row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Cover letter requesting minor modification from Holland & Knight408/07/2007View
21A1ACover letter from Holland & Knight; Tab A (Copy of Order No. 03-12C/03-13C)1008/07/2007View
31B1BCover letter from Holland & Knight; Tab B (Copy of approved plans)108/07/2007View
41C1CCover letter from Holland & Knight; Tab C (Architectural plans and drawings)108/07/2007View
51D1DCover letter from Holland & Knight; Tab D (Copy of street opening plat)108/07/2007View
62 2Copy of filing fee108/07/2007View
73 3Approved Plans (Applicant's Exhibit B) *see seperate folder*4012/28/2007View
84 4Proposed Plans (Applicant's Exhibit C) *see seperate folder*4212/28/2007View
95 5Referral to OP107/03/2012View
106 6Consent Calendar Memo to 2C from Director307/03/2012View
117 7OP Preliminary report902/01/2008View
128 8Applicant's Cover Letter, Copy of Filing Fee and Copy of Labels of Owner's within 200 ft.303/07/2008View
139 9Pre-hearing statement in support1103/07/2008View
149A9APre-hearing statement in support; Tab A (Supplemental Architectural Plan and Elevation Sheets)103/07/2008View
159B9BPre-hearing statement in support; Tab B (D.C. Law 16-277, closing of public alleys)303/07/2008View
169C9CPre-hearing statement in support; Tab C (Circulation Plan)103/07/2008View
179D9DPre-hearing statement in support; Tab D (List of Witnesses and Outlines of Witness Testimony)403/07/2008View
189E9EPre-hearing statement in support; Tab E (List Of Maps, Plans or Other Documents Readily Available To The Public, Which May Be Offered Into Evidence)103/07/2008View
199F9FPre-hearing statement in support; Tab F (List Of Names And Addresses Of All Property Owners Within 200 Feet Of The Subject Property)303/07/2008View
2010 10Supplemental Architectural Plans and Elevation Sheets (see seperate folder)2103/07/2008View
2111 11DC Register: Public Hearing Notice 403/17/2008View
2212 12DC Register: Public Hearing Notice 403/18/2008View
2313 13Affidavit of Posting204/03/2008View
2414 14Attestation: PHN407/03/2012View
2515 15Four Returned Public Hearing Notice's1204/04/2008View
2616 16Returned Public Hearing Notice 204/08/2008View
2717 17DC Register: Notice of rescheduled hearing404/15/2008View
2818 18Attestation: Notice of rescheduled hearing507/05/2012View
2919 19Four Returned Public Hearing Notice 804/30/2008View
3020 20Applicant's supplemental material505/08/2008View
3120A20AApplicant's supplemental material; Tab A (Resume of Michael Hickok)305/08/2008View
3220B20BApplicant's supplemental material; Tab B (Resume of Bradley Fennell)105/08/2008View
3321 21Architectural Drawings5305/08/2008View
3422 22Returned Public Hearing Notice 205/14/2008View
3523 23OP Final Report1005/16/2008View
3624 24Affidavit of Maintenance205/28/2008View
3725 25Witness List105/28/2008View
3826 26Memo of Agreement205/18/2008View
3927 27Supplemental pre-hearing submission1305/28/2008View
4028 28Power Point presentation by architect2205/28/2008View
4129 29Exterior Material Palette505/28/2008View
4230 30Referral to NCPC107/05/2012View
4331 31Witness Cards107/05/2012View
4432 32Response to NCPC (Returned 7/21/08)607/11/2008View
4532A32AResponse to NCPC; Tab A (1978 article summarizing the history of how DC was established)1607/11/2008View
4632B32BResponse to NCPC; Tab B (Essay describing how the original streets were designated)207/11/2008View
4732C32CResponse to NCPC; Tab C (Copy of "Dermott" or "Tin Case Map")207/11/2008View
4832D32DResponse to NCPC; Tab D (Copy of the street closing recorded in Book 148, page 107)207/11/2008View
4932E32EResponse to NCPC; Tab E (Copy of the Assessment and Taxation Plat)107/11/2008View
5032F32FResponse to NCPC; Tab F (Transfer of Jurisdiction Plat)307/11/2008View
5132G32GResponse to NCPC; Tab G (Copy of street dedication plats)207/11/2008View
5232H32HResponse to NCPC; Tab H (Copy of legislation approving the street reopening)807/11/2008View
5332I32IResponse to NCPC; Tab I (D.C. Code Section 6-601.05[a])407/11/2008View
5432J32JResponse to NCPC; Tab J (Techworld Development v. D.C. Preservation League)2607/11/2008View
5532K32KResponse to NCPC; Tab K (Portion of the Baist Atlas showing McPherson Square splitting 15th street)107/11/2008View
5632L32LResponse to NCPC; Tab L (Portion showing Farragut Square splitting 17th street)107/11/2008View
5732M32MResponse to NCPC; Tab M (Three sets of aerial photos with corresponding plats)607/11/2008View
5833 33NCPC Report1007/14/2008View
5934 34Order to D.C. Register1007/05/2012View
6035 35Attestation: ZC Order1007/05/2012View
6136 36Certified copy of PUD Covenant3102/27/2009View