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11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Holland & Knight and Applications for Consolidated PUD & Related Map Amendment609/12/2005View
22A2A1Applicant's Statement in Support (Part 1)10709/12/2005View
32A2A2Applicant's Statement in Support (Part 2)3909/12/2005View
43 3Surveyor's Plat209/12/2005View
54 4Copy of Filing Fee109/12/2005View
65 5Architectural Drawings4509/12/2005View
76 6Cvr. Ltr. from Holland & Knight Enclosing Corrected Sheet D02 to the Architectural Drawings309/15/2005View
87 7Acceptance Letter to Applicant109/22/2005View
98 8Referral to OP109/22/2005View
109 9Referral to Councilmember Fenty209/22/2005View
1110 10Referral to ANC 4B & SMD 4B07209/22/2005View
1211 11Attestation: Notice of Filing209/22/2005View
1312 12Petitions in Opposition from Citizens Re: 6000 New Hampshire Ave. NE20509/22/2005View
1413 13Notice of Filing to DC Register209/28/2005View
1514 14OP Setdown Report1111/04/2005View
1615 15Ltr. in Opposition from ANC/SMD 4B072401/20/2006View
1716 16Ltr. from ANC 4B Re: Judi Jones' Ltr. to Zoning Board201/30/2006View
1817 17Ltr. from Gwendolyn Vample Re: Clarification on Community Support202/07/2006View
1918 18Ltr. from Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association Re: Concerns w/Proposed Project402/08/2006View
2019 19Ltr. from Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association (LRCA) Re: Flip Chart Notes from Med Star Development602/09/2006View
2120 20Ltr. from Cherita Whiting, Chair ANC 4B Re: Ltr. Sent from Rodney Foxworth on 2/8/06 (LRCA w/Proposed Project)402/10/2006View
2221 21Ltr from Yvonne Jefferson, President, Citizens' Aware Block Org. Re: 11/14/05 Public Meeting. Key Points Listed for OP Re: West Group PUD202/13/2006View
2322 22Ltr. from Lillian Howard Re: Public Meeting 11/14/05 West Group PUD. Key Points Listed for OP202/15/2006View
2423 23Ltr. from J.B. Martin & Lawrence L. Martin Re: 11/14/05 Pubic Meeting West Group PUD. Key Points Listed for OP 402/22/2006View
2524 24Ltr. from Pamela & Ronald Griffin Re: 11/14/05 Pubic Meeting West Group PUD. Key Points Listed for OP 403/07/2006View
2625 25Ltrs. from Mattie & Andrew Knight and Joan Johnson603/09/2006View
2726A26A1Ltr. from Norman M. Glasgow Jr. w/Holland & Knight Re: Pre-hearing Statement of Consolidated PUD & Map Amendment-6000 New Hampshire Ave. (Part 1)9003/30/2006View
2826A26A2Ltr. from Norman M. Glasgow Jr. w/Holland & Knight Re: Pre-hearing Statement of Consolidated PUD & Map Amendment-6000 New Hampshire Ave. (Part 2)8503/30/2006View
2927 27Ltr. from Willard L. Johnson; Comments on West Group PUD204/12/2006View
3028 28PHN to DC Register504/19/2006View
3129 29Attestation: PHN1204/20/2006View
3230 305 Returned PHNs907/20/2006View
3331 311 Returned PHN505/04/2006View
3432 321 Returned PHN505/05/2006View
3533 331 Returned PHN505/18/2006View
3634 34Affidavit of Posting506/08/2006View
3735 35Ltr. from Angela D. Thomas w/Venable LLP w/Check Enclosed for Photocopies306/14/2006View
3836 36Supplemental Pre-hearing Statement306/28/2006View
3937 37Final Pre-hearing Submittal Consolidated PUD and Zoning Map Amendment1906/28/2006View
4038 38Ltr. from Dr. Oralisa Martin; A Summary of the Testimony307/06/2006View
4139 39Ltr. from Yvonne A. Jefferson; Petition for Party Status for West Group Proposed Development407/06/2006View
4240 40Citizens' Aware Block Organization Opposition Testimony to West Group Property Development22707/10/2006View
4341 41OP Final Report1607/10/2006View
4442 42DDOT Report207/11/2006View
4543 43Ltr. from ANC 4B907/11/2006View
4644 44Ltr. from Judi Jones, ANC 4B07 Re: Rejection of the West Group Development and Jarvis Company Consolidated PUD307/13/2006View
4745 45Ltr. w/Statement in Opposition from Gwen Vample207/20/2006View
4846 46Ltr. in Support from Keith and Camille M. White107/18/2006View
4947 47Ltr. from Cherita Whiting, Chair, ANC 4B w/Comments & Concerns to 07/05/2006 Ltr. Judi Jones, ANC 4B07107/18/2006View
5048 48Affidavit of Maintenance507/19/2006View
5149 49Ltr. in Support from James D. Gaston, III, President (LCAG)207/19/2006View
5250 50Ltr. in Support from John Milligan107/20/2006View
5351 51Schedule of Community Meetings Attended by the Applicant207/20/2006View
5452 52Resume of Edward Papazian, Kimley-Horn & Associates207/20/2006View
5553 53Curriculum Vitae from N. Williams Jarvis207/20/2006View
5654 54Curriculum Vitae from Arthur Lohsen, Frank, Lohsen McCrery Architects107/20/2006View
5755 55Resume of M. Scott Mingonet, Kimley-Horn & Associates207/20/2006View
5856 56Resume of Robert T. Jeter, Kimley-Horn Associates107/20/2006View
5957 57Curriculum Vitae of Ferrell Madden Associates1007/20/2006View
6058 58Testimony of Steven Sher1807/20/2006View
6159 59Community Benefits Contributions107/20/2006View
6260 60List of Witnesses107/20/2006View
6361 61Testimony of Rodney Foxworth, LRCA307/20/2006View
6462 62Petition Submitted by Gloria Mobley in Opposition407/20/2006View
6563 63Ltr. from Shirley W. France, Chair, Board of Trustees, Nineteenth Baptist Church107/21/2006View
6664 64Ltr. from Dodie Butter w/Questions, Comments & Concerns207/21/2006View
6765 6519 Witness Cards307/21/2006View
6866 66Ltr. in Support w/Concerns from James D. Gaston, III307/27/2006View
6967 67Ltr. from ANC 4B, Blondine Hughes, Vice Chair Re: Minutes Reflecting the Motion (Judi Jones)208/18/2006View
7068 68Ltr. from ANC 4B Cherita Whiting, Chair, ANC 4B Re: Not Designating Judi Jones as the Representative to Speak108/21/2006View
7169 69Judi Jones, ANC 4B07 w/8 Attachments2308/28/2006View
7270 70Ltr. from Yvonne A. Jefferson Re: Would Like Mr. Lawrence Martin to Speak as She is Unavailable108/28/2006View
7371 71DHCD Memo to OP406/07/2006View
7472 72ANC 4B & ANC 4B07 Report1508/28/2006View
7573 73Emails Between ANC & Zoning Commission408/31/2006View
7674 74ANC/SMD 4B03 Change of Vote Plus Responses to Judi Jones' Report from Developer409/07/2006View
7775 75ANC/SMD 4B03 Change of Vote w/o Developer Responses209/07/2006View
7876 76ANC 4B Response to Report Submitted by Judi Jones309/07/2006View
7977 77Amendment to the July 20 Zoning Meeting Transcript109/07/2006View
8078 78Response by Gottlieb Simon Re: ANC Vote Changes109/07/2006View
8179 79Ltr. from Citizens Aware Organization Plus Draft ANC Meeting Minutes709/07/2006View
8280 80Community Contribution Information from Applicant109/07/2006View
8381 81Memo of Understanding w/Community309/07/2006View
8482 82New Unit Breakdown w/Density Reduction309/07/2006View
8583 83New Architectural Plan609/07/2006View
8684 84Inclusionary Housing Commitment Standards509/07/2006View
8785 85Maintenance of Common Areas, Common Areas and Greenspace & Usage of Community Room109/07/2006View
8886 862nd Copy of ANC Draft Minutes w/Additional Email Re-corrections 909/07/2006View
8987 8719 Witness Cards309/07/2006View
9088 88Ltr. from Lawrence Martin Re: Empirical Data-Traffic Flow309/21/2006View
9189 89Applicant's Post-hearing Submission for ZC1309/21/2006View
9391 91Ltr. from Yvonne A. Jefferson, President for Citizens Aware Re: Proposed Finding of Facts and Conclusions of Law1610/05/2006View
9492 92Applicant's Draft Order1910/05/2006View
9593 93NCPC Referral110/19/2006View
9694 94NCPC Delegation of Authority311/08/2006View
9795 95ZC Order No. 05-30 DC Register1901/11/2007View
9896 96Attestation: Order2101/12/2007View
9997 97Motion for Reconsideration1801/26/2007View
10098 98Attestation101/23/2007View
10199 99Motion for Reconsideration602/05/2007View
103101 101Holland & Knight's Certified Copy of PUD Covenant3201/10/2008View
104102 102Certified Copies of Exhibits 83 & 89406/17/2009View