/29/2016View
6530A730A7SS: Tab A (Plans - part 7)812/29/2016View
6630A830A8SS: Tab A (Plans - part 8)912/29/2016View
6730B30BSS: Tab B (Transportation Assessment)1012/29/2016View
6831 31DDOT Report1301/06/2017View
6932 32OP Final Report501/09/2017View
7033 33Affidavit of Maintenance101/17/2017View
7134 34Comments from Richard Layman1201/23/2017View
7235 35Letter in Support from Eckington Civic Association202/08/2017View
7336 36Letter in Support from NoMa BID102/08/2017View
7437 37Cvr. Ltr. Submitting Substitute Expert Witness: Lauren Brandes102/08/2017View
7537A37AResume of Lauren Brandes, Landscape Architect102/08/2017View
7638 38Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Additional Drawings202/08/2017View
7739 39Additional Drawing Sheets402/08/2017View
7840 40Applicant's Memo to DDOT302/09/2017View
7941A141A1PowerPoint Presentation(Part 1)1002/09/2017View
8041A241A2PowerPoint Presentation (Part 2)602/09/2017View
8141A341A3PowerPoint Presentation (Part 3)802/09/2017View
8241A441A4PowerPoint Presentation (Part 4)402/09/2017View
8341A541A5PowerPoint Presentation (Part 5)402/09/2017View
8441A641A6PowerPoint Presentation (Part 6)302/09/2017View
8541A741A7PowerPoint Presentation (Part 7)1002/09/2017View
8642 42Photos of Material Boards302/09/2017View
8743 43Applicant's Proposed Proffers and Conditions802/16/2017View
8844 44Applicants Revised Proffers and Conditions1003/02/2017View
8945 45Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Post-Hearing Statement403/06/2017View
9046A146A1Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 1)903/06/2017View
9146A246A2Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 2)903/06/2017View
9246A346A3Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 3)1203/06/2017View
9346A446A4Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 4)1303/06/2017View
9446A546A5Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 5)703/06/2017View
9546A646A6Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 6)1803/06/2017View
9646A746A7Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 7)803/06/2017View
9746A846A8Revised Consolidated Plans (Part 8)903/06/2017View
9847 47Cover Letter from Applicant - Draft Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law103/09/2017View
9948 48Applicant's Draft Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law2103/09/2017View
10049 49ANC 5E Final Report 103/13/2017View
10150 50ANC 6C Report 103/13/2017View
10251 51Ltr. from Applicant - Service of Additional Documents on ANC 5D203/20/2017View
10352 52Ltr. from Applicant - Additional Submissions to ANC 5D203/21/2017View
10453 53Applicant's Further Post Hearing Submission405/01/2017View
10554 54Applicant's Second Post Hearing Submission405/16/2017View
10654A54APHS: Tab A (Affidavit of Applicant)305/16/2017View
10754B54BPHS: Tab B (Transcript Excerpt - No 1)405/16/2017View
10854C54CPHS: Tab C (Transcript Excerpt - No. 2)605/16/2017View
10955 55Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register104/23/2018View
11056 56Attestation: Order No. 06-14D104/26/2018View
11157 57Z.C. Order No. 06-14D2305/04/2018View