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11 1Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Applications for 2nd-Stage PUD and Modification to 1st-Stage PUD304/05/2017View
22 2Statement in Support3504/05/2017View
32A2ASIS: Tab A (Surveyor's Plat)204/05/2017View
42B2BSIS: Tab B (Zoning Map)104/05/2017View
52C2CSIS: Tab C (Copy of Order No. 02-38A)3904/05/2017View
62D2DSIS: Tab D (Copy of Order No. 02-38C)604/05/2017View
72E2ESIS: Tab E (Copy of Order No. 02-38E)504/05/2017View
82F12F1SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)1604/05/2017View
92F22F2SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)504/05/2017View
102F32F3SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings Part 3)604/05/2017View
112F42F4SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings Part 4)604/05/2017View
122F52F5SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings Part 5)404/05/2017View
132F62F6SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings Part 6)504/05/2017View
142F72F7SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)904/05/2017View
152F82F8SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 08)1204/05/2017View
162F92F9SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 9)604/05/2017View
172F102F10SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 10)504/05/2017View
182F112F11SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 11)804/05/2017View
192F122F12SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 12)2604/05/2017View
202F132F13SIS: Tab F (Architectural Drawings - Part 13)1904/05/2017View
212G2GSIS: Tab G (Meany and Oliver Tenant Demand Study)604/05/2017View
222H2HSIS: Tab H (Comprehensive Plan Analysis)2404/05/2017View
232I2ISIS: Tab I (Future Land Use Map)104/05/2017View
242J2JSIS: Tab J (Generalized Policy Map)104/05/2017View
252K2KSIS: Tab K (First Source Agreement)2504/05/2017View
262L2LSIS: Tab L (CBE Agreement)3004/05/2017View
272M2MSIS: Tab M (Cert of Notice, NOI, and List of Property Owners within 200 feet)1404/05/2017View
282N2NSIS: Tab N (Application Forms)304/05/2017View
292O2OSIS: Tab O (Authorization Letters)304/05/2017View
303 3Copy of Filing Fee104/06/2017View
314 4Ltr. of Acceptance to Applicant104/11/2017View
325 5Referral to OP104/11/2017View
336 6Referral to Councilmember Allen104/11/2017View
347 7Referral to ANC 6D, SMD 6D01, and SMD 6D05704/11/2017View
358 8NOF to DC Register104/11/2017View
369 9Attestation: NOF104/11/2017View
3710 10ANC 6D Report305/10/2017View
3811 11OP Setdown Report1906/02/2017View
3912 12Cover Letter from Applicant - Pre-hearing Statement308/15/2017View
4013 13Pre-hearing Statement2808/15/2017View
4113A13APHS: Tab A (List of Witnesses)108/15/2017View
4213B13BPHS: Tab B (Outlines of Testimony and Expert Witness Resumes)2708/15/2017View
4313C113C1PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 1)1608/15/2017View
4413C213C2PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 2)1008/15/2017View
4513C313C3PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 3)508/15/2017View
4613C413C4PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 4)608/15/2017View
4713C513C5PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 5)608/15/2017View
4813C613C6PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 6)408/15/2017View
4913C713C7PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 7)508/15/2017View
5013C813C8PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 8)908/15/2017View
5113C913C9PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 9)508/15/2017View
5213C1013C10PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 10)908/15/2017View
5313C1113C11PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 11)608/15/2017View
5413C1213C12PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 12)508/15/2017View
5513C1313C13PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 13)1208/15/2017View
5613C1413C14PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 14)1008/15/2017View
5713C1513C15PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 15)1108/15/2017View
5813C1613C16PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 16)408/15/2017View
5913C1713C17PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 17)508/15/2017View
6013C1813C18PHS: Tab C (Architectural Drawings - Part 18)1908/15/2017View
6113D13DPHS: Tab D (List of Maps)108/15/2017View
6213E13EPHS: Tab E (200 Ft Property Owner List)908/15/2017View
6313F13FPHS: Tab F (PES Market Analysis)3208/15/2017View
6413G13GPHS: Tab G (DMPED Consent and Support Letter)108/15/2017View
6513H13HPHS: Tab H (IZ Location Exhibit)2008/15/2017View
6613I13IPHS: Tab I (First Source Employment and CBE Compliance Letter)408/15/2017View
6713J13JPHS: Tab J (Photos of Interim Events)408/15/2017View
6813K13KPHS: Tab K (Hearing Fee Form - Signed)208/15/2017View
6914 14Advanced Party Status Application - Waterfront Tower Condominium Board in Opposition (APPROVED)308/22/2017View
7014A14ACertificate of Service410/12/2017View
7114B14BSupplement to Party Status Application - Authorization to Represent Waterfront Tower Condominium Board311/07/2017View
7214C14CResume of Paul Daniel Marriott, PhD1003/15/2018View
7315 15Copy of Hearing Fee108/16/2017View
7416 16Attestation: PHN1009/05/2017View
7516A16ANotice of Public Hearing308/30/2017View
7616B16BProof of Publication of PHN in D.C. Register108/30/2017View
7717 171 Returned PHN209/13/2017View
7818 183 Returned PHNs409/14/2017View
7919 19Applicant's Opposition to Party Status Request from Waterfront Tower Condominium Board409/15/2017View
8020 202 Returned PHN309/15/2017View
8121 213 Returned PHN409/18/2017View
8222 226 Returned PHNs709/21/2017View
8323 232 Returned PHNs309/25/2017View
8424 241 Returned PHN209/27/2017View
8525 251 Returned PHN209/29/2017View
8626 263 Returned PHNs410/02/2017View
8727 271 Returned PHN210/06/2017View
8828 281 Returned PHN210/12/2017View
8929 291 Returned PHN210/12/2017View
9030 30Affidavit of Posting510/16/2017View
9131 311 Returned PHN210/23/2017View
9232 32Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Transportation Study310/27/2017View
9332A32ATransportation Study8710/27/2017View
9433 33Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Request for Postponement of Hearing (APPROVED)211/02/2017View
9533A33ARequest for Postponement: Updated List of Owners w/in 200 Feet1011/02/2017View
9634 341 Returned PHN211/03/2017View
9735 35Attestation: Rescheduled Public Hearing Notice1011/07/2017View
9836 36Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing311/06/2017View
9937 372 Returned PHNs311/14/2017View
10038 386 Returned PHNs711/17/2017View
10139 399 Returned PHNs1011/20/2017View
10240 404 Returned PHNs511/21/2017View
10341 41Letter in Opposition from Brian McLaren, Harbour Square Owners, Inc.211/24/2017View
10442 423 Returned PHNs411/27/2017View
10543 433 Returned PHNs411/30/2017View
10644 441 Returned PHN212/06/2017View
10745 452 Returned PHN312/07/2017View
10846 461 Returned PHN212/14/2017View
10947 47Applicant's Request to Postpone Hearing (APPROVED TO APRIL 5TH)201/10/2018View
11048 481 Returned PHN201/11/2018View
11149 49Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing301/18/2018View
11250 50Attestation: Notice of Rescheduled PHN1101/18/2018View
11351 515 Returned PHNs601/26/2018View
11452 523 Returned PHNs401/29/2018View
11553 531 Returned PHN201/30/2018View
11654 547 Returned PHNs802/05/2018View
11755 555 Returned PHNs602/08/2018View
11856 561 Returned PHN202/09/2018View
11957 572 Returned PHN302/12/2018View
12058 582 Returned PHNs302/20/2018View
12159 59Affidavit of Posting502/21/2018View
12260 604 Returned PHNs502/22/2018View
12361 611 Returned PHN203/01/2018View
12462 62Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Supplemental Statement1503/16/2018View
12562A162A1SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 1)1603/16/2018View
12662A262A2SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 2)1703/16/2018View
12762A362A3SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 3)803/16/2018View
12862A462A4SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 4)803/16/2018View
12962A562A5SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 5)703/16/2018View
13062A662A6SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 6)903/16/2018View
13162A762A7SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 7)1403/16/2018View
13262A862A8SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 8)1103/16/2018View
13362A962A9SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 9)2003/16/2018View
13462A1062A10SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 10)2003/16/2018View
13562A1162A11SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 11)1003/16/2018View
13662A1262A12SS: Tab A (Architectural Drawings Part - 12)903/16/2018View
13762B62BSS: Tab B (Pedestrian Study)1003/16/2018View
13862C62CSS: Tab C (Retail Report)3303/16/2018View
13962D62DSS: Tab C (CBA)303/16/2018View
14062E62ESS: Tab E (Supplemental Transportation Memo)603/16/2018View
14162F62FSS: Tab F (Shadow Study)803/16/2018View
14263 63DDOT Report2103/26/2018View
14364 64 OP Public Hearing Report2003/26/2018View
14465 651 Returned PHN203/26/2018View
14566 66Affidavit of Maintenance403/29/2018View
14667 67Ltr. in Opposition from Carrollsburg - A Condominium (Jarrod Forgues Schlinker, President)103/30/2018View
14768 68ANC 6D Report904/04/2018View
14869 69Comments from Susan and Thomas Denning104/05/2018View
14970 70Comments from Michele Cohen104/05/2018View
15071 71Ltr in Opposition from Caitlin Reed104/05/2018View
15172 72Comments from Terri Thrash104/05/2018View
15273 73Comments from Don Bronkema104/05/2018View
15374 74Written Testimony of Coy McKinney404/05/2018View
15475 75Ltr. in Opposition from Danielle Her Many Horses304/05/2018View
15576 76Applicant's Response to OP and DDOT Reports804/05/2018View
15676A76AApplicant's Response: Tab A (Memo to DDOT) 704/05/2018View
15776B176B1Applicant's Response: Tab B (Façade Details - part 1)304/05/2018View
15876B276B2Applicant's Response: Tab B (Façade Details - part 2 - Photos of Materials)204/05/2018View
15977A77AApplicant's PowerPoint - part 14604/05/2018View
16077B77BApplicant's PowerPoint - part 21104/05/2018View
16178 78Petition from Residents of the Waterfront Metro Area in Opposition1404/05/2018View
16279 79Email in Opposition from Carolina Hidea104/05/2018View
16380 80Ltr. in Support from Community Benefits Coordinating Council104/05/2018View
16481 81Ltr. in Opposition from Danielle Zielinski104/05/2018View
16582 82Ltr. in Opposition from Dan Silver104/05/2018View
16683 83Ltr. in Opposition from Joelle Rudney204/05/2018View
16784 84DC Waterfront Tower's PowerPoint Presentation4504/05/2018View
16885A85ACoy McKinney's - Petition Signatures from SW farmers market patrons504/05/2018View
16985B85BCoy McKinney's - Hearing Testimony404/05/2018View
17085C85CCoy McKinney's - Petitioners' Comments and Ltr. to Forest City404/05/2018View
17185D85DCoy McKinney's - Petitioners' Signatures and Ltr. to Forest City1204/05/2018View
17286 86Ltr. in Opposition from DC for Reasonable Development304/05/2018View
17387 87Ltr. from ANC/SMD 6D05 (Roger Moffatt) with concerns204/05/2018View
17488 88Testimony of Shane L. Dettman504/05/2018View
17589 89Testimony of Andy Litsky, ANC 6D1004/05/2018View
17690 90Email from Coy McKinney (Ltr. from Olivia Sparer)204/05/2018View
17791 91Witness Cards204/05/2018View
17892 92Corrected Ltr in Opposition from Olivia Sparer104/06/2018View
17993 93Ltr. in Opposition from Pamela Daley204/09/2018View
18094 94Comments with Traffic and Emergency Access Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Peri Hamlin104/27/2018View
18195 95Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Ann Brogioli104/30/2018View
18296 96Comments with Traffic, Emergency Access, and Open Space Concerns from Maria Thompson104/30/2018View
18397 97Comments with Traffic Concerns from Ray Carter104/30/2018View
18498 98Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Sandy Carroll104/30/2018View
18599 99Comments with Traffic Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Rosemary Strange104/30/2018View
186101 101Comments with Traffic Safety and Emergency Access Concerns from Sandra Cook104/30/2018View
187102 102Comments with Traffic Safety and Emergency Access Concerns and Request for Traffic Study from Paul Greenberg104/30/2018View
188103 103Comments with Traffic and Emergency Access Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Wanda Ng204/30/2018View
189104 104Comments with Traffic Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from E. Faye Williams, MPA, DPA, D.Min., D.Th, Esq.104/30/2018View
190105 105Comments with Traffic and Emergency Access Concerns and Opposing Proposed Development from Susie Humphreys104/30/2018View
191106 106Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Jay E. Gazlay104/30/2018View
192107 107Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Robin Snyder104/30/2018View
193108 108Comments Traffic Safety and Emergency Access Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Robert and Susanne Morris104/30/2018View
194109 109Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Robert Richardson and Audrey Hinton104/30/2018View
195110 110Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Jennifer Crier Johnston105/01/2018View
196111 111Comments with Traffic and Emergency Access Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Pamela Collins105/01/2018View
197112 112Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Ava Millstone105/02/2018View
198113 113Comments with Traffic Safety Concerns from Christine Godson105/09/2018View
199114 114Comments with Traffic Concerns and Suggestion from Dave Small105/10/2018View
200115 115Comments with Concerns (Open Space and Affordability) from Adam Cooper105/10/2018View
201116 116Comments with Traffic Concerns and Request for Objective Traffic Study from Richard Brown, President - Tiber Island Condominium105/10/2018View
202117 117Comments with Traffic Concerns and Request for Traffic Study Before Approval from Paula Van Lare, President - Tiber Island Cooperative Homes205/10/2018View
203118 118Various documents related to Southwest development submitted by Chris Otten1505/10/2018View
204119 119Draft MOA between between Forest City (not signed) and Waterfront Tower (Party in Opposition) submitted by Lea Gooding, President405/10/2018View
205120 120Ltr. in Support from Stephen Hudson105/10/2018View
206121 121Witness List105/10/2018View
207122 122Testimony of Fredrica D. Kramer205/10/2018View
208123 123Waterfront Tower's PowerPoint Presentation4405/10/2018View
209124 124Testimony of Leigha Gooding, Waterfront Tower405/10/2018View
210125 125Testimony of Linda Brown205/10/2018View
211126 126Witness Cards205/10/2018View
212127 1272 Returned PHNs305/14/2018View
213128 1281 Returned PHN205/15/2018View
214129 129Cvr. Ltr. from the Applicant - Proffers & Conditions306/18/2018View
215129A129AApplicant's Proffers & Conditions1106/18/2018View
216130 130Signed MOA Between WFT and the Applicant with Certificate of Service submitted by WFT907/02/2018View
217131 131Applicants Cvr. Ltr. and Post Hearing Submission1207/02/2018View
218131A131AAPHS: Tab A (ANC Memo)2307/02/2018View
219131B131BAPHS: Tab B (Second ANC Memo)207/02/2018View
220131C131CAPHS: Tab C (Signed MOA with Waterfront Tower)507/02/2018View
221131D131DAPHS: Tab D (Response to DC for Reasonable Development)607/02/2018View
222131E131EAPHS: Tab E (Updated IZ Location Plan)2007/02/2018View
223131F131FAPHS: Tab F (Project Benefits and Amenities)507/02/2018View
224131G1131G1APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-1)2207/02/2018View
225131G2131G2APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-2)1107/02/2018View
226131G3131G3APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-3)1007/02/2018View
227131G4131G4APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-4)707/02/2018View
228131G5131G5APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-5)1007/02/2018View
229131G6131G6APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-6)807/02/2018View
230131G7131G7APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-7)1207/02/2018View
231131G8131G8APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-8)807/02/2018View
232131G9131G9APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-9)1307/02/2018View
233131G10131G10APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-10)2407/02/2018View
234131G11131G11APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-11)807/02/2018View
235131G12131G12APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-12)1907/02/2018View
236131G13131G13APHS: Tab G (Architectural Drawings - Part-13)507/02/2018View
237131H131HAPHS: Tab H (Construction Easement Agreement)5407/02/2018View
238131I131IAPHS: Tab I (Mike Smith's Resume)407/02/2018View
239132 132Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Revised Proffers and Conditions307/02/2018View
240132A132AApplicant's Revised Proffers and Conditions1207/02/2018View
241133 133WFT Response to Applicant's Post Hearing Submission 107/09/2018View
242134 134ANC 6D's Response to the Applicant's Post-Hearing Submission707/09/2018View
243135 135Applicant's Clarification to Plans507/16/2018View
244136 136Applicant's Cover Letter - Draft Order407/16/2018View
245136A136AApplicant's Draft Order6407/16/2018View
246137 137Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Response to ANC's Post-hearing Submission309/04/2018View
247137A137AApplicant's Post-hearing Memo to ANC 6D409/04/2018View
248137A1137A1Accessible Bus Shelter Exhibit109/04/2018View
249137A2137A2DDOT Email Confirming Accessible Bus Shelter209/04/2018View
250138 138Cvr. Ltr. from Applicant - Request to Change Escrow Proffer Language 309/13/2018View
251139 139Request to Reopen the Record - Coy McKinney (DENIED)109/17/2018View
252140 140Proof of Publication of Order in D.C. Register101/09/2019View
253141 141Z.C. Order No. 02-38I7101/09/2019View
254142 142Attestation: Order No. 02-38I101/10/2019View
255   Receipt.pdf106/14/2023View