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11 1Cover Letter from Holland & Knight 203/22/2002View
22 2Applications for Consolidated PUD (2) 403/22/2002View
33 3Applications For Zoning Map Amendment (2) 403/22/2002View
44 4Copy of Filling Fee 103/22/2002View
55A15A1Statement of Applicant - (Part 1)168 03/22/2002View
65A25A2Statement of Applicant - (Part 2)3003/22/2002View
76 6Architectural Drawings 1803/22/2002View
87 7Acceptance ltr. to Applicant 103/25/2002View
98 8Referral to OP 103/25/2002View
109 9Referral to ANC 3E203/25/2002View
1110 10Referral to ANC/SMD 3E04203/25/2002View
1211 11Ltr. to Councilmember Kathleen Patterson 203/25/2002View
1312 12Memo to MLK Library 103/25/2002View
1413 13Attestation: NOF 203/26/2002View
1514 14Notice of Filing to DC Register 203/25/2002View
1615 15Letter w/attachments from Hazel F. Rebold2704/12/2002View
1716 16Ltr. w/attachments from Hazel Rebold re: damage 805/29/2002View
1817 17Ltr. w/attachments from Hazel Rebold re: Play Area Amenity 1005/29/2002View
1918 18Waiver of Rules For Late Submittal w/attached OP Report 2906/03/2002View
2019 19Ltr. from The Friendship Heights Organization For Responsible Development 706/06/2002View
2120 20Ltr. from Jennifer Nielsen in Opposition 206/10/2002View
2221 21Corrected Ltr. Submission of Friendship Heights Organization 706/10/2002View
2322 22Setdown Ltr. to Applicant 106/24/2002View
2423 23Ltr. from Marilyn Simon, Hazel Robold & Laurence Freedman Responding to the Application by Stonebridge Assoc. Inc. w/attachments 3506/26/2002View
2524 24E-Mail from Trena T. Sofed in Opposition 107/10/2002View
2625 25Ltr. from Trena Taylor Brown in Opposition 107/12/2002View
2726 26Ltr. from Ann Muromachi & William J. Skane In Opposition 107/24/2002View
2827 27Ltr. from Hazel F. Rebold (Stone Associates)407/24/2002View
2928 28Ltr. from Nora G. Haigh107/26/2002View
3029 29Ltr. from William Connor in Opposition 108/07/2002View
3130 30Ltr. from Marilyn Simon,PhD. Responding to the Economic Impact Analysis prepared by Bolan Smart Associates w/attachments 2008/06/2002View
3231 31Ltr. from Brian Reeves, RE:to Washington Clinic and Lisner Home Property 108/12/2002View
3332 32Ltr. from Eric Schultz,Re: to Washington Clinic and Lisner Home Property 108/12/2002View
3433 33Ltr. from Holland & Knight w/attached Pre-hearing Statements 208/19/2002View
3533A133A1Ltr. from Holland & Knight w/attached Pre-hearing Statements (Part 1)7608/19/2002View
3633A233A2Ltr. from Holland & Knight w/attached Pre-hearing Statements (Part 2)12308/19/2002View
3733A333A3Ltr. from Holland & Knight w/attached Pre-hearing Statements (Part 3)9008/19/2002View
3833B33BLtr. from Holland & Knight w/attached Pre-hearing Statements 1508/19/2002View
3934 34Ltr. from Kathy Patterson, RE: to the Washington Clinic and a Portion of the Lisner Home Property 308/20/2002View
4035 35This Exhibit has been Canceled out of the Record (Wrong File)108/22/2002View
4136 36Ltr. from Kathy Patterson, RE: to 5401 Western Ave. N.E Proposal 208/22/2002View
4237 37Ltr. from David A. Catania in Opposition 208/23/2002View
4338 38Ltr. from Margaret C. Ahman, RE: (Stonebridge Associates) 108/28/2002View
4439 39Ltr. fm Linda D. Johnson in Opposition 208/28/2002View
4540 40Ltr. fm Linda D. Johnson in Opposition 208/28/2002View
4641 41Ltr. fm Erik Gawl, Ward 3, City Council 109/03/2002View
4742 42Ltr. fm Steven E. Sher, RE: Zoning Case 02-17C809/03/2002View
4843 43Ltr. from Jennifer M. ECK. in Opposition 109/04/2002View
4944 44Ltr. from Diane Werneke109/04/2002View
5045 45Ltr. from Suzette Hemberger RE: Washington Clinic/Lisner Home 209/10/2002View
5146 46PHN to DC Register 508/28/2002View
5247 47Attestation: PHN 6 09/12/2002View
5348 48Ltr. from Linda & Peter Parshall RE: In Opposition 109/13/2002View
5449 49Ltr. from William P. Niner RE: In Opposition109/13/2002View
5550 50Ltr. from Hope Mardin RE: In Support 209/16/2002View
5651 51Ltr. from Robert L. Hamilton RE: In Opposition 109/16/2002View
5752 52Ltr. from Linda & Peter Parshall RE: Stonebridge Associates 209/18/2002View
5853 53Ltr. fm Linda D. Johnson 209/18/2002View
5954 54Ltr. fm Hazel F. Rebold & Lawrence W. Widerlite. M.D.209/19/2002View
6055 55Ltr. from Mary Jacoby In Opposition 109/19/2002View
6156 56Ltr. from Hope Marindin In Support 109/19/2002View
6257 57Ltr. from Margaret C. Ahman Re: Stonebridge Associates 109/20/2002View
6358 58Ret'd P.H. Notice 209/20/2002View
6459 59Ltr. fm Hazel F. Rebold, RE: Notice of Public Hearing 509/26/2002View
6560 60Attestation : Revised PHN 810/08/2002View
6661 61Ltr. from Allison Barnard Freeney RE: Washington Clinic Site,309/19/2002View
6762 62Ltr. from Peter. R. Roy RE: Stonebridge Assoc - Traffic Study 209/25/2002View
6863 63Affidavit209/30/2002View
6964 64Ltr. from Daniel M. Singer In Opposition 210/04/2002View
7065 65DDOT Report 510/09/2002View
7166 66Ltr. from Martin Royas, Requesting the ZC to postpone the public hearing 110/17/2002View
7267 67Ltr. from Mandy & Jonthan Massey In Opposition 110/15/2002View
7368 68Ltr. from Hazel F. Rebold, Re: Revised Notice of Public Hearing 110/15/2002View
7469 69Ltr. from Carolyn A. Carroll In Support 210/15/2002View
7570 70Ltr. from Hazel F. Rebold Re: Stonebridge Assoc.410/16/2002View
7671 71Ltr. from Barbara Labier In Opposition 110/16/2002View
7772 72Ltr. from Steven & Betsey Kuhn In Opposition 110/16/2002View
7873 73PHN to DC Register 509/30/2002View
7974 74Revised PHN to Register 510/09/2002View
8075 75Ltr. fm Hazel F. Rebold Re: Revised Notice of Public Hearing 210/21/2002View
8176 76Ltr. fm Jeffrey L. Fox, Re: Public Hearing Date Postponed 110/22/2002View
8277 77Ltr. fm Harrison D. Miller & The Rev. Luther D. Miller, Jr. In Opposition 110/22/2002View
8378 78Ltr. fm Luther D. Miller in Opposition 110/22/2002View
8479 79Ltr. fm. Holland & Knight w/attached Supplemental Prehearing Submission w/Plans 81 10/25/2002View
8579A79ALtr. fm. Holland & Knight w/attached supplemental Pre-hearing Submission w/plans 1810/25/2002View
8680 80Ltr. fm. Andrea C. Ferster, RE: Certificate of service 710/28/2002View
8781 81Motion of Friendship Heights Organization for Responsible Development to Postpone Hearing from Andrea C. Fester 3610/28/2002View
8882 82Ret'd. P.H.N Notice 210/28/2002View
8983 83Ltr. fm Amy Altman & Stephen Altman In Opposition 210/28/2002View
9084 84Ltr. fm J.C Waldmann In Oppostion 210/28/2002View
9185 85Ltr. fm. Marilyn J. Simon, Re: Revised Notice of Public Hearing810/28/2002View
9286 86Ltr. fm Margaret Melton 210/29/2002View
9387 87Ltr. fm Marilyn J. Simon, Re: Rescheduling Public Hrg210/29/2002View
9488 88Ltr. fm Jan Marc Orenstein, M.D.,PHD & Karen S.F. Orenstein in Opposition 210/29/2002View
9589 89Ltr. fm Allen E. Beach, ANC 3G requesting a party status submitted be waived into the record 210/31/2002View
9690 90Ltr. fm Stephen J. Zipp, Re: public hearing continuance 110/31/2002View
9791 91Ltr. fm. Lisa B Danahy Requesting Party Status 210/31/2002View
9892 92Ltr. fm Mandy Katz in Opposition w/attached Ltr. dated 10/09/02 210/31/2002View
9993 93Ltr. fm Jennifer Nielsen, Re: postpone public hrg.110/31/2002View
10094 94Request of friendship Heights Organization for responsible development to appear as a party and motion for summary dismissal w/attachments 3010/31/2002View
10195 95Ltr. fm. Hazel F. Rebold 111/01/2002View
10296 96Ltr. fm Anthony V. Furano In Opposition 111/04/2002View
10397 97Ltr. fm Frank D. Buchholz, Vice Chair, ANC 3-4G, Request Part Status 611/05/2002View
10498 98Ltr. fm Frank D. Buchholz, Vice Chair, ANC 3-4G, Request of Continuance 211/05/2002View
10599 99Ltr. fm Frank D. Buchholz, Vice Chair, ANC 3-4G, Request Part Status & Continuance 211/05/2002View
106100 100Ltr. fm Marvin Tievsky, President In Opposition 211/05/2002View
107101 101Ltr. fm Steven T. Kuhn & Betsey A. Kuhn In Opposition 111/05/2002View
108102 102OP Final Report 4311/04/2002View
109103 103Ltr. from Holland & Knight Re: Response to FHORD's Motion to Postpone 711/05/2002View
110104 104Ltr. from Holland & Knight Re: Response to FHORD's Motion for Summary Dismissal 1011/07/2002View
111105 105Support Ltr. from Patricia Reynolds 211/07/2002View
112106 106Support ltr. from Josselyn Neukom 211/07/2002View
113107 107Support ltr. from Allison Feeney & William Feeney 2 11/07/2002View
114108 108Ltr. fm Marilyn Simon, PHD responding to the economic impact analysis 911/08/2002View
115109 109Ltr. fm Laurence J. Freedman w/enclosed history of zoning & land use planning 2611/08/2002View
116110 110Form Ltrs. in Support 7 11/08/2002View
117111 111Ltr. fm Barbara Ries 111/12/2002View
118112 112Ltr. fm Holland & Knight Responding to ANC 3/4G's Request for Continuance 611/12/2002View
119113 113Ltr. fm Barbara M. & Sherman Richardson 211/12/2002View
120114 114Ltr. fm Kim McManus in Opposition 111/12/2002View
121115 115Form Ltrs. in Support 1011/12/2002View
122116 116Ltr. fm Steven T. Kuhn & Betsey A. Kuhn Requesting Party Status in Opposition 211/12/2002View
123117 117Ltr. fm Mike Meier in Support 211/12/2002View
124118 118Ltr. fm J. McGunniss in Support 111/13/2002View
125119 119Form ltrs. in Support 711/13/2002View
126120 120Ltr. fm Patterson in Opposition111/13/2002View
127121 121Ltr. fm Ron & Neva Farrah in Opposition 111/13/2002View
128122 122Ltr. fm Peter Parshall in Opposition 111/13/2002View
129123 123Ltr. fm Douglas Bell in Opposition 111/13/2002View
130124 124Ltr. fm Susan Chemoiwa in Support 111/13/2002View
131125 125Ltr. fm Joseph N. Curtin in Opposition 111/13/2002View
132126 126DDOT Report w/attachments 2211/13/2002View
133127 127Ltr. fm. Jean-Pierre Chauffour in Opposition 111/13/2002View
134128 128Ltr. fm Cristine A. Romano in Opposition 111/13/2002View
135129 129Ltr. fm Brigitte Virfollet in Opposition 111/13/2002View
136130 130Petition in Opposition from Residents 4911/13/2002View
137131 131Ltr. from Sarah Underwood in Support 211/14/2002View
138132 132Supplemental Memo in Support Motion of FHORD's to Dismiss Application 611/14/2002View
139133 133Ltr. from Brian Wilson in Support 111/14/2002View
140134 134Ltrs. in Support (3)611/14/2002View
141135 135Ltr. in Support from Gary Solamon 111/14/2002View
142136 136Ltr. in Opposition From David Straw 111/14/2002View
143137 137ANC 3E's Opposition 411/14/2002View
144138 138Support ltr. from Kevin & Rahab Pettitt211/14/2002View
145139 139Affidavit of Maintenance 511/14/2002View
146140 140Affidavit of Maintenance 211/14/2002View
147141 141Curriculum Vitae of Marsha Lea 511/14/2002View
148142 142Public Benefiits Project Amenities 111/14/2002View
149143 143Summary of Affordable Housing Program 311/14/2002View
150144 144Submission by Applicant of Smart Growth Alliance ltr & attachments 1511/14/2002View
151145 145OP's Submission to the Community 411/14/2002View
152146 146OP's Corrected Final Report 4211/14/2002View
153147 147Copy of Applicant's Power Point Presentation 1311/14/2002View
154148 148Testimony by Roger Lewis 311/14/2002View
155149 149Copy of Order No. 250 (Submitted by Steve Sher during his testimony)311/14/2002View
156150 150Form Ltrs. in Support 2011/15/2002View
157151 151Witness Cards 311/14/2002View
158152 152List of Witnesses 111/14/2002View
159153 153Ltr. fm Melinda Beard in Opposition 110/23/2002View
160154 154Ltr. fm Peter J. Olle in Support 211/20/2002View
161155 155Ltr. fm George Ellard in Opposition 111/20/2002View
162156 156Ltr. fm Terri L. Tanielian in Support 111/21/2002View
163157 157Form Ltrs. in Support 411/21/2002View
164158 158Ltr. fm Colleen Connors & Howard Opinsky in Support 111/21/2002View
165159 159Form Ltrs. in Support 1211/19/2002View
166160 160Ltr. fm Jill Diskan, Chair, ANC 3E w/attached resolution 311/19/2002View
167161 161Ltr. fm Barbara Labier and Diamond Tao in Opposition 111/19/2002View
168162 162Ltr. fm Rick Honig in Opposition 111/19/2002View
169163 163Ltr. fm Penny Rigler 111/19/2002View
170164 164Ltr. fm Nancy T. & James R. Holway in Opposition 111/19/2002View
171165 165Ltr. fm Anita Randall in Opposition 111/19/2002View
172166 166Form Ltrs. in Support 211/25/2002View
173167 167Ltr. fm Ron & Neva Farrah in Opposition 111/26/2002View
174168 168Ltr. fm Anne L. Rocca Janson (Mrs.) William C. Janson in Opposition 111/26/2002View
175169 169Ltr. fm Janna M. Laudato Re: traffic 111/29/2002View
176170 170Ltr. fm Jill Diskan, Chair ANC 3E, Requesting that the Z.C. change the hearing date 111/26/2002View
177171 171Ltr. fm Angela Ellard in Opposition 111/29/2002View
178172 172Support Ltr. fm Alex & Kimbery Minson 2 12/02/2002View
179173 173Ltr. fm Holland & Knight Responding to ANC 3E's Request for Change in hearing dates 312/03/2002View
180174 174Ltr. fm Kenneth Cole in Support 212/04/2002View
181175 175Ltr. fm Holland & Knight, Re: Requested Information 1512/05/2002View
182176 176Memorandum of Friendship Heights Organization for Reasonable Development on Inadequacy of Posted Notice fm Cornish F. Hitchcock 2112/05/2002View
183177 177Submission of FHO for Reasonable Development to correct the Errors, Omissions & Misleading Information in the D.C office of Planning Final Report Submitted by Andrea C. Ferster & Cornish F. Hitchcock2112/06/2002View
184178 178Opposition Ltr. from R. Thomas Ruppert 112/10/2002View
185179 179Ltr. in Opposition from Apryl Wimes 312/12/2002View
186180 180Testimony of Thomas A. DiBiase, ANC 3E03412/12/2002View
187181 181PowerPoint Presentation by OP2812/12/2002View
188182 182Testimony of Sam Black2 12/12/2002View
189183 183Testimony of Cheryl Cort 212/12/2002View
190184 184Testimony of Tad Baldwin 112/12/2002View
191185 185List of Witnesses 212/12/2002View
192186 186Testimony of Julie Hoskyn 412/12/2002View
193187 187Testimony of Caitlin Sklar 112/12/2002View
194188 188Witness Cards 312/12/2002View
195189 189Support ltr. from Juliette Evans 212/12/2002View
196190 190Ltr. from Steven Kuhn re: Construction Concerns 112/16/2002View
197191 191Statement by DDOT re: questions presented by ZC212/16/2002View
198192 192PowerPoint Presentation by FHORD8312/16/2002View
199193 193Copy of brochure: Home Purchase Assistance Program 212/16/2002View
200194 194Testimony of Allison Barnard Feeney 812/16/2002View
201195 195Testimony of Frank Gordon 112/16/2002View
202196 196Testimony of Caren Bohan212/16/2002View
203197 197Testimony of Robert Gordon (ANC 3/4G)112/16/2002View
204198 198Testimony of Joe Mehra, Traffic Consultant 712/16/2002View
205199 199Submission of FHORD re: 200 Census tract data 112/16/2002View
206200 200Testimony of Hazel Rebold 912/16/2002View
207201 201Testimony of Marilyn Simon 1712/16/2002View
208202 202Statement of George Oberlander 9912/16/2002View
209203 203Testimony of Lisa Danahy of CCPCC 1312/16/2002View
210204 204Map of Area Submitted by Applicant 111/16/2002View
211205 205Ltr. from Julie Woody Re: Pud & Map Amendment 212/17/2002View
212206 206Ltr. from Rachel & Kevin Young Re: Pud & Map Amendment 112/17/2002View
213207 207Witness Cards 312/16/2002View
214208 208Ltr. from Peter Watkins in Opposition 112/18/2002View
215209 209Ltr. fm Douglas P. Harris in Support 112/26/2002View
216210 210OP Report 1201/02/2003View
217211 211Ltr. fm Lisa B. Danahy Re: Supplemental Submission w/attachments 2501/06/2003View
218212 212Ltr. from Holland & Knight LLP Re: Post-hearing Submission 94 01/06/2003View
219213 213Ltr. from Cornish F. Hitchcock Re: Submission of friendship Heights org. 401/06/2003View
220214 214DDOT Report 301/08/2003View
221215 215DDOT Report Response to DDOT 12/12/2002 Testimony 801/08/2003View
222216 216Ret'd Public Hearing Notice 212/30/2002View
223217 217Rebuttal Submission of Friendship Heights Organization 5801/27/2003View
224218 218Ltr. fm Christine Mosley Shiker Holland & Knight Re: Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusion of Law and Order 5501/30/2003View
225219 219Ltr. fm Cornish F. Hitchcock Re: Western Ave PUD 3901/30/2003View
226220 220Ltr. fm Robert Gordon, Commissioner Spokesperson fro ANC 3/4G Re: Response to Submittals201/30/2003View
227221 221Memo to DDOT Re: Request for additional information 303/11/2003View
228222 222Ltr. fm Office of Planning Re: Enforcement of Affordably Housing Provisions w/attachmed memo fm DHCD203/21/2003View
229223 223Ltr. fm Holland & Knight LLP Re: Supplemental Post-hearing Submission 1403/24/2003View
230224 224DDOT Report 503/26/2003View
231225 225Ltr. fm Holland & Knight, Re: Applicant's Response to the Supplemental Reports of the Office of Planning & DDOT604/04/2003View
232226 226Post-hearing Submission on behalf of Friendship Heights Organization fm. Cornish F. Hitchcock 6004/04/2003View
233227 227Responses to certain questions requested by the Board from Cornish F. Hitchcock 1104/08/2013View
234228 228Ltr. from Holland & Knight Re: Applicant's Response to FHORD's Motion to Strike 404/14/2003View
235229 229Referral to NCPC 504/15/2003View
236230 230Ltr. fm ANC 3E Re: Resolution in Support of Chevy Chase Pavilion 206/19/2003View
237231 231NCPC Report 1005/14/2003View
238232 232Order 02-17 to DC Register 3408/14/2003View
239233 233Attestation: Order 02-173508/14/2003View
240234 234Order from District Court of Appeals 111/12/2003View
241235 235Ltr. fm Stonebridge Assoc. Re: 5401 Western ave,103/02/2004View
242236 236Memo. fm OP Re: Approved Pud and Pud with Requested Modifications 903/03/2004View
243237 237Decision210/16/2004View
244238 238Ltr. fm Holland & Knight LLP Re: PUD Covenant - Certified Copy 5205/12/2005View
245239 239OP Letter Seeking Clarification Regarding Affordable Unit Type Definition306/29/2007View
246240 240Holland & Knight's Response to memo from OP1107/06/2007View