row_num#Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit #Exhibit DescriptionNumber of PagesExhibit DateAction
11 1Cvr. Ltr. and Certificate of Service for Application for a Second-Stage PUD305/15/2018View
22 2Statement in Support3905/15/2018View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Agent Authorization Letters and Application Form)305/15/2018View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Certification of Notice and Notice of Intent)305/15/2018View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Certification of Compliance)305/15/2018View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (List of Property Owners within 200 feet)305/15/2018View
72E2ESIS: Tab E (List of Publicly Available Information)105/15/2018View
82F2FSIS: Tab F (Copy of ZC Order No 02-38A)2905/15/2018View
92G2GSIS: Tab G (Waterfront Station Zoning History)305/15/2018View
102H2HSIS: Tab H (Summary of Conditions for the Waterfront Station PUD)1005/15/2018View
112I2ISIS: Tab I (Environmental Analysis)305/15/2018View
122J2JSIS: Tab J (CBE Agreement)805/15/2018View
132K2KSIS: Tab K (First Source Employment Agreement)1405/15/2018View
142L2LSIS: Tab L (Comp. Plan Analysis)4105/15/2018View
152M12M1SIS: Tab M (Plans and Drawings - part 1)2905/15/2018View
162M22M2SIS: Tab M (Plans and Drawings - part 2)2205/15/2018View
172M32M3SIS: Tab M (Plans and Drawings - part 3)2405/15/2018View
183 3Ltr. of Acceptance from Applicant105/23/2018View
194 4Referral to OP105/23/2018View
205 5Referral to Councilmember Charles Allen105/23/2018View
216 6Referral ANC 6D705/23/2018View
227 7NOF to DC Register105/24/2018View
238 8Attestation: NOF205/23/2018View
249 9Copy of Filing Fee105/15/2018View
2510 10Comments on CTR from Roger Moffatt (ANC/SMD 6D05)207/16/2018View
2611 11OP Report1907/20/2018View
2712 12Setdown Ltr. to Applicant108/01/2018View
2813 13Applicant's Pre-Hearing Statement408/17/2018View
2913A113A1PHS: Tab A ( Torti - Resume 1)208/17/2018View
3013A213A2PHS: Tab A (VanPelt - Resume 2)208/17/2018View
3113A313A3PHS: Tab A (Vergason - Resume 3)108/17/2018View
3213B13BPHS: Tab B (Witness Outlines)408/17/2018View
3314 14Certificate of Compliance208/17/2018View
3415 15Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - CTR311/30/2018View
3616 16Proof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register112/03/2018View
3717 17Notice of Public Hearing312/03/2018View
3818 18Attestation: PHN312/10/2018View
3919 19Affidavit of Posting312/19/2018View
4020 201 Returned PHN212/19/2018View
4121 21Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement301/11/2019View
4222 22Applicant's Supplemental Pre-Hearing Statement1701/11/2019View
4322A22ASS: Tab A (Draft Proffers and Conditions)801/11/2019View
4422B22BSS: Tab B (Memo to ANC 6D)601/11/2019View
4522C22CSS: Tab C (RPP and VPP Restriction)101/11/2019View
4622D22DSS: Tab D (Private Drive Plans)301/11/2019View
4722E22ESS: Tab E (Construction Management Plan)801/11/2019View
4822F22FSS: Tab F (Letter from DMPED)401/11/2019View
4922G122G1SS: Tab G (Revised Plans for Waterfront Station PUD - Part 1)1801/11/2019View
5022G222G2SS: Tab G (Revised Plans for Waterfront Station PUD - Part 2)1301/11/2019View
5122G322G3SS: Tab G (Revised Plans for Waterfront Station PUD - Part 3)2501/11/2019View
5222G422G4SS: Tab G (Revised Plans for Waterfront Station PUD - Part 4)2401/11/2019View
5322G522G5SS: Tab G (Revised Plans for Waterfront Station PUD - Part 5)801/11/2019View
5422G622G6SS: Tab G (Revised Plans for Waterfront Station PUD - Part 6)501/11/2019View
5523 23Ltr. in Support with Qualifications - Hara Ann Bouganim, Waterfront Tower Condo Association101/16/2019View
5624 24OP Report1401/22/2019View
5725 25DDOT Report1901/22/2019View
5826 26Letter in Support from DMPED201/23/2019View
5927 27Affidavit of Maintenance301/28/2019View
6028 28Testimony in Opposition from Allison Harvey on behalf of Amidon-Bowen PTA201/30/2019View
6129 29Ltr. in Support - Georgine L. Wallace201/30/2019View
6230 30Ltr. in Support - Co-Pastor Ruth W. Hamilton101/30/2019View
6331 31Testimony in Opposition from Grace Hu201/30/2019View
6432 32ANC 6D Report901/31/2019View
6533 33Ltr. in Support - Rev. Martha Clark, Rector201/31/2019View
6634 34Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Pre-Hearing Statement101/31/2019View
6734A34APHS: Tab A (Updated Drawings)201/31/2019View
6834B34BPHS: Tab B (Memo in Response to DDOT Comments)901/31/2019View
6934C34CPHS: Tab C (Memo from RCLCO re. Economic Impacts)1501/31/2019View
7035 35PowerPoint Presentation4201/31/2019View
7136 36Materials Board101/31/2019View
7237 37Ltr. in Opposition from the Southwest Accountability Group, et al.801/31/2019View
7338 38Testimony in Opposition from Sharron Meshack201/31/2019View
7439 39Testimony from The Near SE/SW Community Benefits Coordinating Council (Fredrica Kramer)201/31/2019View
7540 40Testimony from ANC 6D1001/31/2019View
7641 41Applicant's Submission of Email from Chris Otten (DC for Responsible Development) to Reverend Martha Clark201/31/2019View
7742 42Witness Cards201/31/2019View
7843 43Additional Testimony from Allison Harvey (Amidon-Bowen Elementary School)401/31/2019View
7944 44Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Proffers & Benefits1602/07/2019View
8045 45Update on Meeting Between Amidon-Bowen PTA & Applicant402/19/2019View
8146 46Applicant's Revised Proffer & Benefits1802/21/2019View
8247 47Applicant's Post-Hearing Statement1403/11/2019View
8347A47AAPHS: Tab A (Summary of Public Benefits)103/11/2019View
8447B47BAPHS: Tab B (Summary of Affordable Housing Experience)103/11/2019View
8547C47CAPHS: Tab C (Summary of Jobs Training and Employment Benefits)503/11/2019View
8647D47DAPHS: Tab D (Response to PTA Concerns)503/11/2019View
8747E47EAPHS: Tab E (Excerpt from DOEE Stormwater Management Guidebook)503/11/2019View
8847F147F1APHS: Tab F (Capital Bikeshare Demand Data) Part 1303/11/2019View
8947F247F2APHS: Tab F (Response to SWAG) Part 22503/11/2019View
9047G147G1APHS: Tab G (Excerpt from Affordable Housing Needs Assessment) Part 16303/11/2019View
9147G247G2APHS: Tab G (Memo from WMC re. PNH Waterfront Station) Part 2203/11/2019View
9247G347G3APHS: Tab G (Post-Hearing Transportation Memo) Part 3803/11/2019View
9347G447G4APHS: Tab G (Figures of Urban Design Characteristics in SW DC) Part 4503/11/2019View
9447H147H1APHS: Tab H (Updated Drawings and Plans) Part 11303/11/2019View
9547H247H2APHS: Tab H (Updated Drawings and Plans) Part 21503/11/2019View
9648 48Revised Proffer & Benefits1803/11/2019View
9749 49Draft Order9003/11/2019View
9850 50Ltr. in Support - Allison Harvey, Amidon-Bowen PTA103/14/2019View
9951 51OP Supplemental Report ( with FEMS Comments)1403/19/2019View
10052 52Applicant's Motion to Reopen the Record to Submit Revised Proffers/Benefits (APPROVED)203/22/2019View
10153 53Applicant's Revised Proffer Submission re: Amidon-Bowen PTA403/22/2019View
10254 54Email from ANC/SMD 6D05 Re: ANC 6D's Support Proffer Revisions103/25/2019View
10355 55Applicant's Revised Proffer Submission (reflecting ZC Comments)703/29/2019View
10456 56Ltr. from Paul Kihn, Deputy Mayor for Education104/02/2019View
10557 57Proof of Publication of Z.C. Order in D.C. Register108/08/2019View
10658 58Z.C. Order No. 02-38J9508/08/2019View
10759 59Attestation: Order No. 02-38J108/08/2019View
10860 60PUD Covenant15903/24/2020View